The KFC that can't

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The KFC that can't

Unread post by allblacks » Tue Feb 14, 2017 7:57 am ... d=11799993

"KFC Whanganui is short-staffed — hence the problems at the restaurant, says national spokeswoman Rewa Willis.

On Sunday the restaurant had to be closed and only the drive-through was open for those seeking a fast-food fix.

Pedestrians who could not access the restaurant also tried lining up at the drive-through only to be turned away for safety reasons.

"We are actively recruiting for new staff to be able to resolve these issues," Willis said.

"When there are insufficient staff for a shift, they cannot operate both the restaurant and drive-through effectively and safely, and need to close.

"On this occasion, a decision was made to close the restaurant and leave the drive-through operating.""

The above is no surprise to me. A local KFC in South Osaka has two or three customers for lunch every day. How they keep the lights on is beyond me! Yes. It's a small percentage of the day but if it's anything to go on it speaks volumes!

With the decline of McDonald's here in Japan you gotta wonder.

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