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Splitting the Credit for the Nobel Prize

It turns out that the reason for the committee to explore dual citizenship is really about national pride.

Nobel laureate in physics Yoichiro Nambu will be listed as an American in public documents to be issued by the Japanese government, while his award-winning research will be recognized to have been achieved as a Japanese national, the government has announced.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has come up with the unusual measures as Nambu, 87, is a Tokyo-born American citizen. It is the first time that a Japanese of foreign nationality has won the prize.

What kind of twisted logic is this? The American half gets to receive the Nobel Prize but the Japanese half did the actual research.



Lookin' good for Japan!
Have your cake and eat it, too.

Dont try to understand Shawn.. Again, double standards all over the place - all for, you said it, national pride.

Alberto Fujimori, who was wanted by Interpol for murder managed to find sanctuary in Japan because he was of Japanese descent and he was still in his grandfather's family register....

Japan uses it to harbour criminals who they owe

Looks like it is not just Nobel winners

It may be over national pride, but Nambu was born in Japan also, not just ethnically Japanese. It is one thing if you are a haafu and you speak little or no Japanese, let alone not read nor write kanji. But he is fluent.

This has been a big issue for us and the research shows that you can be a dual citizen in Japan. When they say that you have to choose when you come of age, it is not so. The actual wording isn't "have to" choose. They say that it is "advisable" or a like word. Especially if you are Japanese by blood on the family registry.
It's there for the searching.... They make it sound like you have to have only one nationality due to taxation. It makes their jobs easier.
I have three friends between 30 and 57 years old who have been American and Japanese passport holders most their lives.
Go figure

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