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NOVA Trustees Sue Sahashi

The legal woes of former NOVA president Nozomu Sahashi aren't about to let up. While a decision on his current trial is due to be handed down on August 26, the trustees overseeing NOVA's bankruptcy have sued him for aggravated breach of trust, seeking ¥2.1 billion (roughly $22.6 million USD) in damages over the sale of videophone units by Ginganet, a company in which Sahashi was the sole share holder, to NOVA.

The lawsuit claims that between 2004 and 2006 NOVA purchased 25,600 videophones it didn't need from Ginganet despite there being a sufficient number of videophones in stock for students to use for ocha no ma ryuugaku lessons. The trustees claim that Sahashi had personally guaranteed the debts of Ginganet and other NOVA affiliates, and that he diverted funds from NOVA by charging the company for unnecessary videophones in order to pay back the debts of the affiliates.

This lawsuit looks like it's out of the blue, but it appears to have roots in the aftermath of NOVA's collapse in 2007. Immediately after the collapse, the trustees charged that Sahashi fleeced NOVA by charging the company several times the list price for videophones. The trustees believed Sahashi was up to no good since it was suspicious that he would overcharge NOVA for the videophones when he was in control of both companies, and then later sell his stake in Ginganet. When the Shukan Diamond interviewed him, he flatly denied the accusation.

I think very few people believe Sahashi when he says he's sorry for what he's done and wants to make amends. This new lawsuit drives a stake through his credibility. Sahashi has long maintained that he was doing everything in his power to save NOVA and get students their refunds. Now we learn that years before NOVA started to implode, he was funneling money out of his companies in order to line his own pockets.

Yomiuri article

NOVA元社長に21億円賠償請求 管財人が提訴


経営破綻(はたん)した英会話学校「NOVA」(大阪市)の元社長、猿橋望(さはし・のぞむ)被告(57)=業務上横領の罪で公判中=が関係先との不当 な取引で会社に多額の損害を与えたとして、NOVAの破産管財人が19日、猿橋元社長に約21億3600万円の賠償を求める訴訟を大阪地裁に起こした。

訴えによると、猿橋元社長は04~06年、受講生が自宅で授業を受ける「お茶の間留学」に使うテレビ電話の在庫が十分あったのに、元社長が実質支 配する関係会社「ギンガネット」から2万5600台を余分に購入するなどしたとされる。破産管財人は「元社長はギンガネットなど関係会社の債務を個人で保証しており、その返済のために必要のない機材の代金名目で関係会社に資金を流入させた」と主張している。



Sue the cocksucker until he's bleeding through his teeth.

I used to go to school with Sue the cocksucker...

Yes, I agree the cocksucker should be sued until he's bleediing through his teeth. I want to see him on the from page of the Daily Yomuri with blood coming through his teeth from being sued so hard.

I just wish Monkey-Bridge's lackeys, some of the old ATs BTs gaigin shite bags, and some J-staff, all of who enabled the Nova's crooked buisness pratices and petty policies, could suffer more retribution for being so pathetic. But I suppose those who still work in the Eikawa industry have it as bad as it gets. I don't wish any more addition strife in their lives

Hangem all, dirty fuckers. Hangem drag them into the streets and string them up on piano wires. Nova Blackshirts!

Frankly, I have to say, I found the gaigin who got sucked in by all that Nova crap, because is was SO OBVIOUS Nova was as shonky as shonky can be, REVOLTING !!!

Really, I have never witnessed such brain dead behaviour on mass in my life.

I recall a story a fellow Nova hater told me.

One night, a very drunk little AT, (who was famous for appearing on the Nova “Barber Shop Commercial” and saying “Long, short? Long? Short?”), was almost weeping, as he was saying what a “genius” Saruhashi was, because he had “invented the walk in off the street and book a lesson system”.

Almost in tears, I shit you not, according to Nick, throwing his hands up into the air, "Genius, genius, genius I tell you" ~

I will never forget that story. I just about stuck my fingers down my throat and vomited.

The poor, poor, retarded, lost in his bottle of booze fucking idiot!

I quit the very next day after hearing that story.

So, should the gaigin Nova henchmen be bought to justice? Some, YES, many, NO.

My dear barber friend (I had met him twice and he was actually a nice enough sort of a person) was not a corporate criminal. He was just a very slow, very much intellectually handicapped, silly old booze artist, with alcoholic brain damage, who had been given a title by a bunch of retards, only some of whom were obviously criminals.


actually, Mr Monkey bridge and ginganet fraud nakes sense
I know someone who works where they invented it
Had had problems the whole time since it was released

Ha!!! Hysterical!!!

Actually scary…. Think about all the morons who bought into the NOVA system. (It took me about a week to figure out that it was a hopeless company and a miserable job that I had to quit ASAP) But some actually put forth their 100% best, worked there for several years, continued to work for a few months without pay, then made the switch to G-Comm. Their stupidity is beyond hope and in small way has caused me to be disappointed in mankind overall. To know that that many educated Westerners would accept such situation is let down. The sad truth is that the scumbag, ignorant NOVA black shirts are a small sample of the general population. Scary indeed.

It will not be long now before Saruhashi ties himself one last necktie and someone finds him swinging. Or he could do the obvious, leap in front of a train causing human damage.

Where is Canada-Jin?

What can i say, it was pretty dumb from Sahashi to think that he could fool everyone forever. I don't know what he was thinking but it is obvious that his actions led to NOVA's bankruptcy. He was too concerned to fill his own pockets and couldn't care less about the company's employees and their hard work which ended up being unrewarded.
Chris, Bankruptcy Attorney Columbus Ohio

Think of all the thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of instructors he gave the opportunity to, to live in a vastly different culture and country, who were totally enriched by the experience and who all have magnificent memories of their care free days in Japan AND give it a rest. He could not sustain the party forever and so what. People owe him as much as he owes them. He should be remembered with respect and not spoken of with such lynch mob sentiments at heart. More people had fun at Nova than hated it. Remember that. Easiest damn job I had in my life.

Poodle is a Japonophile...Japan-lover...Bitch...Etc.

Seriously, Poodle, the man did not "give opportunity" like some sort of a messiah. He used foreigners to rake in the dough. Slaves? Perhaps. Definitely could not give a rats ass about them, though...

Poodle....what planet are you living on? You simply having us on right? You winding us right?? If you are serious, then you need help! Remembered with respect??????? My arse!

You bet I am for real. You will never in your life time provide employment for so many people for so long or bring thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands the chance to explore and cherish a vastly different country and culture. Never. You NEVER will. Until you are ready to get off your ass, take a risk, like he did, and build an empire, whether it falls over or not, then shut your cake hole, and show some respect. As for Sahashi. I salute you.

Q. What do you get when you cross a Poodle with an Eikaiwa owner?
A. A lap-dog

Ha ha! Poodle is sure one very faithful lap-dog. Poodle, did you know that your breed (if you are a French Poodle), is rated as the number one dog for intelligence? Alas, your comments have just put your breed in the lowest percentile.

It's OK Poodle, you are quite entitled to your own stop barking, wag your fluffy tail and go ask daddy for a bone.

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