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On Suing G.Education

I just noticed this in comments and thought it might be worth a closer look.

A reader has posted a guide on how to sue

Who's feeling vengeful?



I demand that you remove this defamatory and inaccurate article immediately, or risk litigation.

Lord Fleming, Head, Foreign Personnel, G Communications.

Lord Fleming, are you still at work?
Are you now licking the balls or the ass of Inayoshi? May be eating his shit??

2 Comments in and on the topic of eating shit already, wow.

Anyway, good work for doing this. This will give a lot of teachers a lot of hope. And may I point out it was generous of (he doing the suing) not to add extra damages to the total. Just getting his dues.

What`s up Lord? Can you feel the dogs nipping at your heels? Burn bitch, burn.

I wonder what Said Sultani did at NOVA? He posted this stuff about suing NOVA a month ago in an out-of-date thread so most people didn't see it. I guess he was a teacher but I recal him saying that suing NOVA is 'easy and fun!' and 'let me help you for an even better experience' which makes me think he was involved in sales.

I wasn't put on standby but if anyone else follows through on this let us know how it went.

He was a German teacher at Umeda Honko for a while. "Easy and fun" sounds like his style. Good that he got his money but cant say the guy had many redeeming features...maybe thats changed

Actually Said Sultani was a ranking member of the FLN in Algeria. He never worked as a German teacher. His French though is quite good. In 1992 a car bomb blew him up outside his home in Tunis while in exile.

Gcom has done away with Time Cards starting tomorrow.

Of course there are many reasons, but why exactly did he sue?

If there was no legal or contractual basis for putting us on standby then everyone put on standby is entitled to sue.

There was nothing in our contracts about the 60% standby deal. If you have a contract with them, they have to give you a place to work. Some employees got 100% standby so there might be an argument for unfair treatment.

I think got the 60% idea from the government when we got 60% during the bankrupcy. They thought they could do the same and pull the wool over our eyes.

I know of a few people who are currently taking G.Com to court. Their lawyers think they have solid cases but nothings ever certain. It will be an interesting couple of months as the results unfold.

Hello together,

well, there is a link between time cards and Social Insurance.

A tennis trainer is very often a freelancer working on his own behalf on the premises of another entity. He does not use time cards.

An English instructor is very often part of the entity, where he is working. He is not free to choose his own students, material, time etc. So there are people in this entity, that use time cards, and being enrolled in Social Insurance doing a full time job. The English instructor is working full time by proof of his time card - there is no stamp before and after each lesson he teaches -.

I am currently working on this connection in Tokyo District Court.

And this might be the reason for: NO time cards any more...

A hint: Write down the times you get to be talked to by Japanese staff, Foreign staff, students about work in the lesson intervals. It might be worth a bunch of money?! Later...

I heard, that even the Social Insurance Agency is interested in knowing details of the REAL WORLD at NOVA...

Your fighter for justice

Do you know the German AAM Robin S.? He was licking the balls AND the ass AND was eating the shit of Nova. But G-Cum degraded him to an ordinary teacher, so I heard he quit.

Yeah, he's gone.

He quit around May 14. Before that he was sent around branches doing inspections. When he came to our branch he was very friendly with the teachers. Then the next week I saw the fax from him saying he was leaving, which I found quite ironical.

Can any ex-German teachers tell us what he was like? Was he a fair and just AAM or was he a c---?

Fair and just???

I sink zat you are confusink Zis Robin, vith perhaps Batman's toyboy lover (ahah, you didn't know zat, did you?) or your English Robin Hood, vith the green stockinks, yah. In fact, I heff it on good aussority that Robin from Nova also vore stockinks, but vass neffer fair and just.

Sorry, for ze second vorld var, by ze vay - an unfortunate misunderstandink.

”When he came to our branch he was very friendly with the teachers.”
This was just his mask!

He was an ass licker per excellence! When he was a trainer in the MM centre he stole all the free lessons from the team. So mostly he got 7 or 8 free lessons a day - of course for the very important administration tasks concerning the small german team. ;-)
When you critized Nova, its policy, the working conditions, the team policy or whatever - he treated you like an insane! His attitude perfectly fits to positions in regimes like North Korea or in a concentration camp.
No no, he isn`t a nazi, but he is so extremly by the book, his blind obedience would make him a perfect wheel for that kind of system.

When there were some problems with drunken or aggressive students during lessons - probably it was your fault! At the end he was standing against the whole German team, his function was limited to mind control and denunciation.

Apropos denunciation: He used to like having a drink with few team members, but it was it was more and more difficult to find them. At the end there were one or two alcoholics (like him!), but when they had left Japan in order to do something more decent, he was alone. Once Robin was going his inspection round and he noticed the following: A German teacher gave his email adress to a student. Although the instructor was his drinking pal, Robin didn't talk to him face to face. Robin went to the LS and denounced him, so the teacher got a complaint (by the Japanese staff!). Later Robin went to teacher and asked him having a beer, but the other guy didn`t want anymore...

I think this story (and there a many more) makes clear how schizophrenicly Robin has been thinking and acting. Some teachers want him go to hell, but I believe he is already there.

His friendly mask is not a contradiction to that!

Sorry for my bad English, but hopefully I made my point clear.

In order to correct the worst part:
"Apropos denunciation: He used to like having a drink with team members, but it was more and more difficult to find them."

Thanks for the info. Your English is pretty good, watch out or G Ed might be ringing you asking if you'll teach English for them!

I noticed that Robin was kind of defensive of Nova, but on other things he hinted at his dissatisfaction. For example, I asked him about talk of overseas recruiting offices and he said that wouldn't happen "for at least 6 months".

I think I know the kind of weasel he is, I've had a similar AAM in my time at the old Nova. It's funny to see all their hard ass-licking ending up for nothing. Suddenly losing their seniority, and having no friends, they end up trying to act friendly in a last-ditch attempt to feel accepted by their fellow teachers.

An ex-AAM I work with is still kind of defensive of the old Nova, and instead blames the Japanese staff, saying many of them were dumb and didn't follow the rules. Funny how even after it's been proven in the media that the president was responsible, these ex-AAMs have a hard time believing it.

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