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A means of networking for Eikaiwa/English school owners and information for setting up a business in Japan (procedures, legal issues, etc.)
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Eikaiwa for sale

Unread post by eikaiwa » Thu Jul 21, 2016 2:57 pm

Hi all. I am currently running a small but stable English conversation school and am considering returning 'home' in a few months. Has anyone here had any experience or heard of others returning home and being successful selling their schools before leaving Japan?

I've read a few posts here in which people suggest that owners selling English schools are scammers, but I can't see what's wrong trying to recover some investment or being rewarded for building business - goodwill. Someone wishing to start their own school faces quite a few upfront costs (key money, rental fees, furniture, advertising... well we all know whats involved.) Providing a potential buying likes the area the school is in, what do you think the chances of finding a suitable new owner and where have you seen schools being advertised for sale before?

Does anyone have any ideas?


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