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Election 2009: Judgment Day

Flipping through the channels this evening, I nearly spat my dinner out as I landed on Fuji TV and caught one of their commercials for their coverage of the upcoming election. This is undoubtedly a historic election for Japan as all indications point to a major defeat of the LDP. So, how would you go about marking this momentous changing of the guard? Some sort of historical retrospective put to martial music? Something more somber with subdued trumpets in the background?

How about The Terminator?

Apparently, impending doom it their theme for this election. Sadly, I couldn't find any video so this picture will have to do for now. It's not the greatest but you can clearly make out the 審判の日 and Judgment Day. Unfortunately the broadcasters media workers obscure the apocalyptic background. What the commercial showed was Taro Aso and other politicians from the Terminator's interface, complete with targeting bull's eyes and scrolling data, all set to the movie's iconic music. Seriously, WTF?

Is Fuji TV trying to tell us that the apocalypse is upon us or are they so desperate to attract viewers that they have no qualms about cheapen the election by associating it with a movie about the end of the world? If it's the latter, they've got me hooked. It'll make for some interesting viewing this weekend, not for its in-depth coverage (with Aya-pan!) but because I won't believe it until I see it with my own eyes.


Don't do it, man! Save yourself! Fuji TV rots your brain!

Fuji TV especially likes to mock politicians and make out that all politicians are stupid and not to be taken seriously.

Alright, most of them are, but at the same time they're in positions of power and are making decisions every day that affect millions of people's lives.

The less seriously people take politics, the more chance it gives politicians to get away with things they maybe shouldn't be allowed to get away with. And that's exactly what they and their buddies at Fuji TV and other media outlets want.

The Ripper

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