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Sahashi Goes to Jail

I'll keep this short and sweet: The court found Sahashi guilty of embezzling money from NOVA's employee welfare fund and sentenced him to three and a half years in jail.

According to the ruling, on July 20, 2007, Sahashi withdrew ¥320 million from NOVA's shayuukai welfare fund, converted it into cheques, and then deposited the money into an account held by NOVA Kikaku, a company that he controlled.

You will recall that Sahashi admitted to pilfering the fund, but since he was using the money to refund canceled contracts, his lawyers maintained that he did nothing illegal.

The Mainichi article ends with a few factoids about NOVA, the most important being the debts it had:¥86 billion ($913 million USD at current exchange rates). That's money that students and instructors will probably never see again.

The drama surrounding Sahashi is over for now. Three and a half years is probably not nearly enough for those who experienced NOVA's collapse.

Mainichi shimbun

NOVA破綻:猿橋元社長に懲役3年6月 大阪地裁判決






毎日新聞 2009年8月26日 14時51分


YES! Slap on the wrist, but still, he's going to jail!

Don't drop the soap Sahashi.

Let the arse raping begin in earnest.
Hopefully it will be so servere he will hang himself (which he should have done a long time ago, 1980 would have suited me).

And let this be a lesson to the self appointed cunts who run other Japanese companies. Don't fuck over your employees!

I bet the tax dodging little cunt in charge of Gcom is quaking in his size 2 shoes right now. You are next, you employee abusing fuck.

Anyway why stop here, what about Anders (the troll) Bumpkist and Little Lord Flemming boy. Let have an open group trial, Nuremberg style.

Fuck it. Class war. Lets get out in the streets and burn it all down!

They actually did it huh.... Never thought that they'd actually hand down a sentence. I had it at a suspended sentence and a hefty fine in lieu of any actual imprisonment. Well, now that he's headed for jail..... do we sleep more soundly at night now?

What's next?

Does this mean Ole Saru will be put in the Nigerian section of the prison and anally raped by men with large appendages? I surely hope so. He did that a lot to his stock holders with the decisions he made. Bloody anus Saru.

Hopefully a couple of the gutless, worthless and gullible morons who were part of NOVA’s management, ATs, BTs, government kids cunts and a large portion of the staff, will take a look in mirror and realize that just because your boss tells you to do something doesn’t mean it’s the ethical, smart or correct action to be taken. Blindly following the orders of crooks and idiots, just because they are your supervisors at some two-bit hack job is very weak action. Remember all the people were defending NOVA as it came crashing down. All those people working for no pay for the sake of the students. You allowed yourself to be taken advantage of by a guy named Monkey Bridge. I hope this experience was a wakeup call to someone. You are a college graduate. Don’t be a foreign-lackey-stooge-clown who dances in front Japanese kids just because your boss tells you, especially after he stopped paying you.


"Blindly following the orders of crooks and idiots"

In no other developed country in the world would any group of educated people have continued to work without pay or reasonable hope of rescue.

I found myself having to convince my co-workers of the sense of walking out .The counter argument came from a 22 year whose experience of life started with choosing her cosmetics and finished with deciding how to emotionally blackmail some single mother into sending her kid to Nova when she clearly couldn`t afford it.

After I walked I was called and told "you have a responsibility to your co-workers and students", nevr min my responsibilities to my kids, Nova came first. I have never met a more vapid bint than the 22 year I worked with, less an emotional being and more a smile painted on a hole good for riding (so I am told by many) but little else.

And the bizarre things was more people stayed than walked!


Hey where did you work? Sounds like it was in Nagoya with the impotent, lazy and supposedly lesbian, Anita.

Ahhh, Anita. Fond memories of that syphilitic cunt.

I booked all my holidays when things started going down the shitter, and spent the on Nova's (theoretical) dime hunting for new work.

tl;dr, GDIAF Sahashi. Enjoy your anal AIDS.

Fortunately, rape is almost unheard of in Japanese prisons. I think him losing his job, company, harem staff / girlfriends and most importantly- his pride and self esteem. Let's let the man do his time on peace and move on.
Most instructors have left Japan or moved to other jobs, you were not real employees anyway. Just contract workers. The Japanese staff on the other hand were real employees and have a right to be more angry.
Good day.

"Japanese staff on the other hand were real employees and have a right to be more angry."

The Japaneses staff were useless and fed into the the causes behind the collapse. Mindless, boring young girls with no ability to challenge bad decisions.That's why they were chosen. I am sure they have all gone on to have great careers as shop assistants. Two that I worked with had shotgun weddings within 3 months of the collapse. How convenient for them.

Bossman2, you are a feckless troll.


Well at least he provided an oppertunity for a great many desperate 20 somethings to come out to Japan and get laid. Got to give him something for that.

I must admit, I get wet, thinking about Saruhashi sitting in his jail cell.

More charges and more convictions are to follow.

Others will also do time.

Hmm, yes, Japan actually does have the skeleton of a functional system of justice after all.

Enjoy your time in prison, Mr. Saruhashi. You deserve it, you common crook.


"The Japanese staff were useless"
Hey come on now…. They might have did their best to pretend that they were the most uptight corporate brain washed imbeciles imaginable at the branch, but once you got them away from the other staff, they were a lot of fun after they had a few drinks. They were good for some things.

The staff were neither all braindead bitches or just good for getting laid, they were like the instructors, some good, some bad.

I guess we touched a nerve. He must have married one. They were just as was said above.

Ben, you need to take a chill pill. It is entirely truthful to say most Nova “staff” were useless, and easy to lay. It is a fact. Now back down, and let it go. Life is wonderful. LET IT GO !


Nova is Dead! How special. To the Gaijin bastards that worked for those pricks in the head office; the ones that abused teachers; you know who you are; I hope you rot in hell!

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