Interac Bankruptcy...?

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Interac Bankruptcy...?

Unread post by genieZero » Sat Sep 25, 2010 11:29 am

GU Home > GU News > Interac News - 21 Sep 2010






*「大阪府労働委員会からの『ゼネラルユニオンへの労組法違反の謝罪文提出命令を、まだ履行していない』  件については、解散前であっても謝罪拒否を通し、以後の係争は、AP18社に承継してもらう」


 全国からユニオンに寄せられている報告によると、APは、「Advantage Partnets」の略らしく、
 9月10日付の官報には、AP20社の解散公告が掲載されています。牛角やレックス関連で、「アドバンテー ジパートナーズによる不公正なTOBと戦う株主の会」という被害者の会も結成されています。





From October 1st Interac will cease to exist. The company, due to financial distress, was bought out by Advantage Partnets...a management buyout company. After informing the authorities of their financial problems Interac asked for a buyout company to take them over.

AP has many bought out companies on its books...Interac is acquisition number 18...Interac's book section was bought out too...acquisition number 19. AP has already bought an unrelated company...number 20. It is best to view such a company as a stripping company...that is they buy out companies in financial difficulties then strip them down and sell them off. AP has already made it clear that from October 1st it will dissolve Interac.

What all this means for ALT's I don't know...? Your guess is as good as mine. Interac has many employees who frequent this board...unfortunately Interac has been lying to them with regards to what is happening to their company. They never wanted to tell ALT's that the ship was sinking because they might jump ship. For all Interac employees you need to ask your supervisors/managers etc...what is going to happen...ask them for the truth.

Interac have never informed the BOE's they contract with. This is changing as documentation is currently being sent to all BOE's concerned. I myself have been given documentation to send to all the BOE's in my area.

I would like to think that this is the beginning of the end for ALT dispatch companies...but I imagine that others will try and fight for Interac's cut of the market. Nevertheless it shows that all that low bidding to win contracts is starting to have an effect on parasitic companies like Interac.

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Re: Interac Bankruptcy...?

Unread post by jchel » Sat Jun 22, 2013 5:40 pm

We can only pray that they and the other parasitic companies such as Altia are finally shown the door.

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