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Things That Drive Canadians Crazy

Jaw-dropping idiocy from Fox News assholes:

I could rant about how Canada has been doing more than its share of the fighting and dying in Afghanistan and how incredibly dumb it is to mock an ally, but the stupidity is overwhelming. What makes the piece particularly offensive is that it aired the day four Canadians were killed by a roadside bomb.

Red Eye, however, is not a real "news" show like the regular crap served up during the day. Instead, it's supposed to be some sort of comedy/satire/edgy show. Apparently,

  • making fun of people ("Andrew Leslie, an unusual name for a man," "They're getting manicures, pedicures...")
  • insulting an entire nation ("This is not a smart country")
  • chest beating (“Isn't this the perfect time to invade this ridiculous country?” America is the "Most powerful country in the universe")

passes for satire or is supposed to be funny or edgy.

If that's comedy, it makes me want to weep.

Fuck you, Fox News.

Update 3/24

The outrage over Red Eye has forced FOX to do some damage control:

Gutfeld issued an apology Monday afternoon saying, "I realize that my words may have been misunderstood. It was not my intent to disrespect the brave men, women and families of the Canadian military, and for that I apologize."

But the host also seemed to defend his program, adding "Red Eye is a satirical take on the news, in which all topics are addressed in a lighthearted, humorous and ridiculous manner."

Sadly, this is a non-apology. When he says "I realize that my words may have been misunderstood" what he means is that it's the viewers' fault for not getting the joke. It makes you wonder what he really meant if he wasn't smearing the Canadian military.

If Canada wasn't fighting a war, the jokes wouldn't have attracted any attention. In fact, they might have drawn some cheap laughs. But the show aired as Canada was bringing back 4 of its soldiers from Afghanistan who were killed by a roadside bomb. That's what angered Canadians.

Just in case you think Gutfeld really is sorry, here’s what he wrote in his Twitter account about the incident:

My apologies to the Canadian military, they probably could at least beat the Belgians.

He's not sorry. What an asshole.


Come on buddy, you know you Canucks, the Brits and everyone else who wants to stay on the good side of the all mights U-S of A, is going to continue to have our back until we call it off it off. Do you know why? Because the people who make decisions in your contry, who are all smarter than you know that's the most intelligent solution. You might disagree, but you're a fucking peon teaching English in Japan. So, nobody gives a rat's ass ass what you think.

But I must agree, Fox News is a worst "news" syndication on the face of the planet.

That was cringe-inducing. I'd love to give Gutfeld and his guests a boot to the head for their stupidity. I have a morbid fascination with FOX, though. I never thought I'd see the day when America would have its own propaganda network.

FOX "News", Rush Limbaugh, et al... often make me embarrassed to be American.

nothing....absoluting nothing... on fox could ever be label as "news".

Unfortunately there are a hell of a lot of people in the US that think this shit is news. "Red eye" is formatted very much like other programs on Fox.

Hey, all you need is one Canadian news channel to pick up the comments from 'Red eye" then run 5 minutes worth of clips of Canadian news showing stories of Canadian causalities and then 10 seconds at the end where the broadcaster asks "we hope the News teams at CBS, NBC, and ABC will join us in asking fox to start acting like adults"

I think the News desks with any degree of pedigree despise this kind of trash and would love to see Fox dead

I sure do, Fox is bad for my country, and bad for the world

I think many Americans think, as did Rumsfeld (which he went on record with), that America doesn't need military assistance, and, on the basis of that, even American arrogance is trumped, by the sheer 'please like us' sick-making sycophancy of its ""allies""

Y'know, I've heard more than plenty of anti-American vitriol and back-handed remarks from co-workers, and say nothing. Not because it doesn't bother me, but because I simply REFUSE to be offended. We have become a race who love to be offended. We don't listen to what people say, we simply wait to be offended so we may display our hypocritical righteous indignation. Everyone wants to be a victim. This is why the human race deserves nothing less than to be hunted to extinction. Then we can all be the victims we want to be and weep for ourselves.

I don't defend what Gutfeld said, especially as it has to do with individuals, any individual, who sacrifice themselves for our freedom and security, be they Canadian, American, English, etc. They all deserve our gratitude. But, what I find ridiculous is those who should really be upset by his remarks, meaning their respective families, don't give a damn what some loud-mouthed boob says. Why are those that have zero vested in this little tempest so outraged?

"Why are those that have zero vested in this little tempest so outraged?"

Isn't American's #1 export, whether it's movies, TV, music.... it's media? Fox is broadcast inside and outside the US and (sadly) has some of the top numbers when it comes to viewing. I'll be happy to explain why those of us who have "zero vested in this little tempest" are so outraged... because he's mocking what so many Americans have so much vested interested in: strong relationships with our allies, taking the threat of terrorism seriously and understanding that we can do more and do it better when we work with other countries. Our foreign policy over the past 10 years has deteriorated into slop and we need to start doing things right... and this asshole gets in front of the camera and takes the short cut to ratings by acting like a fool - He needs to get called on it, issue an apology, and probably get shoved down to AM radio where you get paid what you're worth: zilch.

The saddest part of all this is the cold reality of the extent to which Canada, an ally, has extended the capabilities of its forces: to the point where they need a major refit - it's fucking terrible idea to be in a combat zone at anything less than 100%. The US has a massive Military budget but it's large enough (and has done it quite often) to rotate entire divisions out of combat zones for just exactly the same kind of refit the Canadian military needs. Had the host of "red eye" had even an ounce of intelligence he might have had a clue to this... it's part of war, something he knows nothing of.

How's that old line go? " I have a rule about ass kicking, which is: when you ask for it, I have to let you have it"

Gutfeld is asking for his ass to be kicked, and any intelligent red-blooded american is obliged to let him have it.

you got to remember that programs like this are simul-cast on radio... and really designed for the radio listener.... a segmented group of radio listeners. That means all the crap of pot-stirring and toe stepping that go along with shock-radio these days.

Fox's mantra of "Fair and Balanced" was chosen because it is really impossible to clearly define.

I prefer my news to "Objective and Impartial". Fox provides opinions and conjecture from the narrowest of viewpoints.

As a Canadian, I roll my eyes at the ignorance of these commentators, but as a human being I'm more insulted by the level of "comedy" (?) inflicted on me by these idiots. A sack of shoelaces could come up with something more clever.

You gotta expect this from Fox News. Red Eye is a very poor attempt to respond to the Daily Show and Colbert Report. I'm all about poking fun at everybody but Fox is just offensive and purely driven by failed ideology. It's more entertaining to see how its ratings have fallen over the past couple years in the US do to the fact they have driven themselves into the realm of being totally irrelevant.

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