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Nova's X-Day Arrives

October 26, 2007. Nova's X-Day. Many doubted that it would ever arrive. Others here on the LJ forums several months ago uncannily predicted mid-October. Ken Worsley at Japan Economic News predicted "around November 1." (He's got a new piece about Nova up in Metropolis this evening that you can link to from his site that's worth checking out.)

After Sahashi was effectively removed in an early morning coup d'etat, the remaining members of the board of directors filed for bankruptcy protection in an Osaka court. Nova's debt as of the end of July has been placed at 43 billion yen, but the last three months have been especially brutal, so who knows what the true figure is?

The immediate bad news for current or recently resigned instructors is that pay will not be forthcoming soon, as Nova is now under court protection and will not be making payments of any kind for the time being. If you are owed money, there are discussions underway in the forums for current and recently resigned teachers.

So what happens next?

Nova has one month to look for a "sponsor," and according to the Yomiuri Shimbun, Nova is looking at the retailer Aeon (as opposed to the eikaiwa chain), Marui, Yahoo, and Rakuten. In the LJ forums, PanicInducingGaijin wrote:

Getting back on topic, looking at the four companies Nova is interested in tying up with suggests that if it does manage to survive -- which I still think is unlikely -- it won't be anything like what it is now. Apparently Aeon (again, the retail chain and not the English school) is or was at one point interested in having more Nova Kids schools in its shopping centers so that mothers can drop their kids off and have more time to shop and spend. Babysitting all day in a shopping mall -- sound like fun?

Marui was apparently interested in Nova's loan operations, but Sahashi turned down an offer from them in May. Will they go crawling back to a failing company?

Rakuten and Yahoo! might conceivably be interested in Web-based language lessons. Rakuten, however, is still hurting from the TBS thing earlier this year, so I doubt they would be up for anything as risky as a tie-up with Nova. As for Yahoo!, who knows, but I think it's fairly safe to say that none of these four companies is going to take over Nova and run it as a chain of language schools.

Tonight we're left with more questions than answers. If Nova can't find a sponsor, it's in deep trouble, but who's going to want to get involved? Meanwhile, according to Ken Worsley, Sahashi holds only about 20% of Nova's shares. Were the share warrants exercised, or did he sell or lend more of his holdings? And for that matter, where in the world is he, and why is he hiding? Stay tuned!

Update 10/27:TV coverage of Sahashi’s dismissal and Nova’s bankruptcy.



At the big meeting broadcast this evening the guys said they would spend 10 days (including weekends) to search for sponsorship before declaring bankruptcy.

It's far from over, nothing is certain, we have some new answers but also many new unanswered questions. The story will continue to twist and it will only screw us all more (excuse the pun)! The truth and a satisfactory resolution is still a long way off... if indeed it ever comes.

I was wondering: how many people are going into work tomorrow?
This bankruptcy news is great! Now I can receive all of the UI entitled to me because, UNLIKE OTHERS, I worked for "FREE" for the past 2 weeks! I LOVE MY STUDENTS, I LOVE MY COMPANY, THIS IS THE BESTEST JOB EVER!

ps...we are going to get paid now, aren't we?

Get this:

On an NHK 9 o'clock News report on Nova they showed, among other interviews, a report on a poor British instructor who was borrowing money to pay his rent as he hadn't been paid for so long, had only 3000 yen in the bank, etc.

Anyway, the interviews wrap up and we're back in the studio with the two NHK anouncers, the male anouncer then feeling appropriate to share this heartfelt opinion: "I think the students are the real victims here."

I understand that many students are likely to get screwed over to the tune of several hundread thousand yen, but they won't be eating sock soup under a bridge as they wait for their last pay cheque/benefits to come through...

i really think we have a chance of getting paid by the end of the month or even by the 5th November.
I will go to work tomorrow. I will teach outside to the students who may still turn up. I dont care. I agree, this is the bestest job and I would say that I rule too!

I'm with Jihad Joe..Japan works in mysterious ways.

Another 400000+ angry Japanese consumers and creditors is not what the Fukuda Ministry need right now let alone up to 7000 foreign and Japanese unemployed. Something tells me some at METI are feeling a touch responsible for contributing to Novas demise. Everyone knows Sahashi was and is an utter tosser but I think there has been a love him/hate him relationship because of him between Nova and METI for a long time. Isn't there a Nova branch in Tokyo years back that basically taught English fulltime to loads of beauraucrats and ministry people for next to nothing?

This company did not just start yesterday and I don't believe it finished yesterday. There is a massive, massive debt but in Japan banks with much larger deceit, debts, customers & creditors have lived to see another day through mergers etc..

Believe it or not I also believe deep down the government have a soft spot for Nova. They may not have liked their business practices but Nova did provide an "international experience" and a chance for so many Japanese people from all walks of life to study English at an affordable price.

Nova would have to be cut to the bone in its merger or comeback. I think it is realistic to say that only major city branches and possibly a multi media center would be in operation.

I think I'm rambling on a bit, probably the whiskey..anyway I think there is still time to "watch this space". Bye all.

There's nothing to "go to work" to. It's closed.

What happens to those living in Nova apartments? Will they be protected because of the court protection Nova sought? Will they be forced onto the streets?

This guy is actually from Wales and is a close friend of mine. We worked together in Nova for a while, and he is really doing it tough.

the level of retardation clearly visible within this forum is astounding! rabbit fuckers need to get lives immediately and go home. please take a sec and listen to how sad you sound. d/

This question was asked at the broadcast conference this evening.

You are to remain in your apartment and pretend that nothing has happened. Landlords need to take legal action in order to evict you which can take a month or more.

...sound familiar?

Since Monkey Man fancied himself some sort of latter day samurai, (as do so many of these recent robber barons here in Japan) should he not do the honorable samurai thing - seppuku (gut cut) - preferably publicly? Or, in Western Sea tradition, if the Captain of the ship cannot get all of his passengers & crew off safely, he goes down with the ship. Either way, come out from under your rock and get on with it, you sob.

Just finished watching TV Asahi and was surprised to hear that NOVA is the most financially damaging company to the public since the end of WWII.

Marui, yahoo, aeon and rakkuten have stated that they wish not to touch them. They are just too big of a corporation.

The banks are unable to forgive loans like in the case of Sogo due to all the money being from the 300,000+ contracts that are remaining and not bank loans.

The good news is that the gov. has stated that the teachers and staffs pay is the first priority.

Just make sure you let the gov. know what bridge you are residing under.

I'm hoping he goes Fundamentalist Christian and dies tied up, wearing two wet suits with a yellow-condom-covered dildo up his ass.

I am an ex Nova employee. Recently ex! I have a new job but still check this site in the hope (but not the belief) of seeing what is owed to me. Admittedly, it is a bit sad of me but I am owed over half a million yen.

But what is truly sad are the people not caught up in this mess, pouring over our bitching and telling us we are pathetic! I know that this site isn't exclusively about Nova but these articles are. I don't agree with many comments on here especially anything pro-Nova but those are the REAL people caught up in this mess and they have the right to vent. We spend too much of our lives dwelling on this, and reading over all the posts but it is an important issue to us. At last we have a reason to be here. It's Friday night. Like many current and ex Nova teachers I'm sitting in front of my pc because I have to save my remaining money and can't party. If you are such a hotshot and didn't work for Nova what's your excuse?

I'll be parked out the front of my old branch with my hyaku en shop mini whiteboard, "Swartzanibbler" my three legged Chinchilla (to entertain the kidlets) and a copy of Zone C Diplomat ready to busk English to any passers-by.

Paydays tomorrow for me!!

you're kidding right??
they're not officially bankrupt.. they filed for bankruptcy protection. and no one will be working for 10 days.. all schools are closed during that time period.

I don't think they are retarded. Just the latest news made a vein or two snap where it shouldn't have.

The easy way out?

I saw that same news article on NHK. I was not even amused at the presenter stating that the students are the real victims in this whole mess. I am thinking, is this guy for real. Here are a whole horde of people who dont have money, are facing eviction, dont have money to fly home if they want to, and he honestly thinks that the students are the 'real' victims in this whole sordid mess. These same students who have enough money lying around to buy 600 points worth more than my salary, who have a roof over their heads and a warm meal on their tables three times a day, who have the comfort of being in their own country with legal recourse. Pray tell, how are they the 'real' victims in all this.

Once again, the foreign population in Japan gets glossed over. Is it wrong to assume the Japanese public really doesn't care what happens to the guests in its country with no family/friends to assist them, as if they were in their own countries?


I saw that report too. I couldnt believe the news announcer when he said that he thought the students were worse off than the teachers!
Do you think he could do a report on a student who has less than 3000 yen in the bank and maybe homeless within a week to back up his heart felt opinion?

What a fucking asshole...
I hope his comment was picked up by someone from the international media.

They should run a story on it about the true spirit of japan: ignorance!

Now THIS is good news!

I've been hearing some many stories of foreigns being disrespected in this crisis, I nearly lost hope for this country. Bravo Japan! Now get these folks there money and than some--some sort of bonus for the hardships they were ALL forced to endure: loss of shelter, lack of food, stress, power, etc.

I hope nothing like this ever happens again, however, in the event that it should, I hope Japan acts quicker!

Reading about the hardships Nova employees have gone through is just sickening.

Can you all sue your employer? If you can, I think you all should. Nova/Japan need to put something in place to protect not only its citizens but also non-Japanese citizens working within its boarders.

Good luck Nova employees. May God be with you.

I DID work for Nova for a number of years, and like many still resident here and others who have left the country, I am (and will be again) having a quiet drink to mark this day, for it was long overdue. Don't spend too much time worrying about the Japanese staff who have gone unpaid for a while, nor - dare I say it - the foreigners who have continued to go to work despite the danger-signs, for they should have been out there looking for alternative employment if they were/are serious about remaining in this country. As for the customers, well... caveat emptor.

" are they the 'real' victims in all this."

Same way the Japanese were the real victims of Nanjing?

I only take exception to one part of your comment, as I'm not one of the people calling you pathetic. People need an excuse to be home on Friday?

This is not the end.
This is not the beginning of the end.
But it may just be the end of the beginning.
In fact, it may just be... aw, fuck I'm drunk...
Or as Lancelot said after being bested by Arthur (yet before he shagged Guinevere),
"This is a great day!"

I'm on a three week vacation in Japan with nothing but time on my hands. I got out of the eikaiwa game years ago and never looked back. Nothing is quite as shitty as being an immigrant worker.

Here's to hoping you and others can get back on your feet. Corporations such as Nova do a great job of taking something that could be great and turning it into a shit factory.

At last they figured this out- money to eat with comes first! I too was getting very disillusioned with the false priorities and wondering if Japan really could be that cold. If this is true, it is a hopeful sign.

A normal sounding person!

remember not all, but maybe some may fit your not-so-nice description of foreigners.

regardless i do feel that any sympathy we have, may be lost after their efforts on the yamanote line tonight.

i don't know enough about japanese culture but i do think that their behaviour, although probably harmless, may have made a lot of japanese commuters travelling home from work tonight very uncomfortable.

it could also possible lead to some less than flattering publicity for foreigners in the japanese media in the future; which will definately damage the image of foreigners in japan. something that nova instructors don't need at the moment.

You people create it amongst yourselves! Don't blame other nationalities. May all your lives be happy.

First, don't think that the video was from tonight, second, don't think the guy (repeatedly) posting the link filmed it, but I do think he's either being sarcastic and ruffling some feathers, or he's just a big dripping douche. Anyway, from the video, as I said before, looks like some people having a good time, who the fuck knows if it's NOVA employees, and who the fuck cares. There are assholes back home (wherever you are from) and there are assholes from right here. Yeah, you ever heard of a Bousouzuka? Or hey, you ever heard of kids beheading their parents? Or drunk salary men (or not drunk) feeling up girls on the train? etc., fucking etc. Man if you think Eikaiwa instructors are trash, fucking take a look around, here, there, every-fucking-where. Don't be a fucking idiot and try and bash people who are doing their fucking job. We may have been blessed to have been born in an English/German/French/Spanish/Italian/Chinese speaking country, but we signed up to do a job, and most of it do it. If you're joking, way to go, you're a dick, if you're not, fuck off, just take your own advice. This will be the longest post you will ever see from me. Usually I don't fucking care about all this posing bullshit that I see on here all the time, I come here for actual information, but this guy just pissed me off. That's it.

Oh wait, one more thing, don't fucking criticize anyone for the fucking grammar on here ever again, it's the fucking stupidest fucking put-down that anyone could ever fucking do. It's not funny, it's not cool, you look like a fucking idiot when the best come-back you can come up with is to fucking correct their grammar, word usage, or punctuation. It's fucking stupid. Don't fucking be stupid. I'm pissed! OK, that's it.

Oh my god! I totally wrote a wrong word in there! I wrote "and most of it do it" and what I meant to write was "us," instead of the first "it." Oh my god I should die right? fuck off. Anyone who has sat through a 7A lesson when a student says "Japan is safety country" for the millionth time can fucking figure out what the fuck I meant.

what are you talking about? How does it relate to anything in here? No, wait, fuck off. I don't care what you think.

Didn't your parents teach you that? Manners, think and respect how others feel? Good night...zzzzz

Didn't your parents teach you that? Manners, think and respect how others feel? Good night...zzzzz

I refuse to have a 'battle of wits' with an unarmed man.
Now, if you will kindly excuse me, I am off to bed (very busy tomorrow on my day off from my paying job, you see?).

The students actually paid a lot of money in the misguided belief that they would LEARN something at NOVA.
NOVA teachers are molicddled from the moment they accept the job offer.
Stop kidding yourselves and go home now!
None of you have got the intellectual or language skills to make it here by yourselves. You have not the slightest grasp on how well NOVA has insulated you from the real world here.

(i am an english teacher, NOT a maths teacher!!)

I'm sure you could find examples of young Japanese people being rowdy and badly behaved too, if you wanted to take video footage of it. What the foreigners did in that youtube clip was disgraceful, and I wouldn't associate myself with them at home or abroad, but what is true and what will also be ignored by the hatemongers is that many Nova teachers conducted themselves with the utmost level of decorum both at work and in their private time, and tried their hardest to do a good job, and provided a good service.

Nova hatemongering has existed for a long long time before I wrote this message, and it will exist for a long long time after, but indiscriminantly calling people scum and telling them they should die is just as, if not more, pathetic than what those nutjobs did when they took over that poor unsuspecting Yamanote line train that night. There are many valid reasons to hate the many bad elements of companies such as Nova, but there is no reason to ignore the honest and hardworking efforts of innocent people who are no worse than the next person. I can only guess that those spineless slanderers out there were not brought up to think in a balanced way, to discern what should be criticised and what should be praised, to have forethought and common respect for people.

Those foreigners in that video were like cavemen, but so are the fools sitting in front of their computer screens doing nothing constructive and just slingning mud. Congratulations for representing yourselves as unthinking blobs who have just emerged from some primordial ooze and haven't got two wits about you.

To all those who conducted themselves well in their jobs and private time, good luck.

Something needs to be done to stop the comments for this story degenerating into a back and forth fight between fools telling Nova teachers to "die!" and people who rightly think those namecallers are idiots saying "hey fuck you!", but I guess there are no rules about posts, or at least it seems that way.

Please, I will piss myself laughing at you!

I was thinking...
since you are all on-line so much, why dont you go to one of those suicide web sites and find a cheap way of topping yourselves?

Oh, I forgot, none of you can read any Japanese.

Sorry, not much help then.

nice comeback anonymous.

Yes, decorum. You can make all the rude comments you like, and feign amusement or actually be amused all you like, I'm sure to some people it is like a badge that shows you are worthy of something, but in my books and those of any other person who can think rationally, all your insults and laughter show you to be worthy of nothing but derision yourself.


Some of us can read Japanese, and some people have better things to do than kill ourselves. Some people are hoping the company will right itself so that they can continue providing the service that they were hired for (and expected to be payed for), and some people are finding a kick in the ass to get on to a better job, that they should have gone for to begin with, but decided to take the easy way to Japan instead. Some people loved the opportunity afforded to them, by this route, to experience something outside their little corner of the world, and some people just wanted something new, or something old. I just feel bad for those who only have the option of returning home because of this. I know what it's like. I had to return home early from my study abroad because of a "family emergency" and always wondered what I could have learned, or done in the time I had remaining, that's why I came back, and I refuse to let anything like a company bankruptcy keep me from it this time. Whoever you are, whatever your plans/goals are/were, good luck all. Everyone's been/will be in the same boat some time, maybe not with NOVA, maybe not in Japan, but somewhere, somehow. I'm sick of people taking down people on here that they don't even know. Only positivity from me from now on. If you don't like it, sorry, but put on a happy face. Let's get some information. If you want to vent, vent. If you want to encourage people, encourage them. If you got suggestions to help people out, post them. If you want to slander people you don't know to make yourself feel good, go ahead, this isn't my blog. What do you need me to tell you what to do? I expect many people will tell me to fuck off, and hey, that's cool, go ahead.

How long did it take you to get your girlfriend to write that for you then?
Send her round to my place when you go home.

that's was some wicked Japanese, very nice. Just gotta recommend omitting the "baka" part, positivity man. With that wicked Japanese talent you still have opportunities here, I hope it all works out for you anonymous!

Trust your governments to help!? Remember this?

Hey, that's my government! But I didn't vote for them, just goes to show you how many uninformed people over the age of 18 in the US there are. On the bright side, new president coming soon!

how many times do you think you will say 'when i was in Japan' before friends and family tell you to shut up?

Hilary Clinton will save us!!

I didn't get my girlfriend to write it buddy, I'm perfectly capable of dealing with someone of your pitifully low level (no, wait, you don't deserve pity) in Japanese or English. So you'll "do" my girlfriend too, will you?

Please tell me, just what value do the putdowns of Nova teachers have when they come from the mouth of someone who says drivel like "send your girlfriend round to my place when she's done typing your messages and I'll give her a poke too!". You're a cretin, plain and simple. You do yourself, your family, your employers, and the human race a disservice. Congratulations on being proud of what you should be ashamed of.

Conditions: -NO PAY-. Food and Roof over head or outside in garden/new sleeping bag provided, required to do gardening, shopping, household chores, cooking, swimming pool maintenance, etc. during free/spare time, ten minute breaks every 50 minutes. One day off (Not on Sundays!) Must have driving license.
Pls.Post resume with photo. Will contact teacher for interview. (Requirement*Must have swimsuit,also bring to interview.)

you know full well she'll be taking it up the arse from some other gaijin hours after you have gone home.

Nothing can be done to help a foul-mouthed creep like you. 何を言おうとしても時間の無駄だ。You're disgusting.

how can you say that about his girlfriend!?

anyway, she likes it on the face.

but i am right about your tart, arent I?
come on, you know its true.

Top news on NHK! Other than that, more or less the same as earlier reports! Other channels say situation may/most likely drag-on longer if a sponsor is not found within a month. The amount of debt stated, close to 50 billion yen (US$half a billion) is for refunds to students that have already quit and asking for their money back ( *not including the 300 thousand students that haven't, yet!* ) and workers/teachers salaries only! *Also; Australian Embassy is offering help to Australian Nationals.*

"Shoot it!"

Here's an idea, instead of taking up all this time and space on this site, making it time consuming to sift through for articles/posts of an important nature; how about you set up a meet.

All you people who think NOVA teachers are scum, go to the East exist of Shinjuku JR station at 1pm on Sunday.

All ex-nova teachers etc. you can meet them and then you can both continue this lively discussion in person.

That is, if these people who having nothing better to do than flame forums that could help people in need of assistance, have any balls.

Someone can arrange meets in the other big cities, I only know Tokyo.

So either show up, or stfu. k thx. Now, back to useful posts.

I could eat a horse! NO MORE sick ol' mule meat for me! Embassy here I come!

all 'ex-Nova' teachers...

sorry, it still makes me laugh!


Oh god... I hope not.

Okay, I'll admit that you're right, but you really shouldn't talk about your own mother like that.

I made it by myself here. Others can, too. That was a rather silly and unjustifiable comment to make. Although, there was one guy who was hired by my school who had worked at Nova for 7 years before coming to us. He didn't even last a week (2-3 days, I think) before he quit, without even letting his company know (he just text-messaged one of the other teachers). A few days later, he begged for his job back, before we told him to get bent. Maybe my advantage was that I was only at Nova for 6 months.

That's pretty funny, jackass, because I'm getting paid tomorrow, yet don't work. In fact, this is my 4-day weekend, which follows my 4-day weekend last weekend, and my 5-day next weekend. If you're going into work for your money, you're a bigger loser than I thought. and quite honestly, you're a terrible human being. If you were my friend, I'd take out the trash and ditch you.

At last, all of NOVA teachers became real legitimate losers in not only their home country but also the land of Chrysanthemum.
But originally you dudes must had had no job in your home country. So you dudes had been doing english teacher, hadn't you.
The more you gaijin dudes become disorderd, the more I become happy!!!!

It amazes me how many foreigners here in Japan are such terrible human beings. These Nova people are having a really hard time, and you feel it's a good idea to kick them. What the hell is wrong with you, honestly?! Would you do this back in your own country? When you travel and see beggars, do you make fun of them and piss on them? If I were any of your mothers, I'd be downright ashamed of what an unbelievable jackass my son (yes, you're probably all male) has become.

Nova people, not all foreigners in Japan think like these worthless cock-suckers do. I wish you luck.

You pathetic prudes. I was on the loop line party a few years ago. It was great fun! Most of the Japanese commuters just laughed went along with it just fine too. In fact, some were very happy to share drinks with me.

Spare me your puritan bullshit. Loosen up! Life is short. Enjoy it when you can. Go live in Iran if you hate fun so much.

Ok I think the first thing you need to get through your head is that you know absolutely nothing about gaijin, you know our culture(s)....what makes us tick.
Secondly you need to work on your written english, it's not so good.
What is it that has brought about this hatred of foreigners?
I'm not going to speculate but you need to get that shit fixed.
If you do want to improve your english you are going to need a gaijin to help you eventually so.....don't burn your bridges (that's an idiom, ask one of your gaijin friends to exlain it to you).
I worked for Nova for a little less than two years. I hated that company and I'm glad to see it go.
When I decided to teach in Japan I already had a job here, in fact I have secure employment over here for most of my foreseeable future. I am a highschool teacher here, a badge I wear with pride in fact.
I am doing that job I'm far from being a loser.
Many of the people who worked for Nova have degrees in many different fields and shouldn't have too much trouble finding employment when they go home.
They came to Japan to have a working holiday, meet some new people (both Japanese and Foreigners) and to have a good time/new experience.
Btw, the vast majority of Nihonjin I have met were/are wonderful people. Your going to give them a bad name if you keep up this crap.
So why don't you run off and find something else to take up your time while you figure out what your damage is.
Oh a new word for you, Fucknuckle. As in, "You are a Fucknuckle".
Go and ask a gaijin, they'll be happy to explain it to you.

Those foreigners on the Yamanote line were sure badly behaved. The Japanese who had to witness it must have been terrified! After all, such a delicate race of people value manners above all else. Tiny and delicate, like porcelain dolls, with darling little hands and feet. Perhaps if the Japanese were as passionate about running businesses as they are about making dancing robots and child pornography, those butter-stinky unemployed westerners wouldn't go around treating their adorable little U.S.-sponsored country in such an undignified manner.

Why, it's enough to make some tiny Japanese boys bite the hand that feeds. After all, without post-war foreign assistance, wee Taro would have grown up without a TV, or blue jeans, or even a Washlet to dispose of his 'little emperors'. Maybe Taro has developed an inferiority complex from watching foreign men screw their way through effortlessly through the prefectures. Who really knows?

But I digress. It is very un-Japanese to consume more alcohol than their umeboshi-sized livers can handle. Wait now, a search on YouTube reveals these prizewinners from the Gene Pool of the Rising Sun:

My my, it seems that if you let a Japanese 'man' sniff an open wine bottle, he will behave like Forrest Gump on LSD! It's entertaining to watch from a distance -- the spastic dancing, the cross-dressing, the spewing-up of gallons of 'Nihon damashi'. The show never stops after 7 pm in any Japanese city.

Maybe those terrible foreigners on the Yamanote were just trying to fit in with their hosts. When in Rome, right?

I don't know why Nova teachers (current or ex) even bother to respond (vindicate) or get stressed about these hate comments.

Nova teachers were simply here to do a job for one reason or another. Maybe they couldn't find work back home or maybe they decided not to be small minded and instead learn and experience another group of people and their culture. The Yamanote Line party doesn't count as experiencing Japanese culture. The time was right BUT the place was way too wrong! I'm a terrible drunk but the Yamanote Line Party video clip disgusted even me. Either way those that came here did so to work or learn about a group of people other than themselves and is that so bad? People talk about coming here to party, and it is true that Nova wasn't difficult but no one knows that for sure until AFTER they get here.

Why all this anamosity against Nova teachers who are merely venting for losing their money. I don't think anyone here is supporting the company itself (personally, I hate the fucking place more than any non-nova employee ever could but for legitimate reasons). Nova teachers have to address the root cause of these attacks. Why would someone make a hateful remark to those that are in a vulnerable position? Maybe they were wronged by the company. Maybe they were hurt emotionally by a Nova teacher. Maybe they were jealous about having to work for the same amount of money (eg Gaba) while Nova teachers sat back and had it easy. Maybe these people mistakenly believe that they have been fully assimilated into Japanese culture an are embraced by the natives as one of their own and can therefore look down upon others due to their superiority complex. The root causes of these attacks comes internally from the attackers who are merely venting too and venting their internal frustrations. The more they vent, the more we can see that they too are unhappy people and in no way better than anyone else.

Either way, who cares what they say. Yeah i'll admit that it sucks reading about people who hate you but their manifestation of hate on this website only shows that they have a deep enough emotional or psychological problem to feel the need to pour over the hundreds of articles and posts (that don't relate to them) as well as anonymously attack suffering people.

We are all fuckwits from time to time and we all lose. But losing out and being a loser are 2 different things. Losing your job sucks but somehow everyone will survive at the end of the day and one day life will be on track again. Feeling the need to cowardly attack strangers via the internet exhibits a deep, long lasting psychological problem that may indeed have no resolution.

Q: Please tell me honestly, who here is really the loser?

A: All of us. For working for Nova; For feeling such petty hatred; And me, for spending far too much time addressing this pathetic issue.

Why are so many 12 year old boys writing on this forum? I'm all for freedom of speech, but couldn't a moderator or someone just delete 90% of the worthless comments? It's like wading through a sewer, looking for the (very) occasional interesting thought here.
Anyway, good luck to all those who worked for Nova, I hope everyone can get themselves back on their feet soon.

Any word on the English translation of the statement on

There are few places for people to get info. about our predicament and I would
like to thank the guys who set up this site and the people who send in constructive posts.It has been very informative and helpful to many who can't get details of what is happening elsewhere.
To those few who have taken up the personal slagging match. Can't you swop e-mail addresses and do it on your own? And to those smug bastards with jobs who just come here to criticise out-of-work Nova employees. We worked at Nova. We know the failings of the company. We know that some of the instructors weren't cut out for the job. There is no need to rub it in any further. You have had your bit of fun.
Why not try your one-upmanship elsewhere?

Personally I think that Sahashi is not really in the country anymore. Why would he try to run the company into the ground without taking the advice of his other cohorts and get out, unless he had a nice little bank account in some dodgy area, like the Caymans. Now with the Government involved and investigating the accounting practices, he has definitely flown the coup.

Don't blame Mr.Sahashi any more.

If intentional, that's clever. Well done.

so Mr English teacher , how do you spell "Actualluy"? maybe you should become a maths teacher!

I hope you're not serious. Eikaiwa is the bestest job!? Thousands of dumb fucks like you being in Japan and taking it up the ass is half of the reason why Eikaiwa jobs are the lowest of the low. Benefits have gotten worse and salaries have actually decreased in the last twenty some years with the arrival of masses of "travelers" who will do anything to get their "Japan experience".

Right On! Anybody with an inkling of smarts and who is serious about living in this country can see the writing on the wall and gets out of Eikaiwa ASAP.

Let's close down the whole Eikaiwa industry by being honest and pointing out to the mislead Japanese that it's almost impossible to learn English at an Eikaiwa school. Let's see...1,5 hours of class, twice a week x 50 weeks = 150 hours / 16 waking hours = 9.375 days. Who can learn a language in that amount of time. I know that some students study after lessons, but most don't. They expect a fucking brain dump from the sensei.

Fairytales aside, how many Western captains of industry do you really know who have gone down with their sinking ship? If any such honour existed in any country, they wouldn't need insider trading laws, would they?

TEFLtastic blog- "All the truth that's fit to teach"-

If that's the first time you've ever shouted at NHK news for ingnorance of the rest of the world, you haven't been watching the same Japanese TV I have...

Are you looking for an Aryan, or are others just as welcome?
Us instructors get pretty good at cooking spaghetti, so you'd better like pasta!

Correcting other people's grammar is the true mark of a Japan-based Eikaiwa teacher. It shows that they're EDUCATED (and making less money than ex-gang bangers in L.A. doing welding jobs). It the only source of pride the Eikaiwa teachers have - pointing out the difference between their, there, and they're.

Finally, an intelligent comment. Thank you. I was just about to abandon this site altogether.

Too all my mislead friends who were still going to work at NOVA this month, all the rat bastard ATs, all the pathetic wannabe “professional” BTs, all the pompous fucking AAMs, the annoying government kinds folks, the pricks at gaijin personnel, the uptight staff and of course all the precious students: I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!!!!


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