Intercrap is taking away summer vacations

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Intercrap is taking away summer vacations

Unread post by happymeal79 » Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:37 pm

So this year Inter** is making their employees work at a summer camp they set up from July 22nd to the end of July and Aug 21st to the end of August. They are making it mandatory and offering no extra pay.

They are getting away with this because of the way they fudge the numbers on their contracts: Because you get paid in full for July and partial for August, they fill those days when school is out with what they call "work days" where you are paid but haven't been assigned any work (yet). I thought they were just doing it for easy book keeping but now they are taking advantage of it and making us work at a camp for no extra money.

My question is: is this F@$#@$ legal?! Is there no recourse? I usually work a summer job to make up for the crap salary, but now I can't because I'm not available.

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