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The Fat Lady Hums a Few Bars

It turns out that the fax Nova president "Nozom" Sahashi sent out telling everyone not worry was a lie. Titled instructors still have not been paid, making pay 11 days late. The cruel irony is that they were given a payslip, just not the money itself. Ha ha, very funny. Isn't that illegal?

The Japan Times today weighed in on what I, CTV, The Sydney Morning Herald, The New Zealand Herald, and Japan Economy News, have already realized: Is it all over for Nova? And if you've been following Let's Japan and the forums, then you already know the answer.

"It's kind of like a financial run on a bank," said Louis Carlet, deputy secretary general of the National Union of General Workers Tokyo Nambu, which counts hundreds of Nova employees among its members. "That's why this could be the biggest consumer wipeout in Japanese history, because the customers are depositing all this money as if in a bank, assuming the money will be there, and now . . . Nova students are getting worried that they're gonna get wiped out, so they're rushing to cancel the contracts and the more they rush the more Nova can't pay their bills."

Let that bold type sink in for a moment. This is shaping up to be a shit sandwich that everyone will have to take a bite of. Students are suing for their refunds, the Japanese staff had their bonuses pushed back to October (good luck collecting those!) and their pay delayed (good luck collecting that, too), with the teachers being the latest to be told to wait a bit longer for their pay. All told, that over 400 thousand students and 7,000 Nova employees who are going to have a bite of that sandwich. I've harped about how Nova is out of cash, but forum member allblacks took it upon himself to call up Super Nova racing, who are sponsored by the Nova Group, and ask if they were still receiving cash from Nova. The reply:

Thanks for your email.

I am sorry to hear about your situation in Japan.

Super Nova has not recieved any funding from Japan for a very long time. In fact Super Nova is nothing to do with the Nova Group anymore, and we have had no contact with them this year. In fact we are probably in the same situation as you. Please let me know if yor situation improves.

Good luck for the futute.

"Nozom" couldn't have written it better himself. Somehow, Nova is out of money yet still sponsoring a race team.

The second, and perhaps most useful article for teachers in today's Japan Times, is Advice for Teachers. Read it if you want to know more about your visa, collecting wages, and unemployment insurance.

The Japan Times' third offering is a turd titled, "Why is Nova still the most popular "eikaiwa" chain in Japan?. Nova is still popular? Who knew? I don't know where they came up with that idea for a question and how it relates to the two other stories is beyond me, but I guess they had to fill up space somehow.

That said, it looks like ol' "Nozom" has pulled a rabbit out of his ass hat. According to Sponichi, "Nozom" and Nova Kikaku have offered up 9 million shares as collateral to an equities firm in exchange for some quick cash. Looks like the teachers and staff might finally get paid after all.

What will next payday bring?

Original article







anyone wishing to add their name to a legal document stating that you support our letter of demand for payment should send an email to
please include your name, branch location, instructor number, amount owed (if any) and position. we have been offered free legal services from lawyers specialising in migrant workers rights. if you havent been paid yet, please, please get your name on this list. if you have been paid you can still add your name to show solidarity. think about how much you believe next months pay is actually coming.

No offense, but, there will need to be something more verifiable than just "email who you are to this address" against your employer posted by Anonymous (not verified). It's a great idea, but, given the circumstances... "we" are a little short on trust.

So, if we could see the list or a website, some way to verify this isn't a head-hunt by NOVA for it's dissenters, that would be much appreciated.

Who gives a fuck!
Are you FUCKING SERIOUS! Who isnt a dissenter at this stage? If you're really lucky, you'll be spotted as a dissenter and SACKED!!!
GOD!!! What are you, straight off the fucking plane?!!!

i dont have a website, i just created the email 3 hours ago. i agree with anonymous (not verified II). you are better off being fired.

the list is confidential. i dont really know how to respond, im not going to make the list public because then your fears will come true.
all we want to do is get paid and help others to get paid too. and by the way, AAMs and J-staff are more than welcome to put their names on to it, too. we are all in the same boat. this is not guaranteed to get us anything at all but at least some people out there may feel somewhat relieved to know that someone is TRYING to do something. we almost have the 100 names we asked for, but we would love more. if you prefer not to right now thats completely fine. we can add you later if you choose.

Based on a 40 yen share price nova has been? able to raise 360,000,000 yen.
Based on a very conservative teacher salary of 250,000 and 5000 teachers the cash raised is still shy -890,000,000 yen

Then you have to add in staff salaries, student refunds, property rent, utilities and all the other business related expenses.

In other words.. there is no way no how this amount of money is going to be clearly enough to get them to the teachers next pay day.

Nova need to present a plan not only to the staff and teachers, but the public and the government on why they shouldn't be shut down. Surely to be still selling contracts to students is nothing more than theft at this time.

Factor in the penalties and toppatsu fines, resigned teacher's pay (hey, we can ignore those for sure) deposits for apartments and closed branches and they might get there.

Not holding my breathe though.

If pay isnt in the bank tomorrow for a.ts..its time to walk

Its time to show the bastard not paying our wages the meaning of regretable and long can he make us work while our bretheron are being evicted from there homes or having to live off 80 yen noodles!

Who will have the last laugh? The company keeping its employers working with empty promises? Some ex teachers havent recieved there final pay from JULY!

Id encourage all teachers to Strike if A.Ts pay isnt in the bank tomorrow!

Its obvious the C.E.O doesnt care about us.....fuck those 2 line faxes

He is just trying to buy time...if he had a plan, if there was a way out dont you think he would have given us a more detailed fax?

Im a regular ive been paid...but to hear and read stories about evictions, delayed payment for t.i, and x workers, head office not answering phones....i think its time we all showed that we are not just robots.

If the people at Supernova had any brains, they wouldnt have replied to my email. Simple eh.

Well, well, well...we've come full circle, haven't we? And I'll bet you thought you were hot $hit when whatever jagoff AAM you had offered you the BT spot. Alienated your friends? Ratted on your old co-workers? Whatever you did to make those f@ggots in Head Office decide to offer you that despicable position, it couldn't have been anything respectable.

Today, all the folks you pissed on got paid, and you're holding your nuts, hoping that NOVA won't abandon you...kinda like a desperate puppy, hoping for a quick suck on the master's teat.

Was it worth it, pal? You still feel like the big man? Better than everyone else? Wha-chu gon' do with all dem' shiny suits you dun' bought cuz you thoght you wuz movin' up in da world? You know...those $hitty, 2-man-en pinstripe suits from that $hitty wholesale store? Maybe a cheapass faux-leather briefcase to go with it?

"Block Trainer," what a f*cking joke that is. You should've "trained" yourself to go out and find a real f*cking job.

I piss on every one of you. Oh, and I have a better job than you! A-hyuck!

Have a great week, folks!!

sounds like the guy who pisses on everyone seems to have a huge chip on his shoulder.

i mean seriously mate, this place is pretty much filled with trolls.

logic seems to mean something here, but the majority just like to 'piss' on people.
if you work for the company, and you've been paid, be worried about the future, but don't go all out and try to sink it as well.

still don't see why normal instructors are calling in sick when they have been paid.

Hey all you assholes defending NOVA and preaching about professionalism? Did you get paid today? You pathetic rotten scum! I’m sure you’d like to quit, but you’re not qualified to do any other kind of work.

Now you’re unpaid volunteers working for charity. Your excuses, I mean qualifications are perfect for charity volunteers: integrity, responsibility, sacrifice for the students, proud of being a good a teacher, work ethic, etc. You’re a bunch of fucking Philanthropists!!!

I’m sure your charity is appreciated by your beloved staff and students. Keep working hard at NOVA, you’re really making the world a better place!!!

Fxck yeah we want to get fired!

I TOPATSUed 3 times since the 15th trying to get fired. Twice without calling in. Oh my god!!! A ‘C’ penatly. Big fxcking deal, we ain’t getting paid!

I walked into voice on a day I TOPATSUed, wearing shorts and T-shirt, and handed out a cards with my phone number to all my favorite students, and told them once this shit hole tanks to give me a call for privates. Did I get fired, NO. The chicken shxts wouldn't fire me. My AM had a talk with me. I told him, I'm not getting paid next month, so why should I give a fxck. He still wouldn't fire me.
Sure I could quit, but I’m having a blast. I don’t wear a tie at all. My fxcking AT doesn’t say shxt, he just writes it down. I also refuse to teach students I loathe. The bxtch AT was like, “you have teach the lessons you’re assigned on the schedule”. I said “No, go a head and fire me. I’m just gonna chill in the teachers room.” Fxcking pussay change the schedule and he taught the stanky ass salary man.

Today, I was suppose to start at 10. Whoops. I’m thinking about going in at around 1:20. We’ll see. Some cool teachers are working today, so I might go in just to have a few laughs. Maybe drink a couple of brewskis in the teachers room. Hit on a few hotties.
I know I’m not getting paid, I just want to get fired already.

I already brought out my @sshole behavior....use physical intimidation on the AT and BT...use profanity...bringing print outs from the internet to the classroom and read to the students how Nova sucks, and by October 15th there will be NO teachers left to teach them, and there money is loooong gone, and they got Screwed! Im NOT teaching diplomat lessons anymore...I want to bad mouth this damn company. And to ALL those old smelly Japanese ladies who love to complain....if I talk to damn fast or not loud enough..thats Your Godd@mn problem...I dont give a fxck!!

Oh, You dont like my attitude little old bag of smelly japanese's a suggestion...go tell the j-staff about it...and see if that fixes my attitude...its japanese way to treat the customer right...but not at Nova and not by the screw you old people!!! Go drown yourselfs somewhere, Im tsick and tired of pretending like I enjoy talking to you old dirtbags about cooking, traveling, and onsen....I want to talk about stealing, getting drunk, making money, sex....something thats important!

And while Im at it..Im going to steal as much nova shxt as I can...I dont want to keep it..or sell it..I want to burn it..throw it away...I dont want this company to have any assets it can sell.

Fire me Nova....because I dont want to be in this company anymore! BUT Im not leaving peacefully..hell no..Im making one helluva mess! Yo best call the d@mn police on my @ss. So, just fire me Nova....give me supporting documentation that proves I was fired..and I will gladly walk out and walk to the nearest hello office and collect my government money.

I'm an AT and I just wanna say that what you're doing is, well, brilliant!

F*ck those c*nts like they've f*cked us!

If you're lucky enough to get fired, you'll probably get unemployment insurance anyway and let's face it, Nova need you more than you need them.

I'm toppatsuing today and gonna go get drunk in the park cos it's a nice sunny day!

Good on ya for sticking it to the man mate!

Well, as far as I know, if you're looking to collect UI, you probably don't wanna get fired.
Now as for defending NOVA, I think you might want to read over some of those posts again. Just b/c I've harped on lazy ass teachers who are so completely ethnocentric they don't even know it, doesn't mean I'm defending the company. Please, who could defend them at this point??
The only point I ever made is that, it's so childish if you determine your actions based on someone else's... that's the classic lesson you give a child: Two wrongs don't make it right. If NOVA wants to break all the rules, fine, report them, sue their ass. But I'm gonna keep working cause the gov. will pay me back at some point. I'm going to be in Japan long enough to collect. But, if you're just here to nanpa and use your gaijin super powers to tap anything with a heart-beat and then piss of back to your country... I can see why you'd toppatsu.
But honestly... defend NOVA??? And sorry you had such rotten T.I.'s... there are some of us out there that aren't pricks.

Just dont take it out on the students OK. They are gonna get burnt too over this and they are innocent bystanders like the teachers. I mean you sound pretty gutless so you probably wont listen, but you are stooping to Novas level with your behaviour.

epiar, i read somewhere

It is not day number 12. Staff are scheduled to be paid tomorrow and no AT or BT I know of has been paid.

I worked at Nova for a year and I quit a few months ago. Overall, my experience was good and I had no big beefs with anyone.

Sure, the J-staff manager was a greedy bitch who was only interested in making money without any respect for the gaijin instructors.

Sure, there were some awful students that ruined the experience. Smelly salary men, little old ladies with dementia, and generally the type of students whose name you remember - but for the wrong reasons - and you cringe every time you see them on the schedule.

Sure, some of the teachers were arrogant pricks. They acted all stuck-up and looked down on the new teachers, just because they made Nova their career and considered themselves "professionals", only because they had collected enough promotions during Nova's heyday.

But I didn't care about that. Every workplace has it's fair share of bastard managers, awful customers, and stuck-up coworkers.

No, the biggest problem I had was with the ATs.

My AT was a nice guy. He hung out with the teachers during and after work, went drinking with us, created mischief in the teacher's room, talked crap about Nova, made fun of the students, and always would help with any questions we had.

But in his spare time, he would write down crap about us in the individual files. And then when the contract evaluation came up, guess what? The BT informed me that if I want to get a new contract, I would not get any raises or signing bonuses.

I asked him, why not? Well, because my "company spirit" was quite low. It turns out that all the jokes I had been making in the teachers room, together WITH my AT, had been recorded in my file. By my AT.

After that, I realised my AT was nothing more than a two-faced Novite.

So if he talked crap about Nova, then that was okay. But if I or my coworkers talked crap about Nova, my "company spirit" was low.

Basically, the biggest problem I had with ATs were that they were two-faced bastards. They acted as if they were your friend and that they didn't take the whole Nova schtic seriously, but in their free time, they were devote Novites who took pleasure in writing down crap about you and following the company propaganda.

That's not how you foster respect or loyalty to a company, or your AT.

That kind of ruined my experience at Nova. I thought my AT was cool until that happened. So I turned down the second contract and quit Nova. I don't regret it for a moment.

As for my AT, I can't help but think this is Karma. Maybe you should have been more reasonable with your actions instead being such a two-faced prick. If you were really "one of us", you should have let some things slide - especially since you did them yourself on a daily basis.

And now, you are no doubt crapping your pants, wondering why you haven't been paid but the regular instructors have been. The same instructors you "dutifully" reported to upper management.

Now you're wondering what you're going to do when Nova collapses, since your only work experience was being an "english instructor".

And you sure aren't looking forward to the prospect of finding another teaching job at a different company, where you will start on a base salary with no benefits and a new manager bossing you around.

All I can say is this: You made this bed for yourself, so good luck sleeping in it.

As for me, I returned back to my home country and I found a job in my own career. I earn twice as I did in Nova and the working conditions are great. It's just too bad my experience in Japan was tainted by this one thing.

I just got word from my branch that BT and AT's pay has been postponed once again, but this time indefinately!

The problem you mention is between you and your AT. I can assure you that nowhere in the AT training are we encouraged trap instructors into situations that will decrease their increments. Why would your AT not want you to receive a pay raise? More likely the BT or AAM lied to you. Or perhaps your AT had it out for you for some reason.

This is all besides the point at hand. Corporations must pay their employees for hours worked. I have always tried to be a good teacher. I considered my main responsibility as AT maintaining both customer and instructor satisfaction. My instructors always knew immediately if there was a complaint, and if I was unhappy with their performance, and more importantly they knew how to improve and earn a positive evaluation. My instructors responded very positively and I am sure they will tell you as much.

So I do not appreciate your suggestion that I deserve to not be paid for work I did in good conscience and to the best of my ability.

To be honest you are just a f*cking moron. No you are not a martyr you are acting like an immature child acting out for attention. Yes Nova is a bad place, yes we all know that crap but grow up and act like an adult.

That may be true with YOUR AT but it's not true for all of us.

I'm sorry that your prick of an AT shit all over you, but that one experience doesn't apply to all of us.

Because our BT was on a month's vacation, I ended up doing the contract evaluation for one of the regular instructors, though he's not the 'perfect' teacher, he's a good friend of mine and I chose to overlook some of his negative aspects and gave him a glowing evaluation and told the AAM that his contract should be renewed.

All of the hierarchy started off in the same position as you so we know how you feel, I'm just glad that my predecessor treated us with equality and respect and I do the same for everyone else who works at my branch.

I understand that the Nova system worked where if there is a problem or a complaint, then it will be noted down in your file. But come on... I trusted my ATs to be above that bullshit. I guess that was my mistake.

Why not tell me directly that it's wrong and I shouldn't do it? Why stay silent about it and write it in my file instead?

I'm not blanketing all ATs as being bad. There are good and bad ATs. Just like in real life, there are good and bad employees and bosses.

I mentioned that my AT was a great guy and I still think he is. He did treat me with respect and equality... to a point.

I just couldn't believe that after everything, he was still a devout Novite willing to do stuff like that.

Sure, I took the piss out of Nova. So did everyone else in my office, including my AT. And I remember that I never really Toppatsued or anything like that, so why the bullshit treatment?

I don't doubt you and others were probably great ATs. Who knows? Maybe if you had been my AT, I would have stayed longer in Japan that one year.

And funny how this attitude will only help to make Nova collaps even sooner. What are you gonna do then? Find another job? What, with 7000 other foreigners also looking for a job? More people than jobs? Than that paper that says that you got fired might serve you well as a reference.

japan is awesome!! and it's a backward ballsucking place at the same time. good/bad... cop 'em both!!!

Nova is a sinking ship; people will go home or find new jobs.

Life goes on for most people.

Except for you - still screaming at Nova in your sleep...very sad... try not to be so bitter.

It was only a job which you were crap at anyway (now you can find something else to be crap at).

What's the matter?
This site use to be full of little fucking turd ticklers defending NOVA. Did your spirit finally break after you realized you will never be paid? After seven weeks of taking in up the ass from Monkey Bridge you finally figured it out.

Where is your integrity, work ethic, dedication, professionalism, superior intellect, amazing teaching skills, love for the staff and students and your company pride?

Don’t have much to say now do you. Just remember when you go into work today, for free, and you hear snickers and whispers as you walk by, from the those young punks who bang all the hot students, yes we are laughing at you. It’s not just your imagination. We have always been laughing at you. We’ve never taking you seriously and we think you deserve do not get paid.

Did I hear the words 'Nova' and 'lovers'??!!
Don’t worry, I am hear. I am just on my way to teach and am looking forward to teaching 8 lessons of 'going to shopping' and 'Japan is safety' dare you mock Nova!!!?! This is the greatest job in the world...I get to interact with the most cultural, interesting people in the world..Japanese housewives and salary man.
As to you claim that you 'banged some hot student'..I seriously doubt that..there’s no way a Japanese woman would lower herself to copulating with a foreigner..what? just because we all have blond hair, blue eyes and everything we say is absolutely hilarious, you think some Asian chick is going to put out?....really?!

What I gather from this site is that lots of people are either ex-NOVA teachers looking to grind a few axes before the company meets its certain demise, or people with a little unadulterated gossip they picked up from one of their BTs and wish to spread around. What I'm NOT getting is any proposals as to what should be done about the fact that thousands of people are still going to work every day without hope of pay. Well, ...

That's why I'm suggesting this: On Friday, October 5th, all current NOVA employees take emergency leave. The reason? With emergency leave, we are still considered to be employees of the company, so we will still receive benefits and future salaries (if there are any, of course). We know people who resign and are not considered employees have not been receiving a paycheck. So...have it both ways! Don't go in, and still get paid (again...if we are intended to be paid at all). Then, when the company does go tits up, dance your happy-ass all the way down to the unemployment office and start thinking about receiving unemployment insurance.

Why expend any effort at all working as a volunteer when you could be making better use of your time finding private students, looking for employment elsewhere, or simply returning to your home country? The fact that people use this site as a forum to communicate their contempt for this company without having some sort of an exit-strategy or plan of action is ridiculous.

I'm not waiting around to let NOVA decide for me when I can or cannot come to work.

Who's with me?

I can honestly feel for the people who haven't been paid.........but are you guys just totally ignorant to the way Japan treats foreigners? People getting ripped off by their English School "employers" is a common occurence here.......I've been here quite awhile and it's happend to me. The only reason people are making a "big deal" about this is because Nova did it on a big scale. I've known several English Teachers who have worked for a wide variety of so called "English Schools" that ripped them off and didn't pay them in full........or in some instance didn't pay them at all. What are you going to do? Go get a lawyer? Fight it right? Bullshit. You will quickly learn the phrase "gaijin go home." You don't count in this country. It would be a miracle if any court heard your story.........and if they did they probably wouldn't side with you anyway. IF by some miracle they are ordered to pay you you won't see the money for months if not years. In the meantime while your hiring a lawyer and waiting for your money what are you going to do??? Get a new job and wait 2months to "hopefully" get a paycheck from your new company. I hope you have a big savings account. In Japan if you are a foreigner the laws are different for don't count. Go get unemployment? Are you fucking kidding me? In a country where the average foreigner can't even rent an apartment because his/her "skin" isn't the right color you think you're gonna get a break? And if you find some "gracious" person to rent to you your rent will be about $200 more than your Japanese neighbor.........a gaijin tax if you will. Please. Possibly a few people might get lucky and receive some help but I wouldn't count on it. Go home or find a way to stay here where you don't have to rely on other Japanese companies to support you. I think Japan is an amazing culture with some of the friendliest people on earth..........but when it comes to living and working here if you are not Japanese you simply "do not count." If you are gonna stay here you should realize this little "secret" fact about Japan.

What's the bets that this illiterate individual who can't spell or use standard English is still working for Nova himself? Maybe Nova's a "real job" if you're not a BT!

PS Could someone please give me an example of a "real job". People talk about them but nobody every gives an example. Personally I think any job that someone does that gets them money is a real job. No need to belittle any job. From Dinner Ladies to Binmen, they're all legitimate jobs that someone needs to do.

I think we can all guess you're GP username, same shite different board. "Smelly Japanese poo" we're you old enough to fly to Japan alone?

You're attitude isn't to be dislikes but pitied as it's the attitude of a child coming from, what I assume and only because you're old enough to have a job, is an adult.

Be a grown up and quit if you don't want to be in the company anymore. Since you aren't quitting it's quite obvious that you have no ability to move beyond Nova and no idea what to do.

Adults take responsibility and decisions affecting their future. Children let others make those decisions for them, or force others to make that decision due to the childish inability to make decisions for themeselves.

I think it's just sad the way some of the folk on here are behaving. Claiming that they're after some co-worked to beat up because he wrote something down about him. I mean come on. We can all guess by your reaction that you probably deserved it. OThers are somehow happy at the misery of other people. Happy at the fact that workers are being shafted by a company. I guess gone are the days of worker solidarity against a company. It's sad reflection of society that workers are taking some kind of perverce pleasure at other workers demise. Not realising that they are next on the chopping board.

We need to come together and protest against Nova and make a large public display of solidarity to help bring Nova down quicker so those without jobs can get benefits quicker and we can all go around getting our pay from the government.

The fact is u wankers deserve it because you chose to work there knowing its a totally different career to what you did in your own country.With my teaching degree i can get the best jobs in many countries while you have to take it up the arse by some fat boong in his birthday suit.The best way to fight is all leave at the same time on the same day.Then the company would have no choice but to close.The reason you wont do it because you cant find another job with your stinking arse Arts degree.

so now my boss and my boss's boss have both put in their resignation at the MM centre. i think ill just work untill the end of the month then have my last month in japan developing my photography skills, i may even go into work just to see if any body is going and if they area actually doing lessons!

all i can say is that in my 11 months here i have had a great time, been to tokyo fuji kyushu hiroshima thailand, eaten shushi, basashi, nato, climbed mount fuji, been to the top of the goverment building in tokyo, been to a sumo comtest and a baseball game, fed deer in nara been in temples in kyoto and tenri, vomited in a karaoke, fallen off my bike, and many other things, so i am very happy i came over and worked with nova and used my 10 days paid holiday that i got.
just sad to leave on a sour note.

i came to japan not to nova!

I'm with you on the idea that this forum should be one of solidarity and exit strategies. While I enjoy the bitching and griping that further infuriates me, I would also like to know that there are some people out there who can come up with a plan that will help the majority of us who are catching the foot up the ass.

My idea is simple...make it public. Don't let the anonymity of this website be the end. For me, this is the beginning. For me, this serves as a catalyst through which I understand others are tired of this shit, too.

I was a teacher in America. I left a great bunch of kids in a nice school to come here for the experience. I didn't come here to get sacked.

I don't want to read about another one man protest. I want us to get together and agree that we're not going to be homeless, starving gaijin who are just waiting around for Master Nova to tell us when to tuck our tails between our legs. I'm thinking sometime in early October before we get sacked again, we should meet and express our concerns.

Maybe if I just sit on my ass, Nova can't put its foot up it, right? Yeah right. I don't want to wait to find out. Who's with me?

I work at the MM center too but didn't go in today. Who quit?

Bullsh*t, you so didnt do any of that stuff. If you really wanna get fired write your employee number and full name here. Ill sort it out for you.

"With my teaching degree i can get the best jobs in many countries while you have to take it up the arse by some fat boong in his birthday suit"

huh? A teaching degree gets you the best jobs? there goes my hope of being a race car driver, no teaching degree!

People, this forum is about Nova not paying their staff, not complaining that your AT had to inform you that you suck at your job, or bragging about the "awesome" job you have.

Students who see this are gonna be pissed!

Its hitting namba now as far as rent not being paid. My old roommates were given a 2 week eviction notice today. I am ultra lucky to have quit 3 months ago and found a new job, but these poor guys were just doing there job. This is so fucked up I just can't believe a company would do this. People need to just start taking office supplies home or making a scene or something drastic at this point. Although I'll admit I have no great ideas other than to raid that big usagi of all its eggs in the mm center.

I can understand the anger and resentment about not being paid, but if you continue to work, by law you will see your money or a percentage of it, in the future.

By taking days off, you are helping nova financially...
Next month the total ammount of wages the company has to pay will be considerably less than usual....with all the topatsus and penalties,this coupled with the closind down of schools and non payements of rent, may give them more breathing space to fuck us over for another month.

Personally I want Nova to declare bankrupcy ASAP. The sooner im fired the sooner i can collect unemployement benefits while looking for a new job.
If people arent working..its less money owed, which may prolong Novas bankrupcy.

I havent Topatsued yet, Im gonna continue to work and enjoy the last 1 or 2 months of this circus. Im gonna collect as much as i can in unpaid wages from the government once this company falls!

Of course if you are planning to head home or are going to start a new job all means do what you have to do , I hope your striking and protests get the money you are owed.

Nobody is working for free, the problem is time. Everyone will get paid for the time they way or the other.

To all those guys working tomorrow or over the weekend; some advice
Photocopy your time card and get it hankoed by the branch manager!

in defense of nova
they screwed everyone over and now its our time to screw them
screw them for giving us jobs
screw them for giving us oppurtunities to meet cool people from other english speaking countries who have become good friends
screw them for forcing us to teach japanese, the majority of which were far better people then you would meet if you went to say, iraq, china, (no offense)
screw them for making us get up in the morning to be at work at 10am at the earliest
screw them for providing a steady income (until recently) at a reasonable rate that paid for my holiday to thailand, india, korea, back home etc and helped reduce my school loan
screw them for forcing me to work for them
oh why oh why didnt i quit, i should have as soon as i started bitching about nova, but no i stayed for over a year just having a good time and going out with staff, students and even cute teachers, traveling to exotic places and having a good time
dam you nova, i hate you

I cant understand why you guys all dont walk off the job on the same day.Everyone should set a day and time then just leave the branch.If all the teachers left at the same time it would be chaos for the company and might bring about a quicker change.

Because the majority of nova employees are scared and ignorent of their own rights as workers. What kind of dude would say "I'm just not gonna wear a tie tomorrow, that'll show em!" a moron who is incapable of standing up for himself. That same person would probably scramble to put it on anyway the second he saw the AAM walk in. These people posting that they've been screwing off at work causing trouble is total bullshit. They don't have the balls to do anything of the sort. They are posting that bullshit in the hopes that someone else will do it.

You can bet that the majority of nova teachers will go in to work even if they don't get paid. They are too dumb to realize that walking off the job together would force Nova to change.

That's what Nova is banking on - the ignorent dipshits (teachers and students) will keep coming in no matter what.

With all the ass fucking they get Nova teachers must have assholes like the lincoln tunnel

If Nova teachers strike, what will change?
A little fairy is gonna come and put 10000000000000000yen in the bank?

Suddenly people will find their pays and bonuses in the bank?
and peoples rent will be paid and they wont be evicted?

Then Nova students will increase because of the excellent reputation
of the company..

and we will all live happily ever after?

Obviously you dont understand the problem so you dont know the solution!

The lincoln tunnel is what you see every day when you bend over and touch your toes in front of the mirror!

you ignorAnt fuck

I didn't wear a tie into work on Wednesday. My AT was not happy about it when he realized that I was planning to teach while not wearing a tie. I didn't do it because I wanted to show the man or anything like that. I honestly don't like wearing a tie while teaching and I figured that if I'm working for free, I may as well be comfortable. After my AT talked with the AAM about this, my AT also decided to go without his tie for the rest of day. Unsurprisingly none of the students mentioned anything about it. Later in the day, the AAM stopped by. I didn't scramble for my tie because again, why would I dress up for community service/volunteer work? In all fairness, my AAM was cool about it and didn't even mention the fact that I was violating the "tie" rule. I didn't work today, and I'm going to resign tomorrow. I have a bad taste in my mouth but as they say, "you gotta know when to fold 'em." I'm not an AT so I was paid for August but I don't have faith that I'll be paid for September. I may be a teacher, and I do enjoy teaching, but I hate working for free. Time to cut losses and move on. To all those who plan to stick it out, you do what you gotta do. But, you may as well be comfortable. What NOVA is doing right now is beyond unprofessional. It is despicable business. I know a lot of people are talking about organizing and whatnot but I think in this situation, especially as a visitor to a foreign country, you need to look out for #1. I'm going to use what resources I have and look for some part time work.

NOVA's like a girlfriend who you're no longer attracted to but you think that maybe it's better to have something than to have nothing. The difference here is that by sticking with NOVA, you're not even getting laid. You're sticking it out because the unknown can be scary. Do what you have to do but if you're even questioning whether you should be working, you probably already know the answer.


oh my god, jamie s is that you on the NHK news?? i worked at mm for almost 2 years before and was meant to go back in 2 weeks when i start hearing all this shit. 2 weeks before i leave they tell me they are cancelling the contract. thank god it happened before i went. i was meant to go in august originally.. imagine being there on probation then not getting paid.. poor all you guys

Spot on!All these teachers are too afraid because they dont have what really counts in this profession.A teaching degree.They are like little babies with the lights off.Whatcha gunna do when the real world comes after you?They are going to lay there and keep taking it up the arse instead of having the balls to walk out.Come on faggots walk out tomorrow all across Kansai.

oh but i do know the problem, and a way to deal with it.

the only way to begin being treated fairly by a company like nova is to walk out. it has nothing to do with improving the reputation of nova or getting money out of them. both of which will never happen.

what you don't seem to realize is that nova is taking advantage of retards such as yourself, a prick that thinks he is smart but in reality doesn't know shit. dickheads like you make it easier for nova to fuck over everyone. dickheads such as yourself have helped make eikawa a fucking circus.

you obviously don't care to understand what's happening. you'd rather sit back and let nova shit in your mouth.

the only ignorant fuck is you.

I can't believe people are going into work for nothing. And to the idiot that said "keep working.............they have to pay you" you are a fucking moron. NO they don't have to pay you and if the company folds they never will. All I can say is what a fucking actually think here in Japan they "have to" pay are a stupid foreigner and they don't owe you shit. Look out for number one. If you have a brain think about it..........what do I have that can fuck Nova over for not paying me??? Ohhhhhh.......maybe this shitty little Japanese apartment that I'm paying too much for. I could have never got it if Nova didn't co-sign for me because I'm a foreigner........and guess what? Anything you do to that fucker is Nova's financial responsibility! So, go out and get completely fucking wasted and come home and trash the place...........maybe piss and shit on the middle fo the floor..........and then got to the airport and get your drunk ass on a place home. Then for the rest of your life you'll have an "interesting Japanese story" about how a company tried to fuck you over but you stuck it to them.

Everybody. What ever has happened so far you can be sure you will not be paid on November 15th for work done in October. Do what ever you want over the weekend (don't beleive the lies about Elvis and Lord Lucan riding in on Shergar with billions of yen in cash just to help us out though) but as of October 1st don't go in. There has to be a limit to this BS thats been going on and if we all pull together and walk out, just maybe we can bring down NOVA and get on with getting unemployment benefits, other jobs or just not have to keep thinking about the sorry mess.


I like the idea of trashing the apartments....shitting on the floor..........striking.............causing a huge disturbance and then getting my drunk ass out of the country before I'm arrested. Who's with me on that one eh?

I wish I could do exactly that but unfortunately I don't even have money for beer and don't (luckily) live in NOVA appts. Would happily go into somebody else's and help with the trashing if there's any offers???? Cananybody spare me some beer???

Honestly, that's not a bad idea. These people are fucking us over..............if we can get payback by making them pay for trashed apartments it's probably worthwile...........they can't prosecute you if you're in another country. Cut up your futons, throw those fuckers on your porches to rot and tear that place to pieces. Show Japan they can't treat foreigners anyway they want and get away with it. As for the alcohol...............your gonna have to use your imagination on that one............hook up with some other disgruntled teachers and pitch in maybe.

Since Nova's fucking us over, lets fuck over the folks that own our apartments, who are also being fucked by Nova.

Great idea, guys. I'm glad your the ambassadors of the West. Hey! You should shit on your airplane seat on your way home too! We will never forget, right?

Hey dumbshit.............have you ever had to get an apartment by yourself in Japan???? These people completely discriminate against foreigners. Unless of course you get lucky or have a nice Japanese spouse to get it for you. On top of that, they are lining their pay much more than the average Japanese for your rent. It just shows how much of a dumbshit foreigner you are.........................your perfect for Nova!

I would strongly suggest NOT breaking the law here. "I spent 21 days getting the shit beat out of me in a hell hole without habeus corpus" is not the kind of intersting story you would like to tell your grandkids (assuming your testicles were still intact).

Softly softly people.

Step 1: get some business cards.
Step 2: pilfer any teaching materials from your branch. if you haven't been paid then you've definitely earned them!
Step 3: go in to voice in the breaks, preferably not drunk. spread the word and do some sales of your own.
step 4: teach lessons that suite students needs without some tosser looking over your shoulder. you now have access to a lot of private lessons. give them a couple of freebees and a good discount.
step 5: while you idiots are wasting time on these websites shitloads of people are going to be killing it. wake up

Teaching degrees are pathetic. The usually require the lowest entrance marks and foster socially retarded people who are unlikely to leave the education system at any stage in their working lives. Have you been away from the real world so long that you have forgotten how low on the ladder teachers are. Even kids have enough life experience to know they are morons. Wanker.

I'll tell you what will change. It may force Nova into Bankruptcy a lot sooner getting people some of their pay and letting people get on unemployement instead of limping along and shafting people out of their legally earned financial compensation.

Well i must have bucked the system because my social skills are outstanding.Not only that im handsome as hell and can walk into an interview and am almost guaranteed the job.Your degree is toilet paper since you are not using it you pizzling dweeb.You probably spend the weekends licking windows while im banging your girlfriend.
My salary shits all over your salary Novite arse licker.When are u gunna walk out faggot?

Its time to celebrate this Nova circus and introduce the performing clowns.Everyone knows that gays are perfect for Nova because of their bitchy, whiny personalities so who are the biggest and most annoying faggots that you have encountered over the years.Lets slap those bitches down!

And this is fact, now.

The fact that you are/were actually PROUD to be a f*cking AT perfectly illustrates EXACTLY the kind of person you are, despite your concept of yourself--your coworkers PROBABLY HATE YOUR GUTS (and you probably have not a f*cking clue), and you're probably an UNPLEASANT, CONTROLLING C*NT on a powertrip that thinks she's doing everyone a favor by being that AT.

And please, cupcake...don't flatter yourself. "Gaijin women" are MY ENEMY? I'll let you in on a little secret, sweetie: So long as I don't have to hear you, see you, smell you and especially touch you [oversized, pasty white, disgustingly freckled and hairy WHALES that wear FAR too little clothing than what social stigmas would deem appropriate] then I'm absolutely at peace with you backpacking, stinking hippy heifers.

Am I sorry that you ATs are now up ____ creek? NOPE. Am I sorry that some scatter-brained, silly-nilly twit/tw@t that didn't know any better but thought it might be fun to be AT so she could "do some good" around the branch is now getting the shaft and she's sitting around, dwelling on it and drowning in self-pity? I'm mildly sympathetic, but not much more than I'd be for, say, some hip-hop wannabe skankyass j@p WH0RE that trolled through America Mura looking for black d!ck, got knocked up by some savage Nigerian pretending to be an American, crapped out triplet kink-headed mandinglets and got disowned by her entire family and society.

It's your tree you've made, so go sit in it.

But hey, let's all have a toast, a Bon Voyage and a BANZAI cheer for allllll those douchebag f@ggot "titled instructors" who will soon be shown the door from both their beloved company and country where they're not wanted by anyone, neither citizen nor foreigner.

Bottoms up, everyone! BANZAI!! BANZAI!! BANZAI!!!

Have a safe trip, now, and ya'll don't come back. Ever.

A lot of people have lost a lot of faith in the company. It is certainly a good idea to explore options, and find a nicer employer.

But I think there is some breathing space

Step 6:
Throw yourself in front of a train! You are a worthless NOVA teacher. There is no more point living!

See, we just got paid. As one of the many happy TIs working for Nova, I never doubted for a second that we would not received our hard earned pay. Now I can stop trawling through bins in Shinsaibashi looking for food and get back to whats really important...deciding on which one of my 14 three-piece suits to where for work (one of the reasons I have no savings) and saying telling my fresh-off-the-boat underlyings important things like 'Have you considered using feedback in plenary' and 'Try to adopt a more student-orientated approach'. sense of self-important and moral superiority from knowing how to say 'This student needs to use more passive verbs' in Japanese has been resorted.
Now if only the branch manager would sleep with me rather than that cock-sure American Justin Timberlake-wannabe B type instructor everything would be rosy....

I couldnt agree more. These people have a right to privacy, decency and respect. The fact that God's horrible terriying justice will reign down them for all eternity is neither here nor there. Lets get back to whats really important..trying to tap that hot 7B shop assistant who cant work in a straight line and has so much make-up that it gives her neck problems.

Well...well.....You finally got paid. Nova didnt leave you High and Dry after all. Was You getting worried. You should be very worried, because that "mystery" investor story was BS. You titled instructor arent getting paid Ocober 15th..thats for Godd@mn're not getting paid twice in 2 weeks.

You being paid today had nothing to do with that "mystery" got paid because of all the teachers who quit..those teachers who left will not be getting paid thier final paycheck...thats their money you recieved today.

Its gonna be the same old shxt in a few AT's and BT's will be back on here crying. You better spend that money on a ticket back home.

What I want to know still planning on towing the company line?? Keeping secret shame files on instructors?? Still being liars, thiefs, maggot sucking fools?

Or did this experience change your mind about your nasty attitude?? Maybe quit like everybody else?? Because you can clearly see alot of regular instructors are cheering your being one of them. Im going to make my AT's job very fxcking hard...

Your funny! Tell me whats the problem? Being treated fairly or the Company having no money?

People dont get paid because there is no money, it has nothing to do with being treated fairly. Its unfair to have to wait for your pay, but the reason is because there is no money

The president and Managers who created the problem are the only ones that can solve it.

Striking teachers can only get publicity.

Show me a striking teacher who has closed a financial deal to help this company and its members get paid.

You cant can you....

And next month, if the company can make a deal,
Ill get a full months pay, while all those guys that didnt work, and spent therir days off drunk, will have short changed themselves.

People got paid today, something you said would never happen...

Do i need to tell YOU who the ignorant fuck is?

Go home to mummy and daddy and have them wipe your ass.

Is that right wanker? I'm an international lawyer living and working in Tokyo as... an international lawyer. I make more money in an hour than you do in a day. Please forgive me for doubting your greatness.

Despite having never worked for NOVA, I've just spent a considerable amount of time reading though this thread. Interesting stuff.

Whilst I admit things are not looking rosy for NOVA at the moment, both the instructors and the higher-ups would better serve their purpose better, and garner more sympathy, if they learned;

A) knot two du da supelling misstakes, or

B) Had a bit of civility towards each other, and your host country.

Reading this bullshit, I despair of the English-speaking world. What's more, I pity the poor students that have to put up with your nonsense.

Oggi di sempre!Combralli Franco Cozzo in Brunswick and Footscray.
"Better serve their english better".Pot calling the kettle black here nerd.Your English is crap so unless you are taking the piss, back to window-licking for you.

You are really one big Cunt aren't you?

hello this is junya. nova is goddamnit. so why do all teachers still go to there? so quit. in the japanese law, company must pay to employee.
no excuse. but, you see nova doesn't pay in the fair time. it is breaking law. anyway, the fuck of teacher goes to work. ha ha, laughing so funny. nova doesn't care of you. you know, every time we are talking to staff of nova they ask about maybe problem of teacher. then staff write to it.
Sorry for poor English. someday i can speak frequently but not at Nova's sake. Nova lie to everyone. Even now they in so big problem. but still hide and lie. like dirty worm company. please everyone throw stones to the window at Nova that eat a shit.

p.s. teacher get salary because maybe many staff anger and jealousy. so, what happen?


Do what you will, but I say, if the pay doesn't drop on the 15th exactly, NO ONE should be working.

SEPTEMBER 15TH - if you're unpaid and working on that day... there's nothing left to say.

I used to come on here to get up to date news on the company that I work for (apparently for free, according to all these "professionals"). But, an unexpected but not entirely surprising thing happened; people started bashing people's sexual orientation, weight, age, qualifications, social standing, and everything else I didn't name. Please keep it going. This post I am replying to is one of the funniest I have read so far. So is the gay bashing one and the rest about ATs. My AT is a tool who would let MonkeyBridge shit on his face if he asked, but my BT is a cool guy, he is pretty reasonable. My AAM was also reasonable but he bailed.

Please, for everyone keep the hate flowing...

"Im going to make my AT's job very fxcking hard..." so you're still at NOVA? you still havent left after spewing raw sewage outta your mouth for so long? Man, you need a therapist, maybe two. Cheering on the demise of other people, many of whom have spouses and children to support, mortgages and other 'real world' responsibilities is really mature.
I understand the release you must feel venting your anger, it must be quite liberating. All the crap you take at work, all the pressures, the insurmountable sacrifice you make long unrecognized by management, the betreyals by your AT (whom you must have a crush on) and all of the incredible hardship you've bottled up for so long...It must feel incredible to finally speak up. You have a talent for it too, I must say that you have quite a way with words. The stuff you say's quite entertaining and damn right hillarious at times. I urge to continue the good work you're doing on this site. Man, the US Postal Service sure is lucky NOVA hired you and not them. I encourage you to pursue further creative expression to vent your anger.

I anticipate an incredible comeback to this post with gay bashing insults, novite accusations, ass-licking charges, the incredibly humiliating sexual acts you perform on my family members, blunt attacks on my integrity and dignity and the like.

Im 110kg and 190 cm. motherfucker so u bet im big and im gunna rip out all ATs arses and feed em to my dogs including urs Dan u dirty, daigo, dicksucker.What branch u work at?i will put you first on my list and use your little black wankers book to wipe my arse and you bet u gunna eat that for your lunch.

What would Randy Dixon do?

Reuters has published a story identifying AT Basher as the fat starwars kid. He's still fat, lazy and unbathed. More to follow from foreign correspondents.....

AT Basher ID'd....obviously written by angry, depressed, scared, cowardly, Nova worshipping, Low-life AT/BT.......Im glad my posts are fxckin with your makes me feel Good to know Im helping You feel like shxit.

Well, AT's and BT's Nova rewarded your loyalty with lies and deceit. The company left you hanging in the cold and you're all had no idea just how bad we instructor's really hated you and how laugh at you everyday.

So, what has all that dedication, dick sucking, Monkey Bridge worshipping got You?? Thought you was going somewhere in life....gonna be a "star" in Nova by walking on others, back-stabbing, spying, lying, keeping secret files on instructors....what did all that "hard work" get You???Hmmmm???? Got You evicited?? Left You with no money?? Hungry and scared?? How you now realize you dont have any legal rights in Japan??

And how the instructors want to kick your does that make You feel?? Now you're beginning to realize what a Big Loser you are in a company that doesn't need you anymore and co-workers who Fxcking Hate you.

A real bad instructor left a threatening message to my AT in his mail box the other day...and well....he called in Toppatsu this weekend...I think he was scared.

Maybe youve never met Dan before....

Hes about 210cm shit
So hes probably got you on reach, which means he wont have that much of a problem hitting your big fat guts!

Maybe you should stop eating so much lunch...and wipe your arse a little more you fucking cock sucker

Interesting Stuff ...thats right

You probably teach

How are you? I am fine thankyou, and you?

" I despair of the english speaking world"

Pleze do da self correction ya fa king twat

We shouldnt generalize....A.Ts who were prics will get theirs, A.Ts who were good guys dont need to worry..instead of saying A.T...dont you think its better to name names.............

You sound like a broken record. get some therapy. you really hate the fact you were passed up for promotion that much? get a life, take a bath, pry yourself off the videogame console and get a real personality. stop using the disgruntled nerd "why should I" stereotype, you may have to pay royalties, and without pay next month, that's gonna be hard to pay. and shut up already, no one wants to hear your senseless ranting anymore. Also, here's 20 yen for you to purchase some I.Q. from the trashcan.

I have been getting a kick out of you people using the term "arse"........I'm assuming you mean "ass." No wonder your students don't learn a fucking thing. You ever wonder why Nova is 90% Australian??? Because it is so fucking easy for an Australian to get a visa in Japan. graduated from Highschool eh???//......well I guess we can give you a working holiday visa and extend that shit for eternity. It's the same bullshit for Canadians and British. What? You're a loser who happend to get a high-school diploma.........well I guess you can teach English on a holiday visa and we'll just keep extending that motherfucker. In the meantime.........we'll tell all your students you have a top-notch degree from a well-respected University. You pussies have nothing to be complaining to an American. They actually have to have a real degree to teach and work here.........they don't get to cop out on a "holiday visa." I'm wondering why Nova would hire so many Australians again??? Easy answer eh mates? It's because you don't need shit to come and work here.

You sound like a broken-----Sounds like another AT loser....Im glad I can make you feel dejected and depressed. You're life really sucks AT no no no pussy...about to be aint got shxt.

Yeah, it must be pretty hard right now for you AT's and BT's, you just cant stand it that we are laughing at you and there is nothing you can do about it.....your dreams of a "Nova career" wiped out, feeling helpless and all alone, you're not important anymore, you're not getting paid again, you're doing charity work everyday.....but at least the students, J-staff, and Nova will appreciate that. All the charty work should get you high marks for "company spirit"......but "company spirit" doesnt pay the bills fools!!! HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!

Totally fxckin true!! I also notice ALL the titled instructors in my area are ALL low-life aussies. They talk alot of shxt...their rhetoric is pretty damn good...but their performance really sucks. Americans are much better, smarter, and richer than you Aussies dirtbags......Aussie=AT's and BT's....Aussie=low-life....Aussie=eat shxt....Aussie=poverty....Aussie=ignorance....Aussie=stupid.....Aussie=weak. I Hate Aussie's.

He only knows one AT, the one who wouldn't love him back and didn't call him after a sexy evening.


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