PLC(s) for sale

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PLC(s) for sale

Unread post by MacGyver » Sun Jan 22, 2012 1:51 pm

This is the Wikipedia page explaining what a PLC is, but essentially it is a wired "wireless" LAN. So what you do is plug in the master into a power point and connect the LAN cable to your modem/router. You then plug in the slave to a power point anywhere in your apartment/house and connect the LAN cable in the slave to your PC. Without a WIFI router or a long cable, you are now surfing the interwebs at a speed comparable to being plugged into the modem/router directly. So not only is a PLC faster than a WIFI router, it is also more secure as you are using a cable, not broadcasting wirelessly, which anyone in range can grab.

I would like to sell the following:
Buffalo PL2-UPA-L1/S (x2) @ 6,000 yen ea OBO
Buffalo PL2-UPA-L1 (x2) @ 3,000 yen ea OBO

Buffalo PL2-UPA-L1/S is a master (1) and slave (1) set, which I am selling 2 sets.

The Buffalo PL2-UPA-L1 is a single slave, of which I am selling 2.

They are all brand new and have only been used a handful of times. I am prepared to bargain/offer discounts if someone would like to purchase more than one item. Also worth noting is they don't come with LAN cables, even though they originally did. FWIW, they were 1m LAN cables; cables of that length can be purchased for a few hundred yen at any electronic store. I also only have one manual (in Japanese) but I can easily photocopy it. I can help anyone who can't understand the instructions but its worth noting that set-up is extremely simple. All you have to do is power them up, connect them, and away you go.

The single slaves are ideal for those who already have a master and need another or if you buy the master/slave set and want an extra slave for a second computer or for your roommate.
Buffalo PLC page

Feel free to ask me questions and/or make comments either here or by PM.
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