Question about a life in Japan

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Question about a life in Japan

Unread post by akazoroe » Mon Jan 20, 2014 1:08 pm

Hey everyone.
I’m new here and looking for your opinions on jobs for myself in the Osaka area.

At current I am living in the USA with my Japanese wife. I have been teaching at a University here since 2009. I have been teaching in an Art department and have a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Art. As many of you know, economically, things have been rough in the USA and this problem has finally caught up with my own life. The university I teach at has made some bad (stupid) choices on top of lower and lower enrollment numbers. As a result, I have been cut to part-time (half-pay as well) and there are no other jobs in my area and all other nationwide are extremely competitive.

From this point my wife and I are considering moving back to Japan due to the details above and her aging parents. I realize that an eikaiwa job wont quite cut it for supporting a family and so I am researching other options. I am fine with teaching English and do love teaching so I am not opposed to teaching positions if they pay well enough. (10 years ago I spent 3 years teaching English in Tokyo so I actually have some of that experience.)

I am asking if you think my University teaching experience here will elevate me in any way above the typical college grad that is hoping to teach in Japan. I am asking if I have a chance of anything more than that and if so what it might be. I have no Tesol certs or anything but could get that if need be. What if I acquired a Masters in English teaching before going to Japan? Would I then be employable above the 250,000yen base pay grade? Maybe at a Japanese University? Or other?

Other details: I am 41 years old, speak basic Japanese (can bring that language level to a more decent level in a years time no problem).

There must be more to tell you but I’ll leave it at that for the time being.

Thank you for your time and input.

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