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GEOS Goes Bankrupt

Add GEOS to the list of eikaiwas that have gone bankrupt. GEOS filed for bankruptcy today, temporarily closing its schools until the 23rd when G.communication, the company that picked up the scraps when NOVA went bankrupt in 2007, will take over part of GEOS's business.

GEOS will close 99 schools (PDF), while keeping 170 schools and 66 GEOS kids (PDF) schools in operation.

In GEOS's own press release (PDF), it cited the recession and the collapse of NOVA in 2007 as significant factor that harmed its business, leaving the company with debts totaling 7.5 billion yen as of the end of March this year.

And that's the end of GEOS. Not being privvy to its finances, it was next to impossible to say when the end would come, although the cynic in me wondered how the closure of its Australia schools could not affect business.

After the collapse of NOVA, the fall of GEOS is yet another point on the graph of eikaiwa's long decline. That g.communication will take over GEOS comes as a bit of surprise. Given the poor condition of the English language market, how much blood do they think they can realistically extract from the eikaiwa stone?



I managed to escape Geos in time. I have talked to 6 of my friends at Geos and the 3 that work in adult schools were told they do not have jobs anymore, 2 of the 3 working in Kids still have a job as far as they know (that is what they were told by their Japanese managers) but they will find out more today at 1800 when the Kanto area meeting takes place.

GCom coming in is a BIG surprise. The fact that all this was going on without any Ministry looking in is odd as well. Geos had legecy and a fair product. Management (or lack thereof) in troubled times surely is at the top of the list for reasons for the end of this particular school.

Wow, end of an era. Its been 10 years since I worked for GEOS (my first year in Japan) and ever since then there have been rumors about when this would happen.

I don't think I would agree that GEOS had a "fair product". The lessons were overpriced and their quality varied widely depending on the teacher. I think I generally agree with those who say that the traditional Eikaiwa business model is broken. AEON and ECC might not be too far behind.

Don't know about Aeon, but ECC has been smart and invested in diversification. They will be the last one left standing.

Even if some of the schools are left to operate, what suckers are actually going to stay on there?

Same type of suckers who stayed on at Nova. GCom would not be doing this if they didn't know they could make on the deal. This time around there are no big payments and no big promises. Should be easier.

Can anyone translate those lists of schools closed or the 170 schools and 66 GEOS kids (PDF) schools that will still be operation, please? This would be very helpful to some of us looking from afar.


Best news of the year! Woohooo!
Now - where are all those "Nothing to see here" "GEOS is too big to go down" , "Stop trying to bring my company down" GEOS STOOGES? C'mon where are you all?



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I used to work for AEON too (I may be one of the only people to have worked full time for both GEOS and AEON), and their business model is more or less exactly the same as GEOS (they used to be the same company). The main difference was that AEON didn't expand internationally like GEOS did. I'm not too sure if that has helped them or hurt them....well, I guess it can't have hurt as they are still standing while GEOS is sunk.

Still, at least as far as their Japanese schools are concerned, they are pretty much carbon copies of each other (though AEON was a bit better to work for).

Good to know that ECC might be safer!

Good to know that ECC might be safer!

Actually, word on the Eikaiwa streets is that ECC is feeling the pinch in a big way - as are all the surviving (clinging on for dear life) Eikaiwa chains.

Watch this space.

Hi Troll. Just before I go back to ignoring you again, let's just get one thing straight here. You don't get to say "I told you so". You, me and everybody else who reads this website has been calling this for years. It means nothing that you've come to an anti-GEOS website and swung your dick around for the last 18 months.

(normal service can now be resumed)

OMG, Thanks to you guys, I quit GEOS 5 days after starting (2 weeks ago). Thanks alot...i got out Just In Time.

guaranteed salary for only the first three months.

Where is Special K? In his office? Reading some of the above links, he will still blame the collapse of GEOS on 'other factors' Now it is the Nova collapse that contributed to GEOS collapse. He will still deny that (his) total mismanagement was the cause. Perhaps he will release a statement saying he had nothign to do with GEOS Japan?

He surely has nothing! He must have signed personal gurantees for a lot. Whatever personal assets he may have will be taken to make good the personal guarantees he has signed.

Does this mean that the schools to be kept open will all belong to or is GEOS still going to retain ownership of some schools?

What now with NA and the Asian schools? Will he simply wash his hands off them as he did with all the other international operations? He can get $1 for each of them if he follows the NZ and Europe purchases.

Every international school still bearing the GEOS logo must certainly be history. Who in their right mind will support them? If I were a student I'd want out NOW...if I were an agent I'd withdraw all bookings made.

What is happening at Head Office? Is anyone talking? Are there more V-chats scheduled?

1. As a result of the bankruptcy application, GEOS Japan assets are now protected from its creditors.
2. Some reports are saying that GEOS schools have been "handed over" to G. Is that what happened in NZ/UK? All will be slowly revealed.

Won't be much in the way of Personal Guarantees floating around. K cashed out his shares in entities back into GEOS itself. Company borrowings, such as may have been, would be guaranteed against existing corporate assets. The guy ain't stupid.

Well, it has finally happened and those caught up in this mess certainly can't protest that they weren't warned.

Even so, I still feel it's a sad thing for those involved ... remember that some of these people support families on their income. To the guy gloating above, gloating is way overrated. I think that your attitude and words reflect poorly on you.

Besides, Mr. K is a Swiss resident and doesn't even pay tax in Japan. All his money is stashed away in a Swiss bank account somewhere.

Noone is gloating. It is sad...terribly sad. It is terrible for all those who have read these posts and have held on in the 'hope' that it could be saved. Perhaps they have held on with this 'hope' becuase the labour market is not that buoyant and it would be difficult to walk and find another job 'overnight'.

It is very sad and noone is gloating.

I am stating a further fact for those in NA. If they cannot see it now then they will never see it. It is perhaps time for them to face the reality of how grave the situation is and to seriously look at their futures. I cannot for the life of me see any hope...unless NA is in the process of being sold as well.

And is he really a Swiss this for real? If this is true then Special K has had the last laugh on the lot of us!

I am also interested to learn why the assets are protected from creditors?

Yeah, for real. Probably why his nephew was at the press conference instead of him.

I did my best to translate the closed schools and categorize them by region. If I've made any errors I apologize; I never was very good at geography. I kept the numbers there so anyone who wants to go check the Japanese name against what I have can do so.

1. Avenue Kushiro
2. Asahikawa Esta
3. AEON Tomakomai
4. Iwamizawa
5. Shin Sapporo
6. Higashi Muroran
7. Kitami

8. Akita ALVE
9. Sendai Aoba-doori
10. Izumi Chuo
11. Kitakami
12. Oomagari

13. Choushi
14. Ozaku
15. Kamata
16. Kanamachi
17. Hasuda
18. Tamagawa Gakuen Mae
19. Meidai Mae
20. Minami Oosawa Paore
25. Ashikaga
26. Inage
27. Urayasu
28. Tsukuba
29. Sakura
30. Tougane
31. Hannou
32. Kumegawa
33. Tamachi Eki Mae
34. Meguro
35. Takashimadaira
36. Kitasenju
37. Nishikasai
38. Shinbashi
39. Nerima
40. Senkawa
41. Mizue
42. Shinonome SC
43. SEIYU Gyoutoku
44. Kamioooka
45. Odawara
46. Chigasaki
47. Aobadai
48. Choufu
49. Fuchuu
50. Futagotamagawa
51. Jiyuugaoka
52. Suidobashi
53. Shin Yokohama
54. Center Minami
55. Sangendjaya
56. Tennouzu Isle
57. Nakamachidai

21. Niigata
22. Jouetsu
23. Shibata
24. Toride Box Hill
58. Toyoda
59. The Mall Kasugai
60. Tsudzuko
61. Kanazawa
62. Yokkaichi
63. Shizuoka
64. Ise
65. Itou
66. Kounan
67. Yaidzu
68. Kani
69. Sabae
70. Arimatsu

71. MYCAL Kuwana
72. SEIYU Kameoka
73. Yamato Kouriyama
74. Namba
75. Kyobashi
76. Takatsuki Center-gai
77. Kitaooji
78. Sanda
79. Wakayama Eki Mae
80. Saidaiji Nara Family
81. Sakai Higashi
82. The Mall Himeji
83. Okayama Eki Mae

84. Imabari
85. FG Matsuyama
86. Matsuyama

87. Kokubu
88. Sendai
89. Isahaya
90. Nobeoka
95. Nishijin
96. Miyakonojou
97. Oita PARCO
98. Hakata
99. Oomuta

91. Hiroshima Kamiyachou
92. Yume Town Choufu
93. Higashi Hiroshima
94. Iwakuni Eki Mae

It's good that GEOS has declared bankruptcy. This company has been limping along for too long. Now that all the speculation is finally over, everyone can relax and plan ahead more easily. Hopefully this will finally ram home to everyone that the eikaiwa bubble has finally burst, and you might want to think about getting proper teaching credentials and qualifications, or changing career.

Anyone know what has happened with the Kudan school? This was his 'baby'. Apparently he sold this one off, but no idea to whom.

I have consistently knocked the idea that GEOS international was any good and feel the closure information so far probably supports this conclusion. GEOS Japan made lots of money in the old days and decided to expand to get a point of difference from NOVA etc and to park the excess profits somewhere and also to build up a global empire. How much did it cost to set up the 30-40 international schools? You have to operate at a loss from day one until you get to break-even. How long did it take each international to get to break-even of 100 students? A year or so. Enough time to need a good $2 million US or so each. So there's $50 to $80 million US investment. Because of big discounts, high commissions few GEOS schools made serious money. Any competitor knew that they were big discounters and any profit was patchy The best performers in Australia made a few million. Say $3 million US for 10 years at best (I don't think it is anything like that)
Sure - I'm just guessing, but I still say the internationals AS A GROUP were not very successful. So, at best, did they even recoup their investment? And what about opportunity cost? And what about the fact the money was obviously needed for to invest back in Japan to modernise and adapt their business model after NOVA changed the market.
In my view you had a very Japanese-centric company dumping profits into a competitive international market. Dump and hope. The locally owned schools and the dedicated specialist international chains (KAPLAN, EF. NAVITAS etc) mostly have some kind of real strategy. GEOS just copied the standard type of school in each market, and set about discounting and increasing commissions. A copy and outbid strategy. Hopeless - doomed to fail. Sure some talented managers in each country (especially Australia) actually added some value, but the company as a global company never had the slightest idea about what it was doing overseas. Their byline was 'serious fun' My 10 year-old daughter could do better than this cliched and meaningless statement.
Again, speculating, but I think the decision to screw with AUstralian authorities and mess with the agents showed not only desperation for cash, but a failure to understand other cultures the global nature of reputation. And a failure to understand that consumers, regulators, media and staff in other countries will not tolerate abuse and rip-offs in the way it seems to be accepted in Japan. Japanese media ignored the Australia story, but as this site has shown, everyone else in the industry, from manager to teacher knew that GEOS had behaved despicably in AUstralia. Once GEOS lied about Australia and posted the remedy in Japanese for Japanese people only, they might have well said 'fuck you foreigners' THe NZ media reported after Australia that 'GEOS's brand is damaged' LJ of course was blowing the whistle. The Korean agents who had used GEOS for the discounts, saw the writing and made a hasty exit. The pissing around, indecision, lies, showed that they had a serious management problem. They were dead from that day onwards internationally.
Sure, the end was about Japan, not the internationals, but in my view they were a just mediocre Japanese conversation school who made a lot of money with foolish pretentions of being an international player.
Did they really lose $1 billion US? 1000 million dollars? So the $10 to $20 million that Aussie shipped back to Japan was a mere drop in the bucket. This proves that any benefit from the internationals was a mere whisper in the wind compared the the show in Japan. Some of the losses may have even been from the internationals....(Although probably more likely Japan)
And how on earth do any banks (presumably??) let a business which should have fees in advance get into so much debt? Someone has been in serious denial. Were banks, Japanese media, Japanese regulators and GEOS management all just hoping the mess would go away? The fact that a 'V chat' was held just a day before they went under shows that the Hitler video was 100% on the button. The Japanese media ignored the Aussie story, ignored LJ, but I bet they have a field day now. And what's the betting that Japanese regulators will now chase Mr K down and dump on him?
A far better strategy would have been to have downsized in Japan, reduced their leverage, bought a few buildings and set up a system where you could only pre-pay for say a month at a time. They could have set up 'GEOS' support offices internationally and developed partnerships with players who actually knew what they were doing. Instead there were Napolionic pretentions of galloping around in an international empire. This company failed for reasons in Japan which I know little about - but I am completely convinced that GEOS internationally has just been a dumping ground for the bubble profits from the old days in Japan. I respect many, many competitors and work with many of them, but GEOS was contemptable from day one - In every way. The many nice and sometimes talented people who worked from them, did not diminish the fact that we all knew that upper GEOS management were a bunch of myopic dumb pricks from the first day they set foot in Australia and New Zealand. I don't know about Eikawa in Japan, but there are actually, many many good schools internationally where students will have a fantastic time, a great experience and learn English. We see it here and in many other schools every week. No-one is totally a saint, but there are degrees of scoundrels. GEOS were pretty much the worst and all of us - competitors, GEOS staff, taxpayers, students have had to pick up the tab for their global fantasies. But Auss and NZ English colleges and schools will clean up and carry on post GEOS, and students and teachers will continue to do what they do (Not pretending things are perfect, but I think a lot more sustainable than the industry in Japan) I really have to be honest and say I am totally delighted that GEOS has finally gone.

sp. Contemptible - sorry

I worked at GEOS for 1 year, and I had never been in such a mis-managed, lying company in my life. it serves them right. The whole ekaiwa industry is a fad, and it is going down. People don't need to go to overpriced schools to "learn" languages anyway... They just need to listen and read about 1000 times more than what they are doing now

Nice post. You and I have disagreed on some things in the past but I think you've hit a lot of nails on the head there.

To take your point about some of the basic problems in Japan and run with it (in a non-ranty way)...
One of the biggest problems that GEOS never really addressed was how to reward and retain good staff in a meaningful way.
i) Despite the evidence to the contrary, the expectation for non-Japanese staff was always that they'd be going home in a year or two so they weren't really worth investing in. Sure you'd have the token first/second/veteran trainings but they weren't really up to a whole lot. SO many teachers I knew constantly bucked the trend and stayed for 3 or 4 years at a time. What if those people had been given some real responsibility and a real chance of doing some thing more meaningful after a year or two? In fact, why not just do what you promise in your interviews and offer meaningful positions in Japan and abroad? For a Japanese company with a supposed international outlook they never really figured out how to handle foreign staff.

ii) All of the above was doubley true for the Japanese staff. I've never worked in a company where so many people got the shaft on a daily basis. The constant mistreatment from management drove out anybody with a modicum of common sense. This meant that virtually all of the Japanese staff above a school level got there by being ruthless bastards or by sucking up to a senior manager. Neither of whom make very effective managers themselves. This just went on and on until the people in HO clinging on to their jobs were devoid of any talent, had no real idea of what they were doing and were so desperate to maintain the facade that they would do, say and promise just about anything to meet the outrageous targets they were set.

And to compound all of this at the very top you had a tyrannical madman who refused to devolve any real strategic planning to anyone who had real professional experience of senior management in an international corporation. If, 20 years ago, he had taken the brave step of surrounding himself with skilled professionals brought in from the outside rather than yes-men and drinking buddies who knows where the company would be? I know Japanese companies have a strong tradition of only promoting internally but this doesn't work in a company which has a high staff turnover rather than jobs for life. How the hell is anybody supposed to learn how to do the jobs they find themselves?!

So there you go, my 2 cents. It was always all about the people.

Any other post-mortems out there?

GEOS will close 99 schools (PDF)

Haha, I got 99 problems but a job ain't one...

This is simply fucking WONDERFUL news. I'm so happy I think I'm going to cum in my pants. I got out at the end of March and they (fellow teachers and management) tried to give me so much shit for leaving. I say now what I said then: fuck every single last one of you.

Here are some insider emails I got from a contact who is still at Geos. They're in Japanese so I simply cannot be bothered trying to translate them. Anything juicy? 1kyu guyz and kanji faggots, let us know.









保全管理人弁護士 小林信明
同代理   弁護士 大川剛平

The only reason Eikaiwas have existed are as holding pens for working holiday visa holders. If Japan wanted to send young people to Anglo countries, they had to offer working visas. And what is going to be for them to do here (the Canadians, Australians, etc.) but teach English.

However, not teach in a permanent way. And not seriously. And so, an industry was born.

I honestly think that the Saruhashis and Kusunokis realize this, and expected the government to keep the floor under them all the way along. (Rather than let the platform fall through and have them hang like it was MacArthur's time or something . . . )

The very idea that unregulated Eikaiwa is somehow an "accident" here is laughable. The Japanese government regulates so much, it's difficult to believe they don't also ignore the problems that they want to fester. Why create satisfactory working conditions in an industry where you want the people to leave after one or 2 years anyway?



取締役 勝又 誉樹








保全管理人弁護士 小林信明




以 上

4月21日(水) 09:30~11:00 随時Vチャットルーミングに基づき、詳細説明
* それぞれ質問があるかとは思いますが、時間的な制約もありますので、その後の説明会でのご質問の機会を利用頂くか、別途、質問の窓口(渋谷本社の電話等)を設けること等を考えています。[注/渋谷本社に、外部から電話が殺到しない電話番号があるかご確認下さい。]

         10:00~11:15 随時Vチャットが終わり次第、継続校/閉校校(継続校はスポンサーに承継される校舎、閉校校は、承継されない校舎)                    にあわせて所定の貼紙及びHPに掲載される予定のプレスリリースを学校入り口に貼り出しをしてください。閉校校は必ず貼って頂きますが、継続校は、①営業上の支障があり、且つ、②マスコミや受講生様等が押しかける等の混乱が何らないようであれば、貼らなくても差し支えありません。


         11:15~      上記2点(貼紙/休校連絡)が終わり次第、留守番電話を時間外に設定し、戸締りをしっかりとして、速やかに説明会会場(別紙参照)に移動下さい。

15:00~      当社スタッフ、講師宛の第1回説明会
18:00~      当社スタッフ、講師宛の第2回説明会



株式会社ジオス 保全管理人弁護士 小 林 信 明
3 保全管理人は、上記①ないし⑤に該当する者に対し、破産に関する説明を求め、又は債務者に関する帳簿、書類その他の物件を検査することができます(破産法83条1項)。
① 破産者
② 破産者の代理人
③ 破産者が法人である場合のその理事、取締役、執行役、監事、監査役及び清算人
④ 前号に掲げる者に準ずる者
⑤ 破産者の従業者(第2号に掲げる者を除く)
2 前項の規定は、同項各号(第1号を除く)に掲げるものであった者について準用する。
1 第40条第1項(同条第2項において準用する場合を含む)・・・・の規定に違反して、説明を拒み、又は虚偽の説明をした者は、3年以下の懲役若しくは300万円以下の罰金に処し、又はこれを併科する。第96条において準用する第40条第1項(同条第2項において準用する場合を含む)の規定に違反して、説明を拒み、又は虚偽の説明をした者も、同様とする。
3 破産者が第83条第1項(第96条において準用する場合を含む)の規定による検査を拒んだとき、・・・・第1項前段と同様とする。

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
札幌会場① 4月20日(火)15:00 望月P 小野 佐藤 村上ま 松島 佐々木 ●ジー・コミュニケーション 札幌オフィス
継続校 Teachers 北海道札幌市中央区南1条西5 プレジデントビル3F
Chitose Otaru Odori *福士は札幌にて前泊が必要。
4名 2名 5名 菅原先生は下の会場 Dominique is attending with Chitose staff
4月20日(火)18:00 福士 奥山 小池 松塚 浅野 牧P 定永P 中林P 吉田P
継続校 Teachers
IY Hako IY Obi Teine Kitami Higamuro Asahikawa Shinsatsu Tomakomai Kushiro サブ講師:辻中含む
3名 2名 3名 2名 2名 2名 3名 2名 2名
4月21日(水)11:00 Teachers

札幌会場② 4月20日(火)15:00 ●ジー・テイスト 研修室
継続校 札幌市白石区菊水元町六条1-9-7(平録寿司 札幌菊水元町店2F)


仙台会場 4月20日(火)15:00 高橋み 福田 藤井 村上ゆ 金谷 増川 高橋れ ●ジー・コミュニケーション 仙台オフィス
Teachers 宮城県仙台市若林区大和町5-33-18
Yonezawa Koriyama Shinshirakawa sub Dan Hirosaki Hachinohe *高橋み/増川は仙台にて前泊が必要。弘前教師2名も前泊必要
2名 3名 2名 2名 2名 sub Dan
Omagari Kitakami Izumichuo Sendai Akita
2名 1名 2名 4名 2名
4月21日(水)11:00 Teachers

東京会場① 4月20日(火)15:00 筒井 伏木 柏木 俊成 馬渕 瀧澤 尾上 遠藤み 瀧 大多喜 ●東京駅日本橋ビジネスセンター
福富 長谷川 後藤 堀口 竹中 鍋倉 大塚 今中 下川 斉藤 東京都中央区日本橋1-3-13 日本橋中央ビル
白取 濱田 三浦 石井 石田 田中み 水落 卜部 浅井 五十嵐
野田P 緑川 鈴木み 米谷 島田 濱 村木 真船 平井あ 井澤 関東近郊のサブは全員20日東京会場
Teachers Subs who are in Kanto area go to Tokyo on 20th
Suitengu Kashiwa Shinyahashira Shinurayasu Omiya Tokorozawa Ginza Ikebukuro Kameido Toyosu 日隈KSは新浦安スタッフと一緒
3名 4名 2名 6名 3名 4名 5名 7名 5名 2名 津留/弘農は20日の東京会場へ
Oimachi Musashikosugi Sugita Miyazakidai Takadanobaba Shinjuku Gotanda Hibarigaoka Yokosuka Hiratsuka 小野寺KSは15時/18時どちらか1会場へ
5名 2名 2名 2名 3名 4名 2名 3名 3名 3名
Ofuna Kawasaki Totsuka Yokohama Azamino Futamata Shibuya
3名 4名 4名 8名 3名 5名 4名
4月20日(火)18:00 柳田 土屋 井戸 豊田 有田 朽津 廣瀬 荻原 杉山 横田
二ノ方 生田目 皆川 金城 猪川 森 高橋ゆ 遠藤 沼倉 板東
一田 八木巻 武藤 藤本 信末P 柴田ち 北岡 栗原 福井 小室
坂西 梅津P 高橋こ 堀 犬塚 林 田島 篠崎 東郷 野口
平井ち 井坂 中野 岡本 柴田わ 坂井 吉田 田中ゆ 進藤
渡部 山下 前島 岩田 WESTメンバー
Tsubame Kashiwazaki Joetsu Utsunomiya Toride Kashima Val Koga Ktsutaekimae Moriya Nishinasu サブ講師:小野寺・本木含む
2名 3名 2名 5名 2名 2名 2名 2名 1名 4名
Ota Tatebayashi Takasaki Fukaya Takasaka Chichibu Narita Chiba Funabashi Kisarazu
2名 3名 2名 2名 2名 2名 3名 2名 4名 2名
Tsudanuma Mobara Kaihin Katutadai Kawaguchi Kumagaya Sakado Wako Asakadai Todakoen
4名 2名 3名 3名 2名 3名 2名 3名 2名 3名
IrumaSC Urawamisono Fujiyoshida Akikawa Tyoda Ebina Kaifutaba Kichijoji Tachikawa Kunitachi
3名 3名 2名 2名 3名 2名 3名 5名 3名 4名
Hachioji Honatsugi Machida Tamacenter Musashikoganei Fuchinobe
4名 2名 7名 4名 2名 2名
Shibata Nigata Tsukuba Ashikaga Tochigi Choshi Kanamachi Hasuda Inage Sakura 東京都中央区日本橋小伝馬町10-1 日本橋フィナンシャルビル7F
1名 4名 3名 2名 1名(Dan) 2名 2名 2名 2名 1名(NET) Nihonbashi Financial Building 7F
Togane Hanno Tamachi Takashimadaira Kitasenju Nishikasai Shinbashi Mizue Shinonome Gyotoku Tokyo Chuo-ku Nihonbashi Kodenbachou 10-1
2名 2名 3名 2名 5名 3名 2名 2名 2名 2名
Suidobashi Tennoz Ozaku Kamata Asagaya Tamagawagakuen Meidai MinamiOsawa Kumegawa Meguro 蒲田校邦人は、20日の東京会場へ参加ください
2名 2名 2名 1名 2名 2名 2名 2名 2名 3名
Sengawa Kamioka Odawara Chigasaki Aobadai Chofu Fuchu Futakotamagawa Jiyugaoka Shinyokohama 久保/弘農は20日の東京会場へ参加してください
2名 3名 2名 2名 3名 2名 2名 2名 2名 3名
CenterMinami Sangenjyaya Nakamachidai 足立サブは20日の東京会場へ参加してください
2名 2名 1名
Saku Matsumoto Gotenba Mishima Ito WESTメンバー
2名 2名 2名 2名 1名
東京会場② Tokyou ② 4月21日(水)11:00 ●日本橋フィナンシャルビル
東京都中央区日本橋小伝馬町10-1 日本橋フィナンシャルビル7F
Nihonbashi Financial Building 7F
Tokyo Chuo-ku Nihonbashi Kodenbachou 10-1

名古屋会場 4月20日(火)15:00 小林 矢野 竹内 冨田 秦 山藤 長岡 川浦 伊織 清水 ●ジー・コミュニケーション 黒川オフィス
宮下 外塚 柿岡 遠山 谷川 岡田 上野 佐藤 大岩 草野

愛知 静岡 長野 三重 石川 岐阜 福井 県 愛知県名古屋市北区黒川本通2-46
パート: 1 原

Ise Nakatsugawa Tsu Toyoda Takayama Nisshin Kariya Sabae
2名 2名 2名 2名 2名 3名 2名 2名
Motoyama Kani Hamamatsuichino Shizuoka Seki MVArimatsu Ida Tsushima Yaizu
2名 2名 3名 3名 2名 2名 2名 2名 2名
Kanazawa Ina Otagawa Iwata Kasugai Meieki ATChigusa Shimada MCKuwana
2名 2名 2名 2名 3名 4名 2名 1名 2名
Tsuruga Prizm Fukui GifuMasa Yokkaichi Konan Gamagori
3名 2名 4名 5名(こども含む) 2名 1名

大阪会場 4月20日(火)15:00 内山 浅野 出崎 杉野 井上 鶴田 原田 伊場 丹羽 ●ジー・コミュニケーション 大阪オフィス
吉村 森本 尼見 柏木 宮本 増田 大津 Mg:16 大阪府大阪市北区黒崎町3-9

大阪府 兵庫県 和歌山 奈良 県
パート: 3名 白井 若山 副島 ※時間的に15:00難しいエリアあり

Umeda Kyobashi Nanba Tennoji Senrichuo Mino Visola Takatsuki center Ibaraki Kawachinagano Sakaihigashi
6名 3名 3名 4名 4名 3名 3名 4名 3名 2名
Izumichuo Izumiotsu Saidaiji Nara family Kashiba Yagi Yamatokoriyama Wakayamaekimae Sumoto The mall Himeji Plato Ako
2名 3名 3名 4名 2名 2名 2名 3名 2名 2名
Sannomiya Higashiguchi Seishin chuo Hankyu Rokko Sanda Miki
4~5名 6名 2名 4名 2名

4月20日(火)18:00 荒木 長谷川 松山 西崎 山本 宮本 赤尾 川畑 Mg:8

パート: 2 角田 影山

Otsu Parco Beisia Hikone Hikone Katada Omihachiman Moriyama ekimae Moriyama ekimae dai2 Shintanabe Kitaoji Kyoto kawaramachi
3名 2名 5名 2名 3名 3~4名 3名 3名 2名 4名
Nagaokakyo Fukuchiyama SEIYU Kameoka Okayama ekimae Okayama Daigakusuji
3名 2名 3名 4名 2名


徳島会場 4月20日(火)15:00 田中 長井 関本 小川 今川 Mg:5 ●ジオス 鳴門研修センター

徳島1 徳島2 鳴門 阿南 鴨島 FG北島
パート: 3名

Tokushimahonbu Toskushimahonbu dai2 Naruto Anan Kamojima FGKitajima
6名 4~5名 3名 3名 4名 3名
徳島本部 徳島本部 徳島本部 徳島本部 徳島本部スタッフ

4月20日(火)18:00 馬木 松木 藤井 Mg:3
今治 新居浜 宇和島 川之江 高知 高松 宇多津 丸亀 松山
パート: 1名
Teachers 子供講師含む
ImabariSaty Matsuyamagakuenn Kochi Saty Nihama Takamatsutenman Uwajima Utatsu Vibre Marugame FG Kawanoe FGMatsuyama
2名 3名 7~8名 2名 8名 4名 3名 4名 4名 4名
徳島本部 徳島本部 徳島本部 徳島本部 徳島本部スタッフ


山口会場 4月20日(火)15:00 ●ジー・コミュニケーション 山口オフィス


福岡会場 4月20日(火)15:00 佐々木 松木 土谷 古賀 岸本 山口 川中 島崎 小川 宮成 ●NOVA福岡博多駅前校
本多 村上 石井 小島 三浦 Mg:15 福岡県福岡市博多区博多駅前2-3-12 ブラザー博多駅前ビル「びいIII博多」4F
Teachers 子供講師含む
I'm Kokura Kurosaki Tenjin Hakata Nishijin Izuka Yukuhashi Kurume Omuta Oita Parco
6名 7名 6名 3名 7名 5名 3名 4名 2名 5名
Beppu Hita Fukuyama Lozs Hiroshimakamiyacho Itsukaichi Higashihiroshima Iwakuniekimae YT Chofu YT Ube
3名 2名 3名 3名 2名 2名 2名 2名 5名

4月20日(火)18:00 北島 石崎 吉岡 森 田栗 佐藤 島中 Mg:7
長崎 住吉 佐賀 熊本 CDM 佐世保 八代

Teachers 子供講師含む
Saga Nagasaki Sumiyoshi Isahaya Sasebo Kumamoto Yatsushiro
6名 4名 5名 4名 6名 7名 4名


鹿児島会場 4月20日(火)15:00 安田 吉田 熊川 後藤 Mg:4 ●NOVA鹿児島中央駅前校
鹿児島県鹿児島市西田2-21-3 NUビル4F

Teachers 子供講師含む
Kagoshima Sendai Kokubun Miyazaki Miyakonojo Nobeoka
10名 2名 3名 6名 2名 2名


沖縄会場 4月20日(火)15:00 仲里 福田 Mg:2 ●ジー・コミュニケーション 沖縄オフィス
パート: 1

Teachers 子供講師含む
Naha Ginowan Koza
4名 3名 3名


東京会場① 4/22(木)11:00 13人
黒崎 望美
野田 幸子
筒井 恵美子
藤井 麻美
楠本 絵里子
林田 佳保里
山崎 三重子
河野 明美
境 清二
黒須 さくら
今野 志穂子
高橋 紀恵
西崎 珠美

大阪会場 4/22(木)11:00 1人
吉田 愛子




ジオス   校

To all GEOS employees

G education & Co. Ltd.
Takashi Ono
Notice for G Education meeting
We will explain about G Education to all GEOS employees. Please check the address for the meeting place below. Thank you.

【address for meeting place】
Sapporo ①
4/21 (Wed)15:00 ● G communication Sapporo office
4/21 (Wed)18:00 President Building 3F Minami 1 jo Nishi 5 Chuoku, Sapporo city, Hokkaido
4/22 (Thu)11:00
Sapporo② 4/21 (Wed)15:00
4/22 (Thu)11:00 ● G taste training room
2nd floor of Sapporo Kikusui Motomachi Heiryoku zushi
1-9-7 Rokujo Kikusui Motomahi Shiraishi ku, Sapporo

Sendai 4/21 (Wed)15:00 ● G communication Sendai office
4/22 (Thu)11:00 5-33-18 Yamato cho Wakabayashi ku Sendai city, Miyagi
Tokyo① 4/21 (Wed)15:00 ● Tokyo station Nihonbashi business center 5A
4/21 (Wed)18:00 Nihonbashi chuo building
  4/22 (Thu)11:00  1-3-13 Nihonbashi Chuoku, Tokyo
Tokyo② 4/21 (Wed)15:00 ● Nihonbashi financial Building 7F
4/21 (Wed)18:00 10-1 Nihonbashi Kodenma cho Chuoku, Tokyo
Nagoya 4/21 (Wed)15:00 ● G communication Kurokawa office
4/22 (Thu)11:00 2-46 Kurokawa hondori Kiaku Nagoya city, Aichi
Osaka 4/21 (Wed)15:00 ● G Communication Osaka office
4/21 (Wed)18:00 3-9 Kurosaki Kitaku Osaka city, Osaka
4/22 (Thu)11:00  
Tokushima 4/21 (Wed)15:00 ●GEOS Naruto training center
4/21 (Wed)18:00 432-1 Aza Sakata Satoura Satouracho Naruto city, Tokushima
4/22 (Thu)11:00  
Yamaguchi 4/21 (Wed)15:00 ● G Communication Yamaguchi office
4/22 (Thu)11:00 1198-4 Aza Nishiotsuka Oaza nishi takadomari Sanyoonoda city, Yamaguchi
Fukuoka 4/21 (Wed)15:00 ●NOVA Fukuoka hakata ekimae shool
4/21 (Wed)18:00 Brother Hakataekimae Building BiⅢHakata 4F
4/22 (Thu)11:00  2-3-12 Hakataeki Hakata ku Fukuoka city, Fukuoka
Kagoshima 4/21 (Wed)15:00 ●NOVA Kagoshima chuo ekimae shool
4/21 (Wed)18:00 NU Building 4F 2-21-3 Nishida Kagoshima city, Kagoshima
Okinawa 4/21 (Wed)15:00 ● G Communication Okinawa office
4/21 (Wed)18:00 Sankyo kenchomae building 4F 1-18-22 Matsuo Naha city, Okinawa


株式会社ジオス 従業員の皆様
代表取締役社長 小野 誉之

ジー・エデュケーション 会社説明会のお知らせ


大澤/サラ 4月21日(水)15:00 ●ジー・コミュニケーション 札幌オフィス
4月21日(水)18:00 北海道札幌市中央区南1条西5 プレジデントビル3F
4月22日(木)11:00  2日目参加無し
参加者無し 4月21日(水)15:00 ●ジー・テイスト 研修室
4月22日(木)11:00 札幌市白石区菊水元町六条1-9-7(平録寿司 札幌菊水元町店2F)
金作/飯島 4月21日(水)15:00 ●ジー・コミュニケーション 仙台オフィス
4月22日(木)11:00 宮城県仙台市若林区大和町5-33-18
伏木/ブレット 4月21日(水)15:00 ●東京駅日本橋ビジネスセンター 5A
4月21日(水)18:00 東京都中央区日本橋1-3-13 日本橋中央ビル
  4月22日(木)11:00  2日目=GIEAスタッフ
筒井/メラニー 4月21日(水)15:00 ●日本橋フィナンシャルビル 7F
4月21日(水)18:00 東京都中央区日本橋小伝馬町10-1 日本橋フィナンシャルビル7F
森内/チャド 4月21日(水)15:00 ●ジー・コミュニケーション 黒川オフィス
4月22日(木)11:00 愛知県名古屋市北区黒川本通2-46
村田/スティーブン 4月21日(水)15:00 ●ジー・コミュニケーション 大阪オフィス
4月21日(水)18:00 大阪府大阪市北区黒崎町3-9
4月22日(木)11:00   2日目=GIEAスタッフ
牧本 4月21日(水)15:00 ●ジオス 鳴門研修センター
4月21日(水)18:00 徳島県鳴門市里浦町里浦字坂田432-1
参加無し 4月21日(水)15:00 ●ジー・コミュニケーション 山口オフィス
4月22日(木)11:00 山口県山陽小野田市大字西高泊字西大塚1198番4
森川/サンドラ 4月21日(水)15:00 ●NOVA福岡博多駅前校
4月21日(水)18:00 福岡県福岡市博多区博多駅2-3-12 ブラザー博多駅前ビル「びいIII博多」4F
4月22日(木)11:00   2日目参加無し
吉田 4月21日(水)15:00 ●NOVA鹿児島中央駅前校
4月21日(水)18:00 鹿児島県鹿児島市西田2-21-3 NUビル4F
仲里 4月21日(水)15:00 ●ジー・コミュニケーション 沖縄オフィス
4月21日(水)18:00 沖縄県那覇市松尾1-18-22山京県庁前ビル4F


告 示 書
関係者様 各 位
保全管理人弁護士 小 林 信 明





以 上

Someone mentioned that Peppy Kids Club, iTTTi Japan, KTC Fried Chicken is probably next to go. They're just as crappy as Geos - management wise.

告 示 書
関係者様 各 位
保全管理人弁護士 小 林 信 明





以 上

AEON is definitely going to be next. Mark my words.

Some AEON staff have been moved to part time positions. Aeon are no longer taking on full time staff. All new teaching positions at AEON are part time only. And some schools have been moved to smaller premises...

Aeon is FUCKED.

Damn I was 5 months early with my prediction.

Are there any eikaiwa chains out there with a decent/moral business strategy?

Is this(GEOS/NOVA failure) a symptom of the entire Japanese business world?

Word is that it may be of use to look into the ownership of AEON/Gcom and GEOS. A Japanese friend in the business told me that there is likely a family connection (past or present) and the filing is a convenient way to hide milking of funds into the family estate... I will dig to see if I can find any substantiation for these claims in the meantime....

On the other hand I have a close friend who just gave GEOS Y35000 to enrol and hasn't taken a class yet.

I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was right!

To all the trolls and other naysayer, including douche bag GEOS managers who got on here and said we were all idiots, YOU WERE WRONG! GEOS IS GONE! TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!

Any new word on what is happening in GEOS NA-land? What are the schools doing today?

I was ABSOLUTELY right. I told you I had insider info, just not from Japan.

Where are you now, GEOS Manager... LOSERS! You lied to the very end...

So, Mr. Uri Carnat and Rita Chen...You promised us the world and told us everything "was alright"...You scoffed at anyone who would even dare ask you a question about their future employment and you lied through your teeth to agents in NA, etc. Where are you now, Mr. Uri Carnat? Where are you know Ms. Rita Chen?

You lied to us in NA and you lied to everyone. Agents are pissed. Teachers (unemployed kind now) are pissed...An now students will be pissed when they see their tuition go down the drain.

Where are you now Uri Carnat and Rita Chen? We are waiting on an answer.

Do us a favor. Turn off the CAPS lock and breathe into a paper bag.

G_COM taking over!

Ho Ho Ho



Oh that is so funny I just shit myself!



I really did shit myself

It seems that quite of few of you here, judging from your comments, are not quite sure what bankruptcy is and the implications thereof.

While I do not claim to be privy to Japanese law, in the US there are three major types of bankruptcy. One, Chapter 7, covers personal bankruptcy. The other two, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13, cover businesses. In a nutshell, one calls for the mandatory dissolution of the corporate entity and liquidation of the assets. The result is the "death" of that business entity. However, the other type allows for the reorganization of the business entity.

With respect to GEOS and G-Communications, I suspect the latter type of bankruptcy is what we are seeing in Japan. Bankruptcy will give GEOS some protection from its creditors. How much I do not know. In the US, certain creditors always get paid first (like the government). Others, so called secured creditors, get paid next. Unsecured creditors get paid last.

Now then, bankruptcy does not necessarily mean the end of the business. In fact, a company often declares bankruptcy to STAY in business. A bankruptcy court will demand that the bankrupt company abide by certain rules laid out in its reorganization plan. In the case of GEOS, it appears that G-Com will take ownership of the bankrupt entity (protected from creditors) and will reorganize in an attempt to make the former GEOS profitable. That might mean that G-Com will determine that more schools than GEOS has announced need to be closed. They may decide to keep only the better money makers alive. In any event, bankruptcy alone does not mean that you are out of a job. Let's just say that the part of GEOS that stays alive will be on life support and in critical condition. G-Com can pull the plug any time.

Any word on North American schools? Please, someone help...We need to know.

ECC will become stronger in the short term, but long term they've got some things they're going to have to fix or they'll fold as well. Their business practices have become more like Nova's old practices over the past couple years. And their product doesn't justify the price at all.

Why would the Japanese government reciprocate working holiday visas by giving Westerners specialist in humanities visas ? Those aren't working holiday visas. I don't know what % of eikaiwa teachers have WHVs but I don't think it's very high. I never meet any.

Where are the fees in advance in NA? No fees in advance - no sale I predict
I am surprised that NA seems to be operating today.

I think NA is in denial...Do not know what to do.

I know Uri Carnat from GEOS Montreal and Naoko in Vancouver were funneling money out of Canadian operations back to the motherland last year. Happened a couple of times. So do not expect anything in the bank. No trust here.

Any word on GEOS NA schools soon?

I was there for 3 years and I agree with everything in this post-mortem. How can a company look good when its Japanese staff buckle and leave every 6 months (as they did in my school), due to daily pressure of being called to task on not reaching the stupid, impossible "targets". The president thought he was some kind of Egyptian god-king and would periodically subject us all to incomprehensible v-chat "pep-talks", where he would abuse the staff saying they weren't worth their salaries.

Overall though, I am sad to see GEOS go. For the students and a friend who is still a manager there (though her school is one of the 99 doomed schools). Though the upper management and organisation of the company sucked, Kodomo Geos' textbooks, CDs, the school trips etc and the support from the upper levels of foreign staff (while I was there at least), were all part of a good product and I enjoyed my time there.

I don't think Eikaiwas will last though.

cuz i swear you could use the ABSOLUTELY EXACT same message about 2 and half years ago.....amazing..fool me once eh?


i joined on march 9 this year...n i feel so betrayed...why the hell did they hire new employees when they went bankrupt in april!!! want my last month's salary

Anyone on here from Canada? We need to update each other because we are about to go down. Please go to your managers tomorrow to fill out a form for pay, or you definitely won't get it.

The GEOS bankruptcy petition is in Japanese at:

Pardon the babelfish translation but here is what is said about situation bringing about the petition:

"Reason [jiosu] of the statement, since 1986 December company establishing, did business such as management of the English conversation school, and compilation sale of the language study teaching aid started developing the English conversation school in entire country. But, after 2007, strengthening the regulation of hovering and specific trade transaction method etc of business, furthermore receiving the faith decrease to the industry which designates 2007 October corporation [novua] management failure as beginning, it became the circumstance where audit person several gross sales fall. [jiosu] other than the expense reductions which begin closing gathering and summarizing of the non- profit school, endeavored to the administrative improvement which leads business system strengthening with organization amendment. In addition, 1990, while from the financial institution obligee, receiving the postponement of the effect which extends the repayment of the loan capital to 2010 2 end of the month, directing to the soundness of ardent management, employee all, it started endeavoring in January of 1. But, 2009 December, in the Australian subsidiary company, making use of the trade name of [jiosu] business [jiosu] Australia which is developed, the Melbourne school approval stop of visa issuing is received from the Australian government the shortage of funds and the like of advance by customers integrity account as cause, in the face of the situation that, the Australian local 8 corporate bodies close the English conversation school in 2010 February, the faith decrease for [jiosu] in the country was strengthened, the sale furthermore fell, came in the situation which cannot continue the expenditure which includes the payment of taxes and other public charges."

You get the drift?

Now my Japanese is zip but there appears to be a statement in the petition that GEOS went to on 16 April and there are also references to NOVA in the document. Can a Japanese reader please have a look at the document and paraphrase?

Also comment in Japnese media that there might have been a coup at the top level in GEOS immediately prior to collapse. This is predicated on absence of Mr K and the appearance of other GEOS senior exceutives as spokespeople.

1. You will not be paid for April.
2. You will not be be paid any bonuses or holiday paid you are owed.
3. Your May salary will be very small (23rd to 30th of April). (if you get paid)
4. Your next full salary payment will not be until the 15th of June! (if you get paid)
5. You will have to work with the managers that lied to you and your students and will continue to lie to you and your students.
6. End of July you are sacked again and have to agree to new work conditions if you want to continue working.
7. You as a teacher have zero respect and value with the new company. The new company has already guaranteed to pay rent owed to the landlords but will not pay money owed to teachers.

By returning to work all you are doing is supporting the very people have shafted you and lied to you.
Your jobs are not secure and you will be shafted and lied to again at the end of July.

Best of luck!

so u mean..i shud forget abt my last month's sal?

I have had thoughts lately of looking into the same thing. Mainly because of the clandestine nature of G. Comm. in the first place. I haven't been able to find anything on them yet. Also, the original schism that made AEON and GEOS in the first place was because Mr. K. wanted to expand abroad, while AEON would focus on expanding nationally. This seems to suggest that the two businesses could keep a kind of partnership under the table while trying to grow abroad and locally without threatening just one brand name in case of failure--unless there was some other falling out (Mr. K's intolerable pride, for one).

The above is just speculation, as is this next bit. If AEON goes under in the next few months, and is scooped up by G Comm., it will either support this idea, or merely commend G. Comm's ability to pick up broken Eikaiwa bits.

The key is finding a connection between G. Comm and GEOS or AEON. NOVA could also have a connection that needs to be checked into. Since G. Comm now has two major Eikaiwa schools, it almost seems like something that was set up to catch the industry leaders when they fell, keep the brand names of those schools alive, and have a great cover (new management) for redesigning the way the industry was run to make it more viable against new competitive forces.

So, if this connection you're suggesting is there, then all of this could have been created just to save the top and keep money coming into their pockets.

Not to mention that the bankruptcy was filed April 16, and recognized by the court on April 21...this being the first day of a GEOS month, meaning that the day before 4/20, was the day that all students on a monthly contract had their fees for next month automatically withdrawn from their bank accounts. Not to mention the fact that all staff should be paid for the period 3/21-4/20, but because bankruptcy was declared before the end of the month, assets are currently frozen, and the government will make sure that they get their money long before the staff get their last pay check/severance package--and we all know how fast these kind of things are sorted.

So GEOS got all the last minute money they could and ran. I also know of someone who signed up for private lessons twice a week, dropping 650,000 yen in cash at GEOS last week!

Thieving bastards is what they are, regardless of any of the other speculations I've posted. Anyone involved on any level, whether they lost one yen from GEOS or hundreds of thousands, should be furious and demanding action. But teachers and staff need jobs, and students have already lost the money anyway, so why not continue under G. Comm management?

Stand up and get what you deserve, people!
For people still employed at GEOS, the three months salary they are promising:
a) Hasn't been signed on yet by anyone
b) First pay day is 6/15 for period 4/22-5/15, take out Golden week and any personal days you have already tacked onto that (because they aren't paying for that anymore), and you are left with around a two week pay period (approximately 100,000).
c) Next pay day will be 7/15, this one for a full month.
d) 7/30 is when the G. Comm. contract will be presented and payment changed...what happens to the last two weeks in July? Will the pay on 8/15 be half G. Comm's salary and half GEOS salary? Or because it is after their deadline of 7/30, will only be whatever G. Comm. will be offering then (which could be 100 yen an hour for all you know), after you have already worked for two weeks under the impression you are still making what you were making?

This makes your salary from 3/20-7/15, about 4 months of working, approximately 350,000 yen.

This is intolerable and current employees and remaining students need to make that known, asking to receive more incentive for staying on with G. Comm. There is no reason that I see why they shouldn't fall on their faces if they aren't willing to give up what the people deserve.

Stand up and get what you deserve, people!
For people still employed at GEOS, the three months salary they are promising:
a) Hasn't been signed on yet by anyone
b) First pay day is 6/15 for period 4/22-5/15, take out Golden week and any personal days you have already tacked onto that (because they aren't paying for that anymore), and you are left with around a two week pay period (approximately 100,000).
c) Next pay day will be 7/15, this one for a full month.
d) 7/30 is when the G. Comm. contract will be presented and payment changed...what happens to the last two weeks in July? Will the pay on 8/15 be half G. Comm's salary and half GEOS salary? Or because it is after their deadline of 7/30, will only be whatever G. Comm. will be offering then (which could be 100 yen an hour for all you know), after you have already worked for two weeks under the impression you are still making what you were making?

This makes your salary from 3/20-7/15, about 4 months of working, approximately 350,000 yen.

This is intolerable and current employees and remaining students need to make that known, asking to receive more incentive for staying on with G. Comm. There is no reason that I see why they shouldn't fall on their faces if they aren't willing to give up what the people deserve.

I checked G.Comm NOVA's website, and apparently, new G.comm NOVA teachers get about 273,000 a month. That's a lot more than the average Geos teacher was making. I'm not so sure there will be a major difference in the amount of money recieved. I think the things that may change are, working hours, paid holidays, insurance, etc. when the new conditions are presented in July.

G.comm NOVA schools seem to offer only 40 minute lessons, but Geos offers a 'wider' variety of lessons styles and running times. I have no idea what to expect, but I'm sure it will all be on the contracts we print off on friday.

Anyone who is opting to take G.comm's offer, read that contract VERY carefully before you sign.

The big story is Japan, followed by NA. However there are smaller stories ..... Seems to be no news at all...Google fails - LJ best source of news right now. Great job LJ I say.

So, we heard in two days GComm will re-open the schools they are keeping while completely shutting down the others. This puts it into Saturday North America.

Does anyone know if GEOS North America schools will be closed Monday? Or when?

I met a guy from Hammamatsu in Nagoya last night. Yesterday was his first Day working at, and his last. He spent it sitting in a teacher's meeting being told of bankruptsy. Poor guy! At least he will only lose a day's wages. Teachers heading back to the UK had better keep an eye on the ash conditions or you could really be stuck here. I have one of Kusonoki's ranting videos at my house on VHS and I will send it to anyone who can put it on the web. I also feel bad for the guy who went down with NOVA...and now GEOS. Same thought fir students who signed up with GEOS after NOVA.

PLEASE do!!! I would love to see one of those videos again!

Does he work in Nagoya or in Hamamatsu? I heard that the Hamamatsu school will be kept open.

I think he lived in Hammmamatsu but worked elsewhere...he was commuting by car.

Put up the video! I want to see! Priceless!

Hi all. I was hired last week at Geos Nagoya office, for a stint at Nisshin branch. Do you think I will still be hired by the new masters? Is Nisshin gonna close? Why would they hire if they knew.....ahhHHHH, now I am starting to understand Japan!

Reckon could be worth nosing around AMVIC if you are looking for connections between the players. Original AMVIC was Messrs K and A's founding company. AMVIC UK listed as holding company for GEOS UK as recently as 2010. Could be completely wrong but some sniffin' here might be worthwhile.

Has anyone taken a look at ? There's a link for former employees, but I don't think any of us have a user name or password. Any suggestions?

Yes, but why do they need to have a password

Well perhaps the info you get is specific to your login info. Meaning that we may all be getting different instructions, ranging from 'You're jobless!' to 'Can you transfer to XYZ school on such and such a date?'. Or maybe they just want to make sure we know our employment situation before our students do.

Unreal! An extract from the Mainichi times today:

Its study abroad program also contributed to its bankruptcy. A subsidiary in Australia had its visa revoked in December last year because of a shortage of funds, and was forced to close all its eight schools in the country.

"It worsened the already severe financial situation," says lawyer Nobuaki Kobayashi, who serves as bankruptcy receiver for Geos.

So, it was Australia that was a contributing to factor to their downfall? And this is endorsed by their attorney!

Well Mr Nobuaki Kobayashi, have you written to Messrs E&Y to advise them that their reports are totally opposite to your learned views? Do you recall that it was not the Australian Government that closed your subsidiary but it was the Directors of which your client was one of them.

Man you guys will lie and lie and lie.........just as a matter of interest Mr Lawyer man.....would you mind posting a few emails that you sent to Australian schools expressing your concern that these schools were a financial burden for GEOS Japan.

Its the style of business in Japan now, Lie to customers and staff, bury your head in the sand (Toyota) hide funds in varrious companies because the bankruptcy laws will help you do this in Japan so no worries, cheat, lie and steal Japan`s Corporate Motto. Gone are the days of tact good manners and easy money, it is cut throat here in 2010. Therefore if you are a consumer, be more astute in who you do business with and if you are an employee, be prepared to be screwed. The laws in this country only protect corporations and all the so called action on protecting consumers and workers is just typical Japanese dilly dallying, The Obama administration named the Hatoyama Administration as loopy. I think the way it has become here it is convienent to be seen as that. It helps the way business is done in Japan.

I worked for GEOS Codomo for 1 year and like many posters on this board have never ever worked for a more inept company. I think my decision to quit was taken after we were moved from our old codomo specific school, to an adult school. I pointed out to management that we didnt have any extra tables and chairs. My manager (Bless her!) Concerned by this as well Emailed Honbu only to be told That "Chairs and tables are not necessary for teaching" HA pretty much sums it up really! We ended up borrowing her brothers truck and moving the stuff from the old school to the new school!

There are some great points about the company from a lot of other posts I thought that i'd highlight the one that I think is most telling and probably resulted in the companies demise.

Treatment of Managers.

Poor things got paid a pittance to do a bloody awful job that no one in the right minds would do. As was said anyone with a modicum of business sense or skill would just quit. Creating a situation where managers are either Desperate or too stupid to get another job not really the kind of people you want running an ailing business.

My heart goes out as it always did to anyone working in GEOS who isn't from head office. Good luck to all of you.

You should see the managers we have to work under in North America. Never worked in GEOS Japan, but the ones here are plain stupid. The hail Mr. K while also making fun of him...They are a truly lost bunch of arrogant, insecure, Napoleon types. Usually they are low-level teachers that just happened on the big chance to be the "big man" because someone quit suddenly and they were there...Not because they have any management education, skills or track record. Good luck to them finding a real management job.

Panicking students queuing up for refunds? Panicking staff? Do tell.

Agree with all of the above. I am an ex geos employee of two years and have never worked for a more rotten company.

The list of ridiculous systems and policies is endless and even though many people will lose their jobs I´m sure they will go on to bigger and better things after all it would be hard to get a worse job than at GEOS.

So I say rest in peace GEOS at the bottom of the Eikaiwa ocean next to NOVA where you belong.

PS. I cast a spell some months ago to bring about the downfall of GEOS. Glad to see it worked or at least contributed to an inevitability.


Nice to see if finally fall. They got what they deserved. More to come. Stay tuned.

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