Teaching in Japan vs Teaching in Korea.

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Teaching in Japan vs Teaching in Korea.

Unread post by bostonaussie » Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:40 pm

hey there team,

I have noticed a few posts relating to comparing teaching in Japan to teaching in Korea, so thats where this stems from. I have also lived/taught in both Japan and Korea so am able to converse on both. Not real sure where this thread will lead but i guess a few starting points could include -

- Teaching in Japan v Teaching in Korea - positives and negatives of both.
- Is Korea better then Japan for ESL and vice versa ?
- comparing personal experiences, both good and bad, of living/working in Korea and Japan..
- Anti-Japanese/Korean sentiments you may have encountered along the way ..
- Comparing conditions of work in both countries..
- Whats better - EPIK ( English Program In Korea - similar to JET ) or JET ??

Feel free to comment.

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