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Coup d'etat: Sahashi Fired

Sahashi is gone. According to the Yomiuri Shimbun, at an emergency board meeting held by Mr. Watanabe, Ms. Yoshisado, and Anders Lundqvist last night in Tokyo, the board of directors staged a coup d'etat and fired Sahashi citing non-confidence in his ability to lead the company.

More from the article: Sahashi was not at the meeting (he's still hiding). Nova has debts in excess of 50 billion yen. The board of directors will try to reorganize Nova under the Corporate Rehabilitation Law.

Trying to rebuild under the Corporate Rehabilitation Law means that Nova is essentially bankrupt. The fat lady has sung.



A previous article stated that Anders resigned as a director.

Can this be so?

If only the board had been more proactive earlier, maybe things would not have gotten so bad and there would have been a little more faith in the company. It's difficult to quantify how much mistrust there is out there for Nova at the moment, and one wonders how long it will take for the public in general, and the staff in particular, to get over that. Parlous state of affairs that Sahashi is still in hiding though, why can he not come out and do the honourable thing, like falling on his sword and taking the rap for this. And how is it possible that he can keep shooting out those little missives of his and no one know where he is? We need to get Inspector Gadget on the case.

Where is this article?

The article about saruhashi fired is on yomiuri online (jap. version)

Here are a couple of links, courtesy of ex-sensei:

[ Dismissal, and today's reproduction method application for president Saruhashi of NOVA ]

[ NOVA is liabilities 50 billion yen or more to the corporate rehabilitation law application ]

Hmmm. Does this actually mean anything? Hadn't Lundqvist already resigned, and would Sahashi even bother recognizing the decision? It seems doubtful given the fact that Sahashi has operated this company as a rogue anyhow, and that he, essentially, holds the purse strings, however attenuated or non-existent they may be.

I have a sense that the parties interested in pay are willing to wait Sahashi out; that in the procees of gathering funds he has sold every single one of his physical assest (doubtful) and will produce some monies before the end of this month (highly unlikely). This recent development, though, appears to function more as a convenient exit for Sahashi than anything else. Addmittedly it's a rebuke in the strongest sense, but at this point, and going forward, Sahashi isn't a responsible party. And that Nova chooses to soilder on despite the fact that it's an insovlent company only proves to show that everyone (the corporate officers, at least) is trying their damnedest to avoid criminal prosecution. Whether or not they will is an open question.

And yet, it will be interesting to see what type of injury the hydra-head beast inflicts upon to itself in the days to come. With the decision making fragmented (surely there are a few Sahashi stalwarts still remaining), I expect dueling faxes rallying the partisans.

It goes without saying that I still haven't been paid but with Sahashi gone some of my anger and ill feeling towards him and the company has quelled.

I haven't been at work for over a week and it gives me no pleasure telling my branch everyday that I am not coming to work because of non payment of my salary.

So my question this morning is..
"Is there any point at going in or calling today?"

In the back of my mind I get this feeling staff, instructors and students are going to get a hand from somewhere (possibly the government and banks), stranger things have happened and continue to happen in the Japanese legal and corporate world. Consumer confidence is spiralling in Japan at present in a whole range of industries. The Meat Hope one in recent days as a case in point. Not to mention the pension fund problems. So with Nova you have another 500000 + people disaffected when you include Novas landlords, suppliers, printers etc..

I think for the good of everyone the blow has to be softened immediately starting with paying the J staff and instructors a lot of whom will return to work at once and give the students what they paid for. This would take a some pressure and angst of the future receivers of the company, even if it was just for three more months.

Mr Lunquist, Mr Watanabe, and Ms Yoshisado-san...
what is your message to your thousands of employees today?

I will survive..we all will, but it could be a little less comfortable for a while. I still have to come up with some money in the next four days to pay all my debts for the month.

We now need some kind of announcement from the board ASAP.

Any thoughts re my question about working today?

I would wait to hear the government's promises first.
Don't listen to other Nova teachers or the owner.

In the meantime...STAY HOME!

I just learned that NOVA have claimed bankruptcy to the tune of a 50,000,000,000 yen loss. However, as there are so many people's jobs in jeopardy; the government have stepped in and will use tax payer's money to fund the company and will assume the role of management.

This is the news as it appears on Yahoo! Japan:


10月26日6時34分配信 読売新聞





I was called just now (8:50am) on Friday and told not to go in to work because NOVA is closed. Everything is over. NOW HOW DO I APPLY FOR UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS? Please respond!

Perhaps somebody already posted this news previously in this thread.
Sorry if people believe my post to spam.

Well, that was about 2 1/2 hours of hope for those still working at NOVA. Seems the final nails have been hammered into the coffin!

It seems to me like NO ONE in the company knows what it happening or what will happen, but there is still a good chance NOVA will officially file for bankruptcy. IF that happens, you will be penalized for not going to work. Unless you are taking paid holidays, you should go to work. After bankruptcy is declared, you will be able to get up to 80% of your wages from the government under the unemployment insurance you have been paying. I am going to work still. I don't like not being paid for what I do, but there's a chance (I think a good chance) that I will be paid eventually.

Are you (like most NOVA instructors) looking for a new job?

A lot of good UI information can be found in the forums here:

"Ding Dong the With is Dead!"

Could someone clarify what this actually means for employees? Has the damn ship finally sunk, or does this newfound "protection" mean that the company is trying to repair itself (i.e. by not officially declaring bankruptcy and continuing to withold salaries)?

There is no hope for some people.

Go and read the forums you idiot, do something proactive and stop waiting for other people to help you. All the info about UI and unpaid wages is on the Forums. Did you need help to turn on the computer or what?

And the idiot above talking about getting 80% of unpaid wages, stop talking about what you don't understand. The JLHWO organisation won't cover unpaid wages from NOVA as its too big, and the most we will see at UI is 60% given the usual teachers salary range.

For Gods sake people, do a little research for yourselves.

I just called Personnel right now(9:20am), & the guy I spoke with doesn't know anything about schools not being open today. He thinks it's just on a branch by branch basis.

Thanks, exUsagiCoalMiner for an actual website, instead of calling me an idiot. That's being proactive!

Here's a link explaining the employment insurance scheme in English and Japanese:

And the homepage of the Osaka foreign service center (part of hello work):

Good luck!

Thanks a lot!

Good Morning everyone and how are we all today?

I am not so good.

Following Mr Sahashi's fax of a promise to procure funds to the tune of, 700000000000000000000000000000yen I decided to invest in a bid to buy Aichi prefecture.

Now you guys are telling me I have to go to Hello what?

Heh heh, well I think Sahashi has lived up to his fax. "I will resolve the salary issue in a day or two".
Thanks Sahashi!

what about those who have started recently (since sept 1st). There's no unemployment for them is there?

Please don't call me an idiot! I resigned from NOVA back in June!
I've been in a secure job for quite some time now...

Yeah thanks for resolving the salary issue once and for all.

Someone find me a calendar I've lost count now of how many days I'm owed.

See you down at Hello Work Mr S.

In the meantime if there should be any remaining scraps or bits of skin on that rotting pink carcass of our lepus cuniculus usagi could the board please see fit to deposit it in my UFJ account. It's just that I can get two cup noodles for 190 yen at my local supermarket today and tomorrow.

Just got off the phone with FP...all branches are ifs ands or buts...nova has just exited stage right

Yes, I just got called (10:20) and was told not to come to work. Guess this is it!

I just got off the phone with FP as well, I called them to get my unemployment insurance information, the guy I spoke to was really chill, he said he was there last night and knows about the meeting that took place and what's going on.

Apparently Mr. Watanabe is now the acting president, and that this doesn't affect Saruhashi's financial and legal responsibility as the decisions were made by him using his own stocks as leverage. Additionally, he was quite optimistic and said it was good news as a lot of companies had been looking to buy in to Nova for a long time but couldn't because of Monkey Bridge and now things are possible. How much I believe his optimism is another issue, but, my stand at this point is that everyone has been screwed over indiscriminately so how would he stand to profit by lying?

Anyway, the other piece of relevant information he gave me is that there is a huge statement, to the tune off 5 or 6 pages, coming from Nova later today. It's not out yet because they're still translating it into English, but it will be up on both in Japanese and English, talking about what's going to happen from here. I'm sure it will fall into the category of optimistic yet entirely unrealistic crap, the same as all the other announcements, but I'm willing to see where the new(er, not really new but newly empowered) management is going to try to lead things.

They might just do something intelligent and file for bankruptcy insurance, who knows?

And, for you instructors out there who are strapped regarding information on UI, call FP or email them and ask them for a copy of your unemployment insurance card and ask them for your card number, which I received without delay, so that you can at least go down to Hello Work and give them that number along with the rest of the things you need to get things started while you wait for your card. He said you can have the card mailed to your home address, which for me is infinitely preferable as I have no intention of setting foot in a branch again except under extreme duress.

Hope this helps.

Yeah, I just called FP and they said until further notice all is closed. Will FP call us and let us know what is going on? I was suprised people were there. What about if we have been here a few months? Are we in a different boat then people who have been here more than half a year?

Additionally, he said that the branches were closed today, but today only, as the result of the news falsely reporting that branches would be closed. So Nova decided to close for the day to avoid confusion.
He said either way come Monday we'll know exactly what's gonna happen, tank or live.

Again, I'm skeptical of optimists, but again my question becomes, why the hell would he lie at this point?

Saying that the fat lady has sung is crap and makes me very angry.

The fat lady has NOT sung. We are still in limbo of not knowing what to do, not being able to pick up wages OR qualify for unemployment insurance. Those of us who have not had our paycheck delayed twice are completely screwed by this. This whole situation has made me the most angry I've ever been in my life.

Also, we have a lot of differences in information.

Says that Anders Lundqvist resigned. You're saying he didn't. Until we hear some news directly from Nova, the fat lady has NOT sung. Until the company files for bankruptcy or pays our salaries, the fat lady has NOT sung.

Hey Dave, I thought you have resign before you can receive your insurance card. Is there a different procedure now that bankruptcy ball is rolling?

And, for you instructors out there who are strapped regarding information on UI, call FP or email them and ask them for a copy of your unemployment insurance card and ask them for your card number, which I received without delay, so that you can at least go down to Hello Work and give them that number along with the rest of the things you need to get things started while you wait for your card

If you haven't been here for 6 months yet, the only difference is that you are not eligible for unemployment insurance. You need to be working for at least 11 days in 6 different months.

yeah be patient just a little more people. I know we have all been screwed over...enjoy these holidays (and they better be paid ones!) felt good to toppatsu from Saipan last Monday.

MM Centre's still open and it's business as usual there. News report on TV a few mins ago (11am) said major meeting of top execs at 3PM today.

this is a message from stephen farley, group leader at personnel quality control in West japan.

"well guys, all good things must come to an end. no branches will be open today. instructors should not go to work. we are translating 6 pages of information that will be posted on our website, this will be the only place where instructors can access this information - i will try to get it put on the teachinjapan blog as well.
Stephen Farley."

i just had a conversation with my AAM about this mail. he forwarded it to me, says its genuine. he says that the company has filed for bankruptcy but not to start cheering yet. im no expert on bankruptcy laws but it seems there are two types. 1)we are bankrupt and the liquidators come in, sell everything and we hopefully get paid. 2)we are going bankrupt, sahashi mismanaged, please give us a chance to keep limping along.

but there is no work today, guys. stay home and enjoy the weather.

MM is NOT business as usual! ALL 10:50 lessons today were canceled for ALL teachers. Everyone was instructed to wait in the "refresh room" for further instructions.

Regardless of today's announcement, Nova is still 60 billion yen in debt, Sahashi is still the majority shareholder and the Virgin Islands deal is still on the table. Who wants to buy into or work for this company anymore. Those directors are just trying to save themselves from prosecution. This is going to be a long long process and we will never see any money. Not now, not ever. I agree that Lauren girl on Facebook has some real problems with reality.

I'm referring to the slip you should have gotten when you were first employed, as is mentioned in a lot of the UI postings. I don't have one for whatever reason, so I called to see if I could get one. What they gave me was that number, which identifies me to the social insurance program, and they told me to email them to ask for a card. It's kinda cryptic because I myself don't understand it well enough to state clearly. Sorry for that.

hmmm Saipan eh...? did you by chance do some diving there?? if so did you get to dive Eagle Ray City??!! definitely one of the highlights of Saipan!! lucky you!!

Read the f-ing news. Anders "tendered" his resignation. (I'll give ya free engrish lesson sensei.) Means he handed in his resignation. Something like " I hereby resign my position on November 15, 2007. blah blah blah." He wants all the benefits and options, etc., so he correctly gave the company its 30-day notice.

PS: I was standing in front of Omiya station last night, the nova office was all lit up, one cute japanese girl behind the counter. I walked in, thought I would talk to her a bit, see how she is doing. She was there to tell students no lessons tonight, in case any showed up. All on her own of course, no pay. And yeah the situation sucks, but she was worried about the students not knowing what was going on, etc. So I ran over and bought her a McDonald's value meal.

PPS: yep I got an email and a promise of a better dinner next time.

Umm this has already been posted but you said "Until the company files for bankruptcy" well correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that exactly what happened a few hours ago see:

And all this time we're sitting here talking about investment hyenas going in for the kill :) Nice work.

Oh yes very crafty indeed. Just happened to be walking by huh?

I got an email from the Canadian embassy in Tokyo. Nova is bankrupt, they're offering advice and say they can even recommend some lawyers. I tried to post the full text before, but it didn't actually show up in the forum.

I wonder what happens to that 70 million yen Sahashi got from the VI deal the other day? If I were him I would stay in hiding. There are going to be some very scary gangster types looking for him now.

An announcement is up on now, but it's only in Japanese. There are also 3 .pdf files at the bottom linked, again in Japanese. Presumably, and English one will be up soon.

I just tried to post it again, but it didn't show up. Some kind of filter is blocking it (or some other web forum garbage that I don't understand). If any Canadians here are not registered with the embassy, you should do it now and ask them for the email.

would the penguin be Anders?

What I think is the most interesting is that the Kameda (boxer) story has been all over the news, fucking hours of coverage, while the only NOVA news I've seen was a 1:30 report on the schools being closed today. Fucking sweet!

"Nova is still 60 billion dollars in debt"

God you people are stupid! Court protection means protection from creditors! If approved--and it will be--this means that NOVA will be allowed to continue without having to repay its creditors, for the time being at least. With Sahashi out the new management structure will have the freedom to completely revamp NOVA policy giving them a fighting chance at survival. Banks and investors will give the company cash now that Sahashi has been removed. There will be downsizing, but teachers will be getting paid regularly from now on.

But I suppose all you NOVA teachers would rather things continue badly just so you can come on the internet and bitch about it. I guess that's more gratifying than NOVA actually surviving and paying you...

I feel like I've had this conversation before, Mr. Butthole...

Word is that all schools are closed until November 5th (not sure what's going to happen after that though).

I also heard that there is some kind of meeting (which anyone can attend) to explain what happened and what people should do, today at 5:30 at the NS Building in Tokyo (sorry, not sure about Osaka people).

Has anyone else heard about this??

I have heard that it is in Shibuya, at Shibuya Honko, but that could just be one of many (hopefully), same time though.

all the schools in our area are shut. we can not go to work

I took and ran it through Babelfish, this is what it spit out. Take note of the titles of those PDF files at the bottom.


2007 October 26th

Authorized personnel everyone

Corporation ノヴァ
Chief Executive Officer アンデルスルンドクヴィスト
Chief Executive Officer good fortune village benevolence seeing
Chief Executive Officer Watanabe Masaru one

The news regarding the stating stand of the reorganization hand continuation beginning

謹 Being placed in everyone of the Hiroshi authorized personnel, the benefit 々 thing of the glory you say to rejoice clearly distantly.

Well, it is regret with the abrupt news, but, our company did the stating stand of the reorganization hand continuation beginning this day, vis-a-vis the Osaka district court.

With the hand continuation of this each time, we apologize from thing and the heart which apply great annoyance and worry in everyone.

Our company, while since establishing an enterprise 1981, granting the kindness of everyone, started continuing business such as management of the English conversation classroom. With the shade way also sale could extend favorably, we presented stock to the JAS duck in 2004 December.

However, it was decided with that the achievement as the education and training which in 2007 June becomes the object of provision of the business stop instruction of 6 months and education and training benefits from the economic industrial ministry in addition to the decrease of the profit characteristic with sudden business enlargement, deteriorates suddenly by among other things receiving designated cancellation dealing.

Then, if present condition is left this way, it judges, that it is not unable to come to the point of applying great annoyance furthermore vis-a-vis the related everyone, evasion of confusion of our company business for drastic reconstruction, is the heartbreak truly, but, as the monkey bridge gazing/hoping which is the representative heretofore our company is displaced, it is the circumstance which states the start of reorganization hand continuation.

Vis-a-vis the stating stand of the reorganization hand continuation beginning of our company, the Osaka district court maintenance management order in regard to official announcement, attorney east 畠 elected Toshiaki and attorney Takahashi model discernment as a maintenance management person. Because of this, all authority which manages the management and property of business of our company and deals with moves to the maintenance management person.

Is concerning future business management but, while our company evading confusion and assuring the integrity of property of this corporation, in order to investigate the yes or no of regeneration hand continuation, it came to the point of with stopping all the classroom management of our company at one time.

Being attached, it does to put annoyance to on the authorized personnel everyone, very much, including the auditing person but, that understanding cooperation is granted no soldier/finishing, vis-a-vis the maintenance management business of our company we ask.

Vis-a-vis everyone of the authorized personnel, as you pile up and pile up and say to apologize deeply, the impudent request we have known, but, no soldier/finishing, extraordinary understanding we would like to grant cooperation to reconstruction of this corporation, ask.

Satoshi tool
Furthermore the importance from NOVA news

Greeting PDF of maintenance management human inauguration
To participant one the news PDF regarding a time closing of the classroom which accompanies reorganization hand continuation
For participant Q&A PDF

even if there is no meeting (it is all rumour and gossip after all) maybe Tokyo instructors _should_ head to the NS building around that time. We are starved of information (although the Bloomberg article seems pretty clear) and maybe we will learn something or at least meet up and sink a few!

Fool, today's news means that NOVA will survive after it goes through restructuring. They will be protected from their creditors during this time, and with Sahashi gone they have more than a good chance of reviving their business and their image. As pissed off as you NOVA teachers are, this whole fiasco was minor news to the Japanese public, and 2 months from now they will be lining up at NOVA all over again. Many of you chronic toppatsu-ers will soon find yourselves paid--and out of a job. The new management is not going to keep you around after the lack of dedication you showed them. You may feel justified in your actions, but I'm sure they will too when they fire you (yes, they certainly can fire you now that they won't be needing you).

the meeting at Shibuya Honko is an Area 5 meeting. Hopefully all areas will have a similar meeting at their big branches. Good luck all!

So after licking the boots of that deceitful pack of arseholes, you are now gonna crawl up the arse of this as yet non-exsistent knight in shining armour. Don't fuckin tell me that the new management are gonna fire me cos i toppatsued. You are a fucking idiot for going to work for a company that didn't pay you.
Back to your cage with you.

Just got a call about it.

yeah, I think it would be a good idea to go to the NS Building anyway, there should be someone who can explain what to do.

I also heard that some kind of "pack" has been made, giving information/advice/English explanations of Japanese forms etc. But it's probably bollocks! I can't imagine anyone has had the time or inclination to put together something to actually like, you know, HELP people!

I don't work for NOVA. I actually care about the quality of the institutions I work for. If they are crap and I know it, I don't work there.

Might want to check your "research" buddy

the meeting that was going to take place has been changed to Shinjuku

Ah, I see. Thanks bra!

Did MM Centre Osaka close up for the day too?

Yes, MM is closed for the next 10 days

I went to work today (early shift) before News broke about NOVA. Place was closed/shuttered. Some staff was there briefly. Thank you staff for calling us early teachers and letting us know not to come (could have saved me the trip, time and train fare!!)

I called NOVA FP (Osaka). Surprisingly a foreigner answered but only after several rings. He was helpful answering my questions.

INFO I got from J-staff and FP
1) NOVA branches will be closed until NOV. 5
(I don't know what happens on the 5th, will they re-open or officially go bankrupt and close for good?)
2) Later today Osaka FP will update nova website with English information on what is going on with the company
3) If you have resigned, you can contact FP about getting employment documents for UE (card, forms, etc.) Probably a good idea while there are still people manning the phones/office
4) IF YOU HAVE NOT RESIGNED BEFORE TODAY...YOU ARE STILL CONSIDERED AN EMPLOYEE OF THE COMPANY...and need to wait a little longer for more info on the situation
5) If you are on JMA/Interglobal insurance (NOVA's in-house insurance) you should probably try to contact them directly. FP was not sure how the situation (what is going on now) would affect JMA/Interglobal insurance. FP did recommend trying to find and secure other insurance on your own. YOU MIGHT NOT BE COVERED ANYMORE!!

I hope this information is helpful to some of you out there.

NS 5.30 .. private party all welcome

Word up, you tell him. I do hope we get paid though. And if we do,, I`ll go right back to work (till I find a new job). THey wouldn`t dare fire me for toppatsu, not with the stress disorder this situation has given me, no, but I feel fine now. See you at work, NOBOT.

A friend from head office told me that Sahashi is using the same Yakuza man to hide him who also hid Tatsuya Ichihashi and got him out of the country. Sahashi was in the Tokyo Head office yesterday meeting with this man around 3pm. What happens is Sahashi departs Japan on a ship taking used bicycles to North Korea then once in North Korea transfers money from the Virgin Islands to Macao then North Korea. He assumes a new identity and is issued a North Korean Diplomatic passport so he can continue his jet set lifestyle. A percentage of his cash from the Virgin Islands is then kept by the North Korean govenment. This guy is pretty smart.

Getting paid is much more gratifying, but it doesn`t seem like it`s going to happen. Did you read the "all good things must come to an end message". That doesn`t tell me that we should hang in there to get paid, it tells me that we`re fvcked.

Appreciate the info.
Got tired of calling in for details.

I am an MM center "employee" but I just came up to Tokyo yesterday. I would like to join in at this NS building thing but I am not sure what that means. Is this Shinjuku NS building? Where in the building?

There is an audio file of the new president and others delivering their spiel at the MM centre meeting today. Any decent hosting sites around? Ill stick it up.

shinjuku NS building has a large central foyer type area, we can just hang about there for a bit

NS Bldg is the same one as the new Burger King. Try the Double Whopper with cheese, it's great.


I teach a few yakuza guys on the side and many were telling me that they would take down Sahashi if given the chance? Could be a little battle...should be interesting

I hear that Sahashi is an orange belt in Karate and can break wood with his powerful hands. I heard a story about him doing a Karate chop on some bill collectors that came around last week.

Whats the FB email address to ask for the insurance cards and numbers?
Please and thank you.

I heard he is like ninja, and can disapear like a magical fart

There is plenty of unemployment for you. More than enough to go around. No employment insurance for you though. Sorry.

Well, Mod.

You are pretty quick to call someone an idiot. Seems that you don't know your arse from your elbow though. Nova is very likely to be covered by "Tateke Barai". Unlike small or medium sized companies it MUST legally declare bankruptcy first though.


That is the most ridiculous post I've read on this website. You, Sir, are an idiot

What a pair, one was called moneky and the other just looked liek one.

Lunquist couldn’t be bothered talking to his employees when the company was going strong, he sure as hell isn’t going to be arsed talking to them now he’s fucked them over. I met him a few times years ago and he was a complete tosser lacking even the most primitive of social graces.

As a 25 year old back packer he lucked out when he stumbled across Saruhashi and he’s spent the last 25 years riding the monkey train. Think about it, the only corporate culture he knows is Nova , how fucked is that?
I worked for NOVA in 1994. It was obvious even then that the followed the bicycle mode of business and as soon as the students sign ups slowed the company would fall over. I always assumed this would happen once they reached saturation point, which is, I guess, why they kept opening branches in the most unlikely of places: they needed the momentum.
Monkey the chance to get his business practices in order when he floated in 1996. He should have used the capital to put training wheels on his banged- up mama-chari. (He didn’t, just like he didn’t get rid of those god awful “streamline” textbooks he used for decades). The guy was a basically spiv – he found a great vehicle for growth but he was never able to turn it into a viable model and, worse he disrespected what he was selling – which meant he never really understood it.
I also worked for ECC. It had its problems, but they treated people way better and you go the feeling there was a bit of respect for what they did and who they worked for. I met the owner a few times when I went in to do proof reading on text books the company was writing.Possibly not the brightest of chaps –(he inherited it from his brother) but he insisted everyone in HQ went into the branches one day a week. The J executives manned the reception desks and the foreign staff taught. He even did his bit, by taking an armful of posters and walking neighbourhoods asking shop keepers to stick posters up. It may not have been an MBA way of using his time, but at least he bothered to roll his sleeves up and do some of the grunt work. Plus, he nodded good morning to everyone he met, even the newbies on training – a bit of civility never goes astray and it was a fuck of a lot more than the Monkey or the Swede would ever do (and jeez, that guy was ugly)
Oh yeah I almost forgot. I had a roommate who worked in MM right from the very start, when they were setting it up. While he was working there someone laid a turd on Monkeys desk. According to reports Monkey came into work one morning to find it elegantly draped across his desk. I am sorry I can’t remember all the details – there was a huge uproar and a full on effort to find the donor. It was ultimately unsuccessful but resulted in a tightening up of the pass card system.

I've heard he's going to roll in coco to disguise himself as a turd then float to freedom down an O-cat S-bend.

Lunquist tried it yesterday but the rats and roaches kicked him out of the sewer...his hairy face freaked them out.

Well it has been a long day!

Of all the different emotions I and probably some of you have been feeling (if you are a nova instructor) I think vindicated is high on the list.

As things were heading south rapidly since our non-paydays I was worried that if Nova did crash and burn overnight with Monkey Bridge clutching the controls he may have said words to the effect that the foreign instructors did not ganbatte enough as requested and many failed to come to work thereby forcing him to close Nova.

I have heard that at some branches some managers and J staff had no qualms in telling students to their faces that the reason their lessons were cancelled or not available was because the gaijin instructors were not at work or on strike..not that it was because we have not been paid and constantly lied to.

I am not a backstabber but that kind of behaviour was poor form and showed a lack of respect for us and the issue at hand.


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