Questions RE extended stay in Japan

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Questions RE extended stay in Japan

Unread post by BaconMan » Tue Nov 06, 2012 11:00 am

Hey there,

I've been reading this forum extensively and have done some Google searching and haven't really found an answer to these questions so I figure I'll just post a thread and risk being told to L2FG

I'd like to visit Japan for an extended time (>90 days allowed for tourists). It seems there are many channels to do so through recruiters in Canada seeking English teachers, but the thing is I'm not really looking to teach. I dont need to earn any income in Japan at all.

So what are my options? Can I just travel across the border and re-enter Japan from a neighboring country and 'reset' my 90-day tourist visa?
Or should I apply for an eikaiwa job anyway? I dont want to teach but I do have English teaching experience and a TEFL cert so I suppose that could be a path to take. Is your 1-yr work visa tied to the place you work or is it still valid if you change jobs/quit? Can you get a work visa for part-time work? What happens if youre on a 'work visa' but not reporting any income?
What are my options for longer-term accommodations in Japan?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated,

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