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No Pay For Teachers on the 15th

This is it. All is lost for Nova. A new fax has appeared informing teachers that they will not be paid on October 15th.

Courtesy of strongbad in the forums, the fax reads:

To all instructors:

I deeply regret to inform all instructions that we are unable to pay salaries on Monday October 15. This is because it has not been possible to gather sufficient funds as quickly as planned. Instructors are now scheduled to be paid on Friday October 19.


I am truly sorry about the lateness of this notice and the inconvenience and hardship this causes. I ask for your understanding and patience during this difficult period.

Nozom Sahashi

How can Sahashi pull off a stock deal, claim it to be a victory, and then tell his employees that there's no money is incredibly galling. Assuming teachers make good on their plans to walkout/stroke/quit, its all over for Nova.

EDIT: This is what should really piss teachers off. After announcing the issue of equity warrants on the 10th, this fax appeared in which Sahashi declared that Nova would receive a 6 billion yen cash infusion on the 25th and that the light at the end of the tunnel was in sight. Hey, Nova has cash, too bad you're not getting any of it.

Update 10/13

A note from the forums from Nova recruiting in Boston. Straight and to the point. This is how Sahashi should have been communicating with teachers from the start.

"Today we received word from our management in Japan that instructor salaries due to be paid on Monday, October 15th will be delayed until Friday, October 19th. We can also report that salaries due to non-teaching staff on September 27th still have not been paid. The financial future of the company continues to be unclear, but it is clear that the situation is having a serious impact on our employees. One more unfortunate new development arising from the situation is that we are no longer able to guarantee housing for new teachers arriving in November.

Given the continued financial issues and the problems with accommodating new instructors, we think you’ll agree that we can not possibly have you depart as planned on 11/6/2007. We can do one of two things: 1. Delay your departure until January to allow more time for the situation to become clear. 2. Withdraw your acceptance of the position. There is a third possible option which would be to make your own housing arrangements for November and depart as scheduled. While this would address the accommodation issue, the company’s financial issues should remain a serious consideration.

Regretfully we do not have enough information to wager an educated guess as to what will occur between now and January, so we need you to make whichever choice you feel is best for you under the current circumstances and with the limited information available. We ask that you respond to this email as soon as possible so that we may make the necessary arrangements. We sincerely thank you for your continued patience and understanding, and we apologize for the stress and frustration this has caused you.


The Recruiting Team
Nova Group Boston
800-551-6682 or 617-437-7977"



Is anyone telling their students to get refunds? Its true that Monkey is saving money if we don't go in but if all the students get refunds, of course thats if their contracts allow them, it would help speed up the fall won't it? I do actually care about my students. They have a lot of money invested in this company and they are being kept in the dark too. I am telling them to get out and at least try to get something.

Better off telling them to start booking as many man-2-man lessons as they can as quickly as they can.

It sounds like customers who asked for refunds a long time ago still haven't received anything & that in the event of a bankruptcy, the value of assets to be liquidated is negligible (or negative).

Working next week guarantees you fuck all!
Was advised to quit by labour ministry.
It will take three weeks to receive benefits after resignation date as long as Nova fronts the documents to the UI office. If the office is still there.

Getting back pay is a different matter, it will take several months and is very difficult to do. It relies on Sahashi doing the honorable thing! Sound like Sahashi? So if you resign now with two weeks notice that means you could be receiving benefits by early December. Now if Nova never pays again that is a long time to wait.

If on the other hand it gets turned around , then withdraw your resignation and all will be well. You are only protecting yourself by doing this. It is not and attack on the company.

Even the RAAM`s know it is all over only deluded yes men are still on board. Those above advocating going to work and not resigning are wrong. They would have fitted in very well in the Third Reich and would have been found in Hitler`s bunker after the man himself was dead. I have checked it out! Cover yourself, don`t listen to bad advice. Resign tomorrow.

Nova has now been linked to a recently arrested figure accused of fraudulent stock trading. It just gets worse. Cover your back.

I understand but isn't there lawsuits about the bs refund policy? I understood that we aren't getting paid because he is refunding money to students who quit to avoid further suits. Isn't that one of his fairly recent faxes said? This is a huge catch 22 for us. Does he take money from us to pay those who quit or pay us and the staff? (Like he really cares about us and the staff anyway)

Nova has always been a shitty company. But now they have overstepped their boundaries and gone beyond bad business practices. Now they are a really shitty company that has also gain IMMORALITY. They have done this by not paying rent and taking it out of paychecks and doing the same thing with monthly insurance deductions. Not to mention the countless lies and now they are being linked to illegal stock trading. None of this is in dispute except by the Nova titled instructors, and its even being reported by the Japanese media. Nonetheless on this website and many others we still have these Nova Apologists like Louise here. Would you guys promote sweat shops,child labor or fraud? Dont think so. The airplane is on fire and going to crash into the mountain and you guys are trying to blow out the flames. When the airplane finally hits the mountain and you have to get another job I have an idea. Why don't you try and get on with the Japanese Department of Education, maybe they need some help glossing over immoral events in their revisionists textbooks. You make me sick.

The jerk here is clearly you as there is nothing in my post which is personally insulting to the first poster. Perhaps you were too lazy to bother reading what I wrote. Now THAT would be personally insulting someone!

The original poster is claiming a mysterious "text" as indefatigable truth and I simply asked for proof. I could send my friends all sorts of "texts" but that wouldn't make them fact, and when we're talking about a subject as serious as this one, we have a right to ask for that proof!

Get off you high horse and provide some fact behind your fiction!

Earlier when I wrote on this page I was not meaning to promote Nova. I was merely trying to point out that not all ATs etc etc are bad, something which has annoyed me throughout all this crap as people are quick to bring them down when instead they should study their own behavior. How could i promote such a company when my pay has been consecutively late?

When is this Nova nightmare gonna end??? I just want this shit to be over.....Im praying this damn company sinks this month.

To all those twats who keep bashing the ATs:
The only reason you are slagging us of is that you deep down realize that you couldn't even do a good job at Nova. Which at the end of the day is a fairly easy job. You are the pathetic immature dicks who couldn't turn up on time, who were rude to students and who couldn't shave or even speak correctly. You know you are such people. You are the morons who chew gum in class and crack on to little girls in class because you can't find a real women. You are the weaklings who need a day off because you have a little cold and you are the sort of people who just can't take it when someone tells you, you have to improve your skills. Whatever an AT has said to you babies has been entirely justified.
Yes slag the upper management off, but fuck those who are using this site to vent at the ATs...Never had the guts to say it to an AT face to face, i bet.

Totally agree with you AT of the previous post.
The teacher that caused me so much grief told me on his last day that he actually did respect me and that he thought I did a great job being a trainer. He apologized for everything he had done and admitted that his behavior was childish. WTF??
I know there are ATs out there who take the whole little bit of authority they gain as an AT and let it go straight to their heads by giving themselves the easy classes of the day/the open lessons etc but there are alot out there who do their job well even though more than half the instructors cant see that!

As a long term resident of Japan, I feel you are pretty much way of the mark with your sweeping generalization about what Japan wants. Japan, as you have no doubt noticed, places a great deal of emphasis on conformity. This conformmity is what binds their society together, and one has to admit that given the size of this country, and the population, things do run pretty well.

I think Japan wants and welcomes people who make an effort to live here harmoniously. Those that are willing to make an effort to follow Japanese mores are treated well. I am not saying you have to speak Japanese, act Japanese, and behave, not at all. Just being mindful of where you are and how you behave is enough. I am sometimes suprised by the arrogance of some of our gaijin brethren who believe they can act however they like because of their perceived moral superiority. I, like many have an axe to grind with many things here. I have a family and there are daily issues. However, I have never felt unwelcomed or unwanted. I have treated Japanese with the respect I would wish to be afforded and have been treated well.

Now, back in the day, I collected unemployment insurance. I can only say my experience at hello work was fantastic. Brilliant people and very helpful. Again, remember where you are and how things are done here. Be polite and patient. If you cannot speak Japanese, then take a Japanese speaker along with you. If a Japanese wondered into a social security office whereever oyu are from,a nd is unable to speak a word of English, just how far would he or she get? Have all your forms filled out correctly. Dress neatly and display a little humility. Smile, and be gracious. I think you may be suprised how well things go once you hop of your high horse.

Dont slam ATs, AAMs, RAAMs here!

There's a whole other forum on this site where you can go into specifics...

Ofcourse not all management are terrible, especially the many ATs that were my friends when I worked at NOVA 6 years ago. I certainly let my RAAM have it when I quit and I do recommend that if you have a bad one then really let them know before the chance is gone forever. It will do you good to let it all out... help you move on...

Good luck to everyone... Remember, English teaching is not your only option in Japan, look out there... It can be a scary step at first but when you leave teaching English behind you'll feel a relief, like a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders!!!

Been with Nova for a number of years now and never had any desire to progress beyond being a regular instructor. A personal choice. Does that make me non - motivated and a slacker? I think not. Just a choice that I would rather devote my time to teaching rather than filling out paperwork and dealing with personalities I'd rather not deal with.

I've had my share of both sides of the coin when it comes to AT's, AAM's, etc. There were those that I wanted to throttle. The AT getting transferred to my branch tomorrow would be a prime example of that. Nothing but contempt for him from almost everyone who knows him. Not just instructors but also almost everyone who knows him in my area. He's almost famous actually, for all the wrong reasons.

But for every one of his type who deserve a lynching along with our glorious Sahashi there have been others who have been nothing but patient, helpful, understanding (especially in this time of unceremonious rape by an upper management who clearly thought that making easy money off the demise of others was a clever scheme), and above all else approachable and friendly.

Having endured my fair share of beasts and enjoyed my time with those on the flip side, I would say that the generalisations which are usually cast about are at best deserving of a qualification. I'm aware that everyone has different experiences within this industry, but I have to admit that I have no problem with those that strove to further their advancement within the company. Rather I have a problem with those who abused their positions to create hell for those under them. As I mentioned earlier, and to elaborate further, along the Keihan line in Osaka there is one such AT who has developed a reputation. The number of times his name has been brought up in discussions away from work advocating various acts of violence would be countless. But that's life really. Even back home that would be the case.

Yes, I'm bracing for the backlash for "defending" those above me. But I have had some truly great AT's, BT's and AAM's (RAAM's not so many great references to be honest) who I have enjoyed working with, with special reference to go to my current BT and AAM (yes, even before the crap started to hit the fan) who are cool beyond belief and in different circumstances I would love to have hung out with them.

When you seek for a group of people to vent your anger on I would suggest that you look no further than Sahashi, Anders, and the rest of the inner circle. They have failed us all. At best the "deal" they tried to organise is miscalculated. But Japan also has laws to protect minority shareholders, and anyone who has looked at this deal (BVI) can see that it is clearly detrimental to them. I know back home that this kind of crap wouldn't be tolerated without a court injunction by the minorities. But this is Japan so who knows what will transpire.

In the meantime those of us still involved with NOVA are all stuck in the same boat without a paddle. Whether it is a regular instructor, a titled instructor, someone in middle management, the Japanese staff or the students. All of us are being taken to the cleaners by an inner circle without any sense of morality or duty of care.

Where will that leave us all? Your guess is as good as mine I'm afraid. I think we all agree that the company will fold. But timing is the key. And unless you possess a talent in astrology that fails me I doubt any of you do too. All we can do is see it out and see what happens.

But I wholeheartedly agree that seeking alternative employment is the only option left. Your decision about whether to turn up for work, take your annual leave, call in sick, or just not show up is up to you. But whatever your decision is, just remember that your decision affects others as well. You may not care. That's your right.

I wish everyone caught up in this maelstrom the very best of luck. But please don't hate those you don't know. Save your ultimate hate for Sahashi, Anders, and the rest of the inner circle who have kept all of us in the dark until the time in the "darkest before the dawn" becomes the time when the lights are extinguished forever on this ultimately corrupt, dispassionate, manipulating, conniving & evil monkey empire.

Right, sorry to have vented so much. And you can hate on me all you like. But I told you up front that I have never been anything other than a regular instructor. Why should you trust me? Mostly because I don't give a rats arse if you don't. I have just put it down as I see it. Not everyone will agree. But hell, what is an opinion if someone doesn't take you to town over it?

Bring on the flak...

Hey "Gotta Agree"...I just want to say

NICELY PUT...WELL DONE!! Which school on the K-line do you work at?

I would like to say use your time wisely if you do want to stay here in Japan. Call in sick take emergency leave. START LOOKING FOR ANOTHER GIG!!!! It doesn't matter if Nova pays or not if it survives or go down like the world trade center because that is what it looks like. A 747 has struck nova and its called the Japanese Goverment because I can gurantee nova has fucked them too and their family members. Its over look for something new even if its part-time learn to do with less for a time it can be a humbling experience.

You have no obligation to this company they have breached their contract with you on several occassions... but I say to you all NOVA IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!! are u listening?

This has been truly a ride with Nova for 12 years but I know its over and I am not waiting for unemployment insurance

So all of you with less than 5 years it should be easy those of you with more hopefully u have a degree and can get an interview if not u have other things to deal with.

But by any rate good luck to all the sky is the limit I believe this is the light being shown to us all to do something much greater in the future to MOVE ON!!! Use this EXPERIENCE to motivate yourself to do graet things in the future. Its what I will do here in Japan

Shit! Nova is dead you say? You are one smart cookie!

You don't need me to say his name. If I did he would be broken by the morning. The only thing that saved his ass all this time was our hope that he'd finally be gone.

I don't advocate violence. Just hate. And if you have hate on his arse then just make sure he knows about it.

Last time he was in the same branch as me he knew better than to say anything to me. I repeat again, even instructors from other branches, even students, understand this leach for who he is.

You want initials? I can do that. M.R. Anyone on the Keihan line in Osaka who doesn't know who I'm talking about is either on prosac or hasn't been here long. When this bottom feeder gets what's coming to him there will trumpets in the sky!!

Hate ladies and gentleman. Hate. But keep it at least legal. And remember to hate only those that have bent you over. Those you don't know, give them the benefit of the doubt.

All right, so again I'm waiting for the flak...

Anonymous TI, the main point here, the main thing you need to, have to understand, and the main thing that kind of pokes a hole in your plan is that, unfortunately, those warrants are unlikely to produce enough money to give everyone his last paycheck. It is possible, but you're depending on the charity of a couple of shady funds owned by a shady firm (the deeper conspiracy angles aren't too nutty) that, even were it honest, would clearly be in it for a quick buck. The transactions that would give Nova the cash it needs to pay its employees are unfortunately not the same transactions that are likely to make money for Callumberg, Ltd. Sucks, but it's true.

Furthermore, those dates - the 19th and 25th - are important. As I'm sure you know, the 19th is the date by which Nova has to explain things to JASDAQ. There's a very good chance that Nova will be delisted the following Monday.
The warrants can be exercised from the 24th, which makes the 25th significant.

So, Saruhashi's faxes can be taken to mean: "If everything goes our way, we'll be able to send you a fax on the 19th saying we'll be able to pay you on the 25th."

Highly unlikely.

And there's also the fact that the best chance anyone working for Nova has of seeing their unpaid wages is a decisive bankruptcy, which would result in people working for the company at the time of the bankruptcy getting up to 80% of their money after a wait of about six months. If they quit, they're cutting their losses and leaving. I can see why someone would hesitate to do that. Not only that, but they're surely worried about how what they do now will affect their future job prospects.

Newbies should keep in mind that unemployment and unpaid wages are different things. Unpaid wages are not based on how long you've been working, but on whether or not you were with the company when it went under. Considering the low likelihood of anyone getting paid in full, on time, or even at all, a quick bankruptcy would be best for everyone, even newbies.

People who are talking of a walkout aren't hurting you guys. Unfortunately, the decisions that snowballed to lead to you guys getting hurt were made before you even heard of Nova.

If you really are stuck, most countries' embassies will provide emergency repatriation loans - the catch is whether or not yor country considers your situation an emergency. If you're Australian, you're in luck. (Based on separate, entirely unrelated experiences, I, not being an Aussie, tip my hat to their diplomatic corps, who consistently seem to be a lot more helpful to their countrymen than any other diplomatic corps I've seen.)

Band together, help each other out, but don't make decisions based on the future of Nova. Sadly, that looks about as solid as the tooth fairy's ghost.

hey simpleton,

you should check the definition of 'immigrant' as far as japan is concerned. esl teachers in j-land are 99.9% not classified as such.

you must be a j.

All the respect in the world to you, man. I don't what I'd do in your position. One thing you should know, though, is that, IF Nova declares bankruptcy, you'll get up to 80% of your unpaid wages in six months. That's a very big IF. The only big question mark here is whether or not Nova is going to do the right thing and just end this. That said, as long as you know you're probably in for uncertainty as long as you're with the company, and very well might be in for getting bilked, you do what you can. Best of luck.

If you are still employed by Nova if and when they declare bankruptcy (keep in mind that this is different from going broke), then yes, you will be entitled to up to 80% of your unpaid wages. You'll probably have to wait six months for them, though, and you're going to have to hope that Nova still has its paperwork in order (although I don't seen an incentive for them not to, at least with regards to what they were paying you, etc.)

I wish you all luck today, regardless of what your choice of action will be.

They're not stuck between paying salaries or rent - because they are paying neither. And those who think it should only be over when salaries or rent aren't paid should realize - our salaries are not getting paid today. And, those of you who haven't been informed of an eviction from your NOVA accommodation - are just lucky, and I'll explain. From what I've heard from the guy in accommodations, there's no real link between our "rent money" from our paycheck and what gets paid to the landlords.

Here’s MY first hand account: We work in Saitama and are getting evicted. We have to be out by the end of October. According to the man at Accommodations, our arguments about us having paid the rent and still getting evicted are groundless, in the sense that the money we pay “isn’t earmarked for our landlords”. Instead, “it goes into a big pool of money from which many different things are paid.”

well, I’ll be god damned!

If only we’d had it put this way when we’d signed up!

Of course, they have no problem with putting us in an apartment with higher rent. To this we adamantly reply - “not going to happen” - to be kicked out and forced into a new apartment, and to be charged more after fully understanding that the money we are being charged isn’t going to the landlord anyway.

Of course, I doubt we’ll get paid at all - ever - and so in that sense the rent money isn’t coming out of our pockets but out of our non-existent salaries. What beauty and genius.

And for my point above, those who haven't received eviction notices are just the lucky ones who's landlord hasn't raised a fit yet. I asked what guarantees we have that the next apartment would be paid for - and Accommodations man said, "we have to assume that the rent will be paid, because if it isn't paid, then it doesn't matter because there would be no NOVA." To this I replied, "How can I assume that the rent will be paid, when the very opposite is the exact reason why I'm being kicked out of my apartment?"

"You just have to believe," he said. I believe a lot of things... but not that.



From an inside source...

1. Last Saturday, 700 teachers called in sick,
effectively shutting down several branches for the

2. Shinjuku Honko, Hibiya, Ginza Honko (I think) have
all permanently closed, included several smaller

3. Ichigaya is still in operation, but mornings have
been canceled.

4. Staff and AAM's haven't been paid for several

5. Staff at main office in Osaka were told to pack
everything up and be ready to move out later this

6. Nova stocks, which were suspended will soon be
delisted, making them worthless.

7. On the 16th, after teachers are not paid, most are
expected not to show up for working, leading to the
end of the company.

8. Other schools are not interested in merging with
Nova, instead they will allow the company to go
bankrupt and then purchase student contracts. The
purchasing school will then contact the student whose
contract was purchased and offer to honour the rest of
the contract.

Damn, that sucks! This is true incompetence. If the money is deducted for rent, it should go to rent. If it isn't going to rent, it should not be deducted! It makes you wonder if the money they deducted for "tax" was actually paid to the government or not. Maybe the taxman will show up and claim you haven't paid.

The non payment of rents is the least of anyone's problems, except for the unpaid landlords. There's been plenty of useful advice on this site from helpful people about how to overcome this dilemma if your rent has not been paid. There's also some easy and affordable accommodation solutions but I wouldn't put my landlord's name forward because he doesn't deserve the kind of treatment that some angry tenants have proposed. Good luck.

We'll be meeting in front of Shinjuku head office TODAY (Monday), at 3:00 p.m. Come out, please. Tell everyone you know - Nova employee or not.

For more info:

How about it?

Around 3pm to 3.3pm at OCAT..maybe near by the silver ball.
And then head up to head office?

I hope someone has some well thought out things to say at head office.

Wages Protection Fund

In the case that Nova legally declares bankruptcy, teachers and staff are probably eligible to get 80% of owed wages under the Wages Protection Fund (name could be slightly different). So going to work isn't being an idiot. I think the General Union has more information on this.

does one qualify for unemployment pay if they have a part-time such as a business class, ECC or Gaba?

Here is some important info from a dude that went to the union meeting;

I was just at the General Union meeting. They brought up some useful points:

- For those people interested in information about unemployment benefits, the
Union asked Hello Work to prepare an information sheet. It is accessible online

- Some other points to consider are that most instructors will not actually be
classed as full time workers by Hello Work and the rules for collecting
unemployment insurance are not the same as for full time workers. If you can
remember back when the company offered people the choice to go onto the
government health insurance/pension scheme several different contract types were
created. Basically, to be eligible for the government health insurance you need
to work more than 30 hours a week. Instructors who are on A40 contacts (working
40 lessons per week) and not paying into the government health insurance/pension
scheme are not classed as full time workers. People on the A37 contracts
(working 37 lessons per week) and other contacts less than that are almost
certainly not classed as full time workers. For example, I am on an A40 contract
and because of the unpaid time between lessons I am only paid for something like
29.5 hours. Anyway, the main point is that full time workers only have to be
paying into unemployment insurance for 6 months to be eligible for unemployment
insurance if they quit. People not classed as full time employees (like most of
us) have to have been working for 12 months to collect unemployment insurance if
you quit. But if employees who are not classed as full time (like most of us)
lost their job because the company goes bankrupt, they are eligible for
unemployment insurance after only 6 months.

- I just talked about working for 6 or 12 months to be eligible for unemployment
insurance. You need to have worked for 11 days in a month for that month to

- If you are eligible for unemployment insurance, you can apply for it at the
Hello Work office. You will need proof that you are not working anymore. This
document is called "Rishokuhyo". It indicates why you left. Basically, if it was
the company's fault, you are eligible to apply for unemployment benefits
straight away. If it was your fault ( e.g. you quit) there is a three month
waiting period before you can collect. It is very important to have this form.
You will also need your employment insurance certificate. No major problem if
you don't have your employment insurance certificate now as they can provide you
with another one if you give them your correct personal information. Having your
employment insurance number would make this much easier. Even if you are
eligible to collect and your paperwork is processed there may still be a wait
until you actually receive a payment. This is because it takes a week or two to
process. Then you have to look for work for a couple of weeks before they will
pay you. Then it depends on how far you are away from their designated pay day.
So it could take up to 6 weeks to get some cash even if you are immediately

- If the company goes bankrupt and cannot pay wages, 80% of unpaid wages are
covered by the government. To give you your 80% of unpaid wages, the people
organizing that need to be able to contact you. They will send the necessary
documents to the address they have and if you don't respond they will not look
for you. Luckily, the General Union has agreed to (try to) help Nova instructors
take care of this if the company goes bankrupt. If you are owed wages and change
address, you can send your details to the union and they will pass them on to
the organization dealing with repaying the 80% of lost wages. Send your name,
new address, employee number, branch, phone number, old address, and email
address to .

- At the moment we realize that people are worried and frustrated with what is
going on. The President of the company still has final say over what happens
with your wages. We need to put pressure on him to pay (or if he can't pay, to
declare bankruptcy). He has already broken a long list of laws. The punishment
for not paying us on time is roughly 300,000 yen. Not much really. He was
however directed by the Labor Standards Office to do several things including
pay workers. When Tuesday ticks over he will have violated their previous order.
If prosecuted, that could land him in jail. That is why a group of us are filing
another complaint at the Labor Standards Office on Tuesday. The union is
supporting us there, and the media will also be there. The more people that
attend on Tuesday the more pressure the Labor Standards Office will be under to
act on this. We are meeting at Morinomiya Station (exit 7B) at 10am on Tuesday
the 16th. Spread the word. We really need as many people as we can get there.

How long can you afford to work for free waiting for this perfect opportunity for a ton of privates? Here's a better idea: find another job, tell your students you're leaving, give them your contact information and rates, and leave. Otherwise, your idea sounds as thought out as the way you write.

A long while ago I was f**ked by Nova, who toyed with me and then decided not to renew my contract back in the day. Leaving though was one of the best things to ever happen to me- I fortunately found a new job, then a better one and now have one with great conditions, not to mention the vacations. So there are good people here who'll treat you well, looking after your interests, it just may take some time to find them. I have a lot of sympathy for all you out there and I hope you all get the back wages you deserve, not to mention good new opportunities.

It is good to see Nova exposed for the ******* they are, but play it safe, people and make sure you have a gig, even a small one (ALT is a good bet, easy, safe and stable, Japan NEEDS lots of these) and then build up from there. Nova's hit an iceberg and that iceberg was their own greed.

I support you 100%, you are my new idol, im coming out boys, its raining men ready!!!

Hey everyone

Don`t worry. I had a dream that a giant pink rabbit descended from the heavens carrying a sack of dosh from which everyone was paid and we all lived happily ever after. My dreams always come true, so i`m confident that on friday everyone involved with nova will have a smile on their face, especially those dedicated and outstandins ATs, BTs and AAMs.

Best wishes


If you enter the stock code for NOVA (4655), there is nothing listed anymore.

go to the the 4655 stock number works there, they are still in the JASDEQ.......... for now.

its on the jasdaq, not the tse.
its still listed, for now.

Is anyone planning on working at the MM on Tuesday? I'm going in at 7:30 am to get my stuff and see if anyone showed up. I'm still not sure if I'll work or not.

There are signs on each floor in MM saying "No Entry To Unauthorized Persons."

Last job I applied for had over 880 applicants.

I know a lot of instructors who just got here and haven't even received a single paycheck. I got here a few months back, just before the government stopped nova from making money. Now I'm seeing people trying to desperately find a way back to their country, long term loves calling each other nightly and crying because one can't find a job in Japan and the other can't afford to fly to the gaijins home country, and families with children finding their primary income source cut off.

So yeah, those who have been hoping for this, congratulations.

The Eikaiwa industry will likely fold after this. Ex-Nova instructors were the primary source of teachers for most of the other companies as well. So most likely, there will be a lot more of this soon as the teacher pool slowly evaporates. I wonder how much damage that will do to Japans economy? The longterm effects I think will be severe.

I'm trying hard to find a new job, but that 800 person application most likely shows it will be impossible. I haven't been here as long as so many AT's and family people. I think many people are in this position, and I hope the government owns up to its responsibility for this situation. Their initial penalty was too severe, and destroyed the entire income base for Nova. Sahashi's crap made it much worse, but this wouldn't have happened otherwise.

I agree, the initial penalty was too much, and likely played the biggest part in the downfall of Nova.

But I think you overestimate the effect this will have on the rest of the industry, and on the Japanese economy in general.

Also, I have to question your assertion that most other companies get a lot of their teachers from Nova. When I first left Nova, I tried to get a job at my local Aeon. They refused to even interview me, BECAUSE I had been a Nova teacher.

> last job I applied for had
I think you're a little too bitter at the moment (understandably). but I have to disagree with your assertions...

Eikaiwa's are like fast food joints and Nova is the McDonalds of Eikaiwas.
If McDonalds folds in Japan, sure it may affect the staff and put them out... and especially the long term staff like Mac Managers...

But, the other fast food joints can pick up a bit of the slack to satisfy the junkies and some staff may get employed... other staff will get educated and jobs in other industries...

There'll be some news if McDonalds goes down in Japan. Some people will miss it, some people will be glad it gone. The government probably couldnt care less and it would make the smallest blip on the economy.

Dont overestimate NOVA's importance in the scheme of things... good luck to everyone involved. Hope you get back on your feet soon.

Well, what you have done is collected your perception of a group of rumors. A lot of what is written here is either someone's guess about what will happen or mere nonsense. So, who was your inside source? Some drunk Nova teacher in a bar? 12 different posts on this site?

I think that licking homeless people is enjoyable.

The signs were there to dissuade protesters from bringing in non-MM people (ie union people). Nothing more, nothing less. There was nothing sinister about those signs.

I think Aeon is a good (better than nova by a long way) school. I was a nova teacher who also applied to them in japan and who also didnt even get an interview. It may be they just don'T like recruiting in Japan or it may be they think Nova teachers are shit, which is true for the most part but the responsibility for that lies with nova's lame training system, if you can even call it that!

Put simply this is the best thing that could happen for all the other English Schools and the worst thing that could happen for ALL English teachers in Japan. Think about it............Nova has almost 500,000students that are going to be let loose on the's a feeding frenzy for the other eikawas. It is obviously a horrible situation for the Nova teachers but if you think about is really a terrible situation for all teachers in Japan. Let me explain............before this a person could quite easily find an English teaching job anywhere............if you didn't like the job you were at or they treated you unfairly you could easily leave. NOW, Japan is flooded with English teachers and if you are lucky enough to have a job you better hold on to it. This means that the English Schools have the upper hand on the teachers now............they can decrease wages and treat their employees however they like. For those of us who will follow this thing for the long will be interesting to see what effect it has. I've been in Japan a long time and this is just my opinion...............bad news for the teachers and great news for the schools. Good luck to all of you who didn't get paid and have lost your jobs...............especially those with loved ones here.

hey, where's my post??

Aeone , Ecc, Geos.. They are no better than Nova. The conditions are not great... especially at ecc where many don't have consecutive days off. At Aeon you don't have a choice where you are placed and the pay is worse although the holidays are better. However at Nova you are free to shift swap whenever you like. Don't kid yourselves when you talk about the differences between the companies.

As for being an ALT, why so many believe that acting as a Japanese Teachers Monkey is so much better than being a Nova teacher is a mystery to me. All they do is play stupid games and give the corrections now and again. ALT's get good holidays but shit wages and you get lumbered by yourself with a bunch of Japanese staff who may well be very friendly outwardly but whom resent you for being able to leave on the bell. Also if you are an agency ALT you are by no means secure. Not to mention the fact, they have to teach a large number of disinterested japanese kids day in day out.

This snobbery within our gaigen ranks makes me sick... we should be supporting each other, not cheering other misfortune!!!

"As for being an ALT, why so many believe that acting as a Japanese Teachers Monkey is so much better than being a Nova teacher is a mystery to me."

It isn't a mystery to me. While some ALT jobs offer less money than Nova, others offer more. And the standard 8-13 weeks of vacation, plus national holidays, Golden Week, etc, is a B-I-G plus! I only taught 16 classes a week (and almost every week had at least some class cuts on top of that). I had loads, and loads, and loads of free time when I was an ALT, which allowed me to study Japanese and bring my level up. I played sports with the kids after school and got myself into better shape.

Also, any job I could take to get away from the disgraceful foreign coworkers at my Nova branch was great! I actually took a pay cut, but was much, much happier overall.

Is it still a mystery to you? ;-)

Apparently, unemployment insurance is only 50% of your salary.

I really want anyone who wants to stay in Japan to have a chance to make a go of it. In my view, saying that one job has better conditions to another isn't really snobbery, it's just the way things are and it certainly isn't trying to suggest some people are better than others. I would say that with a positive approach, the ALT gig is one of the best things going here, providing the pay is okay (it can have good pay).

Also, considering all the paid holidays factored in, the hourly pay can be a lot more than possible in an Eikaiwa, with time for evening privates and even intensive courses in the holidays (if you can swing it). I moved from Nova to another, smaller Eikaiwa and the conditions didn't really get better, though I was glad for the change. When I moved into ALT land (some of it actually being the teacher), I noticed a sea change.

Yes, you can be unlucky and be in a bad school or with really resentful colleagues (that's more likely, but even then there'll likely be some friends and enough to make it comfortable). But generally they know that you are a good friend to the kids and the English teachers at least appreciate your presence. The kids are also generally very friendly.

I feel for people who have suddenly had their security pulled away from under their feet. When I lost my Nova position I was in a similar (but not so bad) position. Once I became an ALT/school 'teacher', things got more positive and with a stability that I never found in Eikaiwa. So I'm just saying, there are some sweet ALT things out there and the offer the chance of seeing a lot more positive sides of Japan than I could have seen in Nova. Hearing some positive feed-back at a time like this can be really helpful. I think people who want to stay in Japan have a right to enjoy it, which means having a job they feel good about. But for now, many people may just need a job and to have some cash flow.

Here's a fact, too- ALL my friends who left Nova for ALT jobs were happier in the latter. Even if they got a bit less money. People who came to Japan straight into ALT jobs had a more varied response- some loved it, some hated it. People I know who left ALT jobs for more 'professional' work in Japan look back fondly on those years. So I think it's something to aim at trying.

That's bullshit!!

actually... i can afford working till the 19th... even if it is free
so far picking up students has been great.. i got a whole list of them and from the calculations, it's pretty damn good!!

i have another job already and I AM looking for another to replace nova's. i've been applying before and after work (since i only work part time at nova i have a lot of free time).

this private teaching is just a way to maintain some kind of extra money flow. either way, gettin private students at nova is the same as looking for another job else where.... thats what i am doing.. looking for OTHER opportunities.

and who's to say that i'll stop looking once i get a bunch of privates?? nova's pay was basically my side money. as well, nova was also a place for me to have a place to live. i know what you're going to say now, since i live in nova accomedations, whats gonna happen when nova folds, i'll lose my place!! way a head of u... i've talked to the landlord and she's gonna cancel her contract with nova and allow me (and the other 3 nova apartments) to live in the same place paying the REAL rent.

so ya... i think my plans are pretty well thought out =P

And the best thing about being an ALT in a school is that, unlike at Nova, there's no clause forbidding you from dating the students!

Err.... ummmm...... is that what I meant to say? :-)

but it's against the law you prick!

Don't call me a prick, I was just joking. I'm always happy when I find a new audience to tell it to.

Do y'all think that you are going to get paid tomorrow?
(I hope for Jumping' Jesus Sakes that y'all do.)

Just curious.

Edutainer in Aichi

Paid tomorrow??? What kind of question is this? There won't be any money!!! It's over!!! No more money for good!!!

We were informed today that the rent for the MM Center was paid for the next 5 months yesterday. I guess the mysterious "text" was a load of crap after all. What a surprise.

you get to be on vacation at the exact same time as everyone else in Japan. Bonus!!! Oh gee, oh wow, where do I sign up for that???

I hope that you Nova people do indeed get paid.
I was just wondering what the consensus was among you all. If you indeed thought salary would be forthcoming or not. By your response I guess "no" would be the answer.

Happens all the time in scam businesses, worldwide.(Especially English Schools in Japan). Screw the customers (Students), screw the workers (Teachers and Staff; imagine the receptionist girl/school manager and 0120-324929, that has to mediate with the unhappy lot!), while the top take the profit, cut the losses, take the profit again, and POOF! "Money talks and bullshit runs! Leaving you suckers to walk!" " No Pay, you say!" Well, the reality is; they would have paid already, if they could. You teachers might get some crumbs at the end, when they sell off the "Lions Mansion Rabbit Hutches" that you have shared and lived in a group, leaving you with no room nor privacy, even when you want to fart. But don't forget, before they "PAY" you lot, they have to "PAY A LOT" back to the customers first, then the Japanese workers, then you "GAIJINZZZZZzzzzzz". Good Luck to the Teacher's Union (Wonder why NOVA had one in the first place, it shutdown the site in anycase), The point is; by then, you would have gone back to your countries! And the NOVA Owner, who can't spell his first name correctly or properly (Dodgy/sketchy characteristic of a typical person with major complexes=con artist types) will be having champagne for breakfast with his offshore bankers, in The Virgin Islands. "The One With The Money, Aways Wins-----at the END! HA, HA HAhhhhhh!!!

The basic fact behind all this is, like above, that Nova was all the time a scam. They promised things to the students that they couldn't deliver and then the government (effectively) shut them down as a punishment. We mostly realised this when we were working there- all hype and no substance and students parting with vast sums of money for something very different than they were promised. They have provided something, but it's closer to the host/hostess industry of time to converse politely than English teaching from 'teachers with 3 years of training in their own countries', that they frequently promised. Frequently. Hence, students who couldn't enjoy the informal style of things complaining (often they wanted a particular kind of teacher, which with Nova's intentionally random style, just couldn't happen or were bothered by someone leaning in a chair after teaching 8-odd lessons), which finally hit a critical mass.

Of all my time teaching in Japan, I mostly only got complaints in Nova. You know why? Because they had lied to the students as to what to expect, just as they mislead the teachers. Now, the main thing is teachers getting their earned salaries, for doing what they were trained and paid to do. But people feeling bitter about how the government punished Nova need to remember just how deep the dishonesty goes. If they'd been honest and said what they were really offering (a place to practice English with a native speaker and learn more if you make a lot of effort), they would have survived, but never become as unusually large as they did as they did this by tricking people into signing up large parts of their savings.

Here's an interesting anecdote. When I was doing my training for lesson demos, they said to try and make it so fun and seem so necessary that the student will join up. I said, 'Well, what if you really don't think that this is the best thing for them?'. Everyone laughed and said I was so moral. Actually, I was showing practical basics in treating customers- you don't sell them something they have no use for, as by doing that you invite returns and on top of that damage your reputation for honesty, you look like you just don't care.

Nova's problem is that however big they got, they never started looking after their own workers (unlike other companies that people resent, like Microsoft), let alone their customers. They expected teachers and students alike to just move on and 'respect' Nova's 'right' to screw them. They thought that by paying just a little bit more to certain people, they'd buy their loyalty. Nova's problem is they just don't care. We'd just better hope that the people managing unemployment benefit etc. do and that there will still be enough jobs here to go around, because Nova or no Nova, a lot of people want to come to Japan.

Well said, you certainly identified their business model.
I just think that a year from now, assuming Nova's still in business, most of us will have left, leaving almost no one to remember this dark period and the ill-treatment we have received. Nearly all instructors will be new, fresh-faced, and just as gullible as they ever have been. It'll be business as usual perhaps, as long as the industry hasn't been tarnished by Nova's actions in the eyes of students.

Pretty much true. I always felt like i was part of a scam during my years working for Nova and finally left with a fair bit of guilt. Also wondering if all you instructors got paid on the 19th after all as there is no mention either way.

I'm not a Nova teacher but am just watching the show.

I am just so totally shocked and ashamed (as a fellow human being) that some people are still working for what was Nova. YOU COMPLETE AN UTTER MORONS. You are lower and dumber than whale shiit!.

First, Nova, never a good company to begin with to put it mildly, is finished. Where are they going to get money now? Nova would be a horrible investment and NO students are going to give them more money after this. DUH! All you are doing is working off a tiny bit of their debt.

The Japanese government does not give a rats ass about some foreign workers. You can get any unemployment owed you in the end but nothing more. You are not voters nor their responsibility.

The Japanese do not care about you any more than you care about a convenience store worker that serves you. That is just the way people are-especially to foreigners.

Therefore, get a job or get out of Japan. If you want to do charity work, go to some third world country.


for your information, the ambassadors of Spain, Australia, UK and France are having a meeting tomorrow in order to do the possible they can in Japan to avoid the Japanese government to treat us like scum. By now, the only people who have treated us like animals are Monkey and some higher Nova employees (foreigners, by the way). I have seen racism in my own school by foreigners, never by any Japanese. AND by now, the Japanese government at HelloWork has made all possible things to make our life easier, always according to the established Law for all residents in Japan, Japanese or gaijin.
Don't speak about what you don't know.

The Japanese government has 'misplaced' 70 million Japanese peoples retirement pensions, there is no way on earth the government is going to give money to unemployed gaijin. We dont have the vote here, so they can get away with it. Some ambassadors are having a meeting? Given all of the shit the LDP has to face from its voters about a range of issues from scandelous politicians, breaking the constitition to send the SDF places, and the pension problem, a meeting with the ambassadors will not get anyone shaking in thier boots, nor do they care about foriegn opinion back home.
However big NOVA was, it still only served a very tiny fraction of the population (nova students were about 0.5% of national population), and ex-nova teachers whilst a big group of people if they are all begging on the streets one day, are disposable. Havent any of you ever read any comments by the repeatedly re-elected Mayor of Tokyo?

I am not trying to flame anyone or be a know it all. Please get this all in perspective. The earthquake in Kobe killed almost 6500 people, and the government didnt send anyone to help for two weeks. They are not going to help you.


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