If you could ask any former Nova TI or AAM one thing ....

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If you could ask any former Nova TI or AAM one thing ....

Unread post by bostonaussie » Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:43 pm

What would you ask them ?? Seriously !!! Maybe I am just being nostalgically retroactive or having a sense of " retra-vu", but there has actually been one thing I would love to bring up with any of my former TIs/AAMs should I ever, from some bizarre happening, ever cross paths with them again. Back in early 2000s, I was a semi active contributor on the NTU yahoo group and Dave's forums, along with here, and of course mine, and the group and forums, main topics usually revolved around the goings on of NOVA at the time. I know I got called in a little bit of " please explain" a few times when my postings were viewed by higher ups and eventually made their way to whomever my AT or AAM was at the time. I must admit that my ATs and AAM were actually quite cordial in their chatter, yet you could see they were still very happy to jump of the defense of McWazza. Which brings me to this - Given all of what was said about NOVA through the various mediums, given that they defended NOVA, and given that NOVA was finally caught out and basically rendering any defence of it to be rather futile ..... I would love to ask them how they feel about the defence they continuously gave for a company that was eventually hung, drawn and quartered for reasons that occupied much discussion and forum space on the aforementioned mediums ?? I dunno why I would love to ask it ... but wow its just been something that entered my mind in recent times.... Sign of being crazy maybe !?!?!

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