Govt to facilitate residency visas for foreign entrepreneurs

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Govt to facilitate residency visas for foreign entrepreneurs

Unread post by Tall Tall Tree » Mon Apr 06, 2015 3:20 pm
Starting in April, the [Justice] ministry will grant residency status to investors and business managers even if they have not registered a company yet.

Residency status will be granted if the ministry can confirm, after examining relevant documents such as articles of incorporation and business plans, that the purpose of establishing an entity is to launch a business in Japan. In such cases, residency status will be initially granted for four months.

If the planned corporate registration is completed in the four-month period, the ministry will change the foreign national’s status to a longer-term residency.
Might be of use for foreigners interested in starting a biz in Japan but can't enter the visa cheat code (up up down down marry a local B A).

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