Internship/short work in Japan?

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Internship/short work in Japan?

Unread post by Janeychu » Mon Nov 10, 2014 9:56 pm

Hey! Not sure if posting in the right section, so happy to be moved :D

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where to look for short term internships/work/possibly study in Japan?

I'm looking at whats available between Late June - Early August, or early December - late February next year as these are my uni breaks. A lot of what I've found available so far are longer 12 month contracts or expensive short term language courses. I have a little money behind me, but a lot of what I have found just seems too expensive to me, as my previous study in Japan was very reasonably priced. Ultimately, I'd love to do some sort of short term ALT or conversation work

As for my background, I have done a previous semester of study in Japan, along with two Language education units. *Hopefully* by the end of next year, I'll have competed a Bachelor of music and a diploma of language (obviously with a Japanese major).

If anyone has any recommendations on what could be available for me considering my "qualifications", I'd be really grateful! Thanks!

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