New Opportunities - Endaka is Back

A means of networking for Eikaiwa/English school owners and information for setting up a business in Japan (procedures, legal issues, etc.)
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New Opportunities - Endaka is Back

Unread post by Wage Slave » Sun Nov 02, 2008 1:24 pm

So, it looks like we are back to a strong yen for a while. For our little sideline importing antiques and collectables it is excellent news. It is much easier to make it worth the effort now and we are buying much more stuff. On the other hand, a lot more people will be attracted into the market. Hopefully, the skills and reputation built up over the last 4 years or so will help us keep ahead of the newbies.

It must be worth thinking of things you can buy at home to sell here now - Going to be pretty tough the other way round for a while.
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