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No Pay For Teachers on the 15th

This is it. All is lost for Nova. A new fax has appeared informing teachers that they will not be paid on October 15th.

Courtesy of strongbad in the forums, the fax reads:

To all instructors:

I deeply regret to inform all instructions that we are unable to pay salaries on Monday October 15. This is because it has not been possible to gather sufficient funds as quickly as planned. Instructors are now scheduled to be paid on Friday October 19.


I am truly sorry about the lateness of this notice and the inconvenience and hardship this causes. I ask for your understanding and patience during this difficult period.

Nozom Sahashi

How can Sahashi pull off a stock deal, claim it to be a victory, and then tell his employees that there's no money is incredibly galling. Assuming teachers make good on their plans to walkout/stroke/quit, its all over for Nova.

EDIT: This is what should really piss teachers off. After announcing the issue of equity warrants on the 10th, this fax appeared in which Sahashi declared that Nova would receive a 6 billion yen cash infusion on the 25th and that the light at the end of the tunnel was in sight. Hey, Nova has cash, too bad you're not getting any of it.

Update 10/13

A note from the forums from Nova recruiting in Boston. Straight and to the point. This is how Sahashi should have been communicating with teachers from the start.

"Today we received word from our management in Japan that instructor salaries due to be paid on Monday, October 15th will be delayed until Friday, October 19th. We can also report that salaries due to non-teaching staff on September 27th still have not been paid. The financial future of the company continues to be unclear, but it is clear that the situation is having a serious impact on our employees. One more unfortunate new development arising from the situation is that we are no longer able to guarantee housing for new teachers arriving in November.

Given the continued financial issues and the problems with accommodating new instructors, we think you’ll agree that we can not possibly have you depart as planned on 11/6/2007. We can do one of two things: 1. Delay your departure until January to allow more time for the situation to become clear. 2. Withdraw your acceptance of the position. There is a third possible option which would be to make your own housing arrangements for November and depart as scheduled. While this would address the accommodation issue, the company’s financial issues should remain a serious consideration.

Regretfully we do not have enough information to wager an educated guess as to what will occur between now and January, so we need you to make whichever choice you feel is best for you under the current circumstances and with the limited information available. We ask that you respond to this email as soon as possible so that we may make the necessary arrangements. We sincerely thank you for your continued patience and understanding, and we apologize for the stress and frustration this has caused you.


The Recruiting Team
Nova Group Boston
800-551-6682 or 617-437-7977"



Anyone who works from now is a fool.
Dont work tomorrow, dont work sunday... dont fucking work!

Protest, hand out business cards in front of you branch, but DONT WORK!

There is absolutely NO REASON to be going in any more, its beyond ridiculous. I will lose more than 6 grand in back pay and paid holidays (if have a months worth), all i want now is the employment insurance which we cant get till they go bankrupt. Help yourselves people - because no one else will. DONT WORK.

damn i didn't really think he'd be this stupid. I still can't believe this is all still happening. I completely sympathize with all of you still working hard at nova. i wish there was something i could do...




Hundreds will call in sick on Sunday

Several hundred will call in sick Monday.

This will double on Tuesday.

By Wednesday a large number of branches will effectively be closed. This will also be the day the shit hits the fan in the press.

Thursday will see die hard hopefuls still in their booths but they will be feeling very lonely.

By Friday, there will be no pay in the bank and the last few dedicated but seriously gullible instructors will call it a day. Many of the staff will finally see it for what it is and decide not to open the few branches still viable on Saturday morning.

The weekend will see a postmortem in the press that should make for good viewing for those thousands of us enjoying our first weekend off together in forever. The local karaoke box will do a roaring trade.

All the suits on the foreign and Japanese staff side are now aware of this now but just waiting it out until Sunday for it to start. Looks like it may start tomorrow though!

By Friday the 19th (when the new report is due) it will be all done. That is why he fudged his response to JASDAQ.

The staff will call urging you to give it until the 19th when we will all get paid! Don`t buy it! They know nothing!. Once it folds this close friendship with the staff and all you did will be forgotten. They will stay at home with ma & pa comfortably getting by on unemployment and you will be F?*+`ed because you will have been evicted.

Notice how late the fax was sent out in order to avoid sick calls tomorrow.
Too calculated to be sincere!!!!!!

Is this a fake? The signature looks a bit off to me.

Yeah, it's fake by some evil prankster and we're actually going to get paid on Monday afterall. Give us a break.

Why would he announce it now? What's he got to gain? He's never bothered to give prior warning before. I'm just cynical and suspicious by nature, that's all.

no this is genuine! it was sent to all branches just before 9pm. And it's posted on the board in the MM center as well...but go in on monday to show your support ;)
btw, the building where the payroll section is located, midosuji for those who know Osaka, has evicted them for non payment of rent. They have to be out by next week.

If you want to believe what's posted on the message boards, he was basically strong armed into sending the fax by his inner circle, thereby giving us a two day warning. If he had it his own way, we wouldn't have gotten any kind of notice until the 15th. Also, take notice of the wording "scheduled for the 19th". It's not "will be paid" because everyone in upper management know pay is not coming then just like it's not coming Monday.

I think it'd be in everybody's interest to tender their official resignation on Monday as soon as the fact of non-payment is established. On your resignation form cite Nova's failure to honor your contract due to non payment of salary on the 15th of October and 15th of November.

Make sure you get your resignation leter signed by your BM and AAM or RAAM and ensure that you get a copy for your records. In the event that Nova collapses completely but Saruhashi is unwilling to formally declare bankrupcy, this official recognition of the severance of your employment contract with Nova and the fact of non-payment will help you obtain Hello Work benefits much faster than might otherwise be the case.

If you are concerned that maybe Nova will recover and you'll be out of a job make your last day of work some time in November of December - you can always withdraw your resignation at a later date.

When is the monkey scheduled to kill himself? Has he sent a fax about it, does anyone know?

If i wasnt broke and unemployed in a foreign country..if i didnt have a looming visa deadline...if i wasnt about to be evicted...if i didnt have to leave japan and my japanese girlfriend...i would find all of this rather amusing. Because lets face it, it is a little funny. It will be even dummies when saruhashi goes to jail. All together now...Monkey bridge is going down, going down, going down...sayonova!

The monkey should go jump off a bridge

scum, he is scum. So is that bushy eyebrowed twat Anders, who as a foreigner in japan should have showed some decency and been straight with all his fellow foreigners. Fleming gay lord too!!! BTW the staff at my branch seem to be on some pretty potent drugs because they still seem to think we should be carrying in as normal. They actually thought (I'm an AT) that i would talk to an instructor about being late!!! I was speechless!! Anyone else had the same?

The Monkey is scheduled to kill himself after I send him a fax advising him to do so, before I, or any other Nova employee finds him and attacks! "It has not been possible to gather sufficient funds"??? Well how about the millions of yen that he so merrily receives a.k.a. STEALS from students and instructors (everytime they call in sick/are late/don't fill out the proper forms when moving out of Nova housing) that flow straight into his massive bank account? I'm sure that after several years of unlawful procedure he's gathered enough money to pay up exactly what he owes us all! It's one thing to deceive the Japanese staff, because sadly for them, they know no better. Their salary is exceedingly lower than that of foreign staff, and they learn to comply with such appalling working conditions. But it's another to pull the same move on foreigners! We will not accept this! It's bad enough that we have to wait a whole month to get paid, nevermind delaying it any further. Even a day is intolerable! I've just about had it with this situation. It's time people stopped badgering one another, and unite to bring this bastard down!

"I ask for your understanding and patience during this difficult period"? Please!!! What the hell does he know about difficult period? He's not the one being evicted with 3 days notice, and also not the one unable to pay his rent or buy decent food for the next week(s). What does he know about 'difficult'? I hope he gets what he deserves! Nobody should even make an attempt to go to work this week, at least not until we see what's rightfully ours in our bank accounts. Yes, there's all this talk about collecting your earnings from the government after the company goes bankrupt, but that could potentially take up to 3 months. Are we gonna just tell our landlords to hold off until we get paid what we're supposed to get paid in 3 months? We can't live off noodles for 3 months. The best thing to do is protest and not show up to work at this point. This would accelerate the bankruptcy process once and for all, and at least we would be eligible to collect our employment insurance (which would be processed much faster than our due earnings). By the way, why would this fax be fake? And how do you know what his signature looks like? For all we know, a REAL MONKEY could have signed that crap!

Seeing this shXt go down... I'm sooo happy I quit last month, can't imagine the total shXt atmosphere that must be there now. It was getting pretty bad before I left.

I wonder how many instructors at my branch are still going in every day, I never hung out with any of them, so don't know.

Thing is too, the more people leave, the more work piles up for the poor shmucks that stick around. This added stress will crack even the most hardcore NOVA lovers. How long can it remain open now?

i just got a text that said MM center got an eviction notice for not paying rent as well. they are scheduled to be evicted on the 20th. Now I am a bit skeptical if it all is going to happen that fast, but wow if that place goes down that's something like 500 or maybe 400 teachers at this point!

You should really check your facts before posting such rubbish. If you quit because your pay is one day late you will have to wait for months to collect unemployment insurance. That aside, where would quitting get you? Sure, quit is you have other work lined up but why quit when staff are allowing people to call in for 5 or 10 day blocks at a time. Staying on the payroll intil if goes down is by far the better option.

For those interested in the "6.4 Billion" Yen in Stock-Option Warrants that Saruhashi has arranged, the following might give some perspective:

Hi Nick,

Hope your preparations for the upcoming holiday season are moving along nicely. Down here we're having our troubles...and the warranty on that statement is certainly express, not implied.

You've asked for a warrant on the reasons for my pessimism regarding NOVA's press release trumpeting their 6.4 Billion Yen deal with Rich Peninsula Trading Ltd. and Tower Sky Profits Ltd., domiciled in the Virgin Islands, with a view to deciding whether or not little 'Nozom' has been naughty or nice. Well here it is. However you might want to start by getting some background on the report. A good place to start would be:

So clear so far? Hope so.

OK, Here's my report:

I've just finished re-reading chapter 16 of "The Intelligent Investor" ("Convertible Issues and Warrants"). Here's what Benjamin Graham says about Stock-Option Warrants (what Saruhashi has issued):

"Let us mince no words at the outset. We consider the recent development of stock-option warrants as a near fraud, an existing menace, and a potential disaster. They have created huge aggregate dollar "values" out of thin air. They have no excuse for existence except to the extent that they mislead speculators and investors. They should be prohibited by law, or at least strictly limited to a minor part of the total capitalization of a company."

Later he says:

"Why then are these subscription warrants created as part of the original capital structure? Simply because people are inexpert in financial matters. They don't realize that the common stock is worth less with warrants outstanding than otherwise. Hence the package of stock and warrants usually commands a better price in the market than would the stock alone."

And further:

"Does the company itself derive an advantage from the creation of these warrants, in the sense that they assure it in some way of receiving additional capital when it needs some? Not at all. Ordinarily there is no way in which the company can require the warrant-holders to exercise their rights, and thus provide new capital to the company, prior to the expiration date of the warrants.... Once more we assert that large issues of stock-option warrants serve no purpose, except to fabricate imaginary market values." [Herein lies the danger to us workers: by boosting the stock price, unwary investors may be drawn in or it may make it easier for Saruhashi to get loans, based on a false impression of the company's financial state. If these capital infusions are small (e.g. 70 million Yen) then this just prolongs the agony and delays our Unemployment Insurance cheques and our post-bankruptcy collection of our final paycheque. A possible 6.4 Billion Yen in the future is an illusion. NOVA needs billions of Yen NOW, not when it's convenient to the warrant holders to provide it.]

But he's not quite finished. In the "Practical Postscript" he says:

"The crime of the warrants is in "having been born." Once born they function as other security forms, and offer chances of profit as well as of loss." [This is where those Virgin Island investors may or may not make money on NOVA stock movements, and why their move, as part of a diversified investment strategy, makes rational sense. They're not investing in the company. They're speculating on stock price movements.]

And finally:

"Thus the main objective of our attack on warrants as a financial mechanism is not to condemn their use in connection with moderate-size bond issues, but to argue against the wanton creation of huge "paper-money" monstrosities of this genre."

So, is that little Nozom of ours naughty,... or nice? I'm dying, financially, to find out.

Enjoy your day Nick.


I agree with a lot of what you said but it's about directing your effort. Protest? Who to? The media are aware of it, management are aware of it, students are aware of it. Walking around the streets or picketing head office won't do much. It is the government organizations that are dragging their feet. Complaining to the METI or Labor Office might be productive. They are not doing their job at the moment and no one is holding them accountable.

Where did this mysterious "text" of yours come from? Honestly, if you're not going to give a reliable source you might as well tell us President Bush bought the company.

And how will that help? Seriously the only person who can do anything is Nozom Sahashi, and he clearly isn't concerned about the situation of a few immigrants. Protesting will only make you feel better, it won't speed anything up.

It seems to me that if you resign with "sufficient reason" you are eligible to claim unemployment benefits immediately: check out
Of course if doing so I would recommend you check with Hello Work first rather than relying on any advice.

That's true!

7. Payment of wages
Wages must be paid to the workers in currency, directly, in full, at least once a month, and on a fixed date. (Article 24 of the labour Standard law). Concerning the payment in full, however, exceptions are made such as statutory deductions for taxes, employment insurance and agreed deductions for union dues, etc.
In case a worker resigns from his employer, the latter must pay the former outstanding wages, etc. within 7 days following the receiving of the former's request for payment. (Article 23 of the Labour Standard Law).

Is anyone going into work this week? I hope that no one would be stupid enough to do so in some hope that you are going to be paid. "You can't suck blood from a turnip." The company is insolvent. Even if MonkeyBrains had some huge change of heart and really really wanted to pay us, there is no money.

That was a very good post Ron on what is really happening demonstrating the reality of the situation which I believe is probably above most Novaites heads. I stopped going in the 1st of this month once I received an eviction notice for an apartment that rent was deducted from my paycheck to pay. But, I refuse to resign. And, I would suggest the rest of you to do the same. And, dont feel bad. Upper management has refused to be forthcoming with information and payment of salary, but they are not firing us. So, dont tell them if you are coming in and dont quit either. And, if the staff or the die hards are upset because they are having to do more work or are stressed, remind them that Sahashi and upper management did this, not you. Your actions are reactionary in nature and a result of Nova's actions.

I would like to know if their are any protets set to gather in Osaka. While I realize that protests will not get us a payment or make the media anymore aware of the situation, it doesnt mean that they would be completely useless. Simply for the purpose of feeling better personally by making your voice known is an end in itself. There is also the possibility that if large enough numbers show up on the streets that it will make the government, not become aware as the already are, but realize what this situation really means. What this very well could mean for Japan especially in her two largest cities. It may make the government, who has been burying its head in the sand on this issue, wake up and realize that it needs to act. Foreigners are not Japanese and will not react the way Japanese people do. Foreigners are going to be angry, and unfortunately, foreigners are more likely to get violent and destructive when angry. I don't advocate that and personally consider it a low class solution, but others are not going to be as peaceful. So, maybe if the government sees with its own eyes droves of angry foreigners taking to the streets demanding some sort of justice, they will step in. Maybe not, but since no one should be going in and working, the job market is flooded, what else are you going to do???

Nova has a strategy. Its strategy is to mortgage away our future. The 200 schools that are to be closed is even being kept from students who inquire as to the status of their branch.
The brainwashed staff are on par with a cult. Wherever you encounter that strategy, you are dealing with Nova. I recently overheard a couple of impudent nabobs of irreligionism say that Nova's activities are on the up-and-up. Here, again, we encounter the blurred thinking that is characteristic of this Nova-induced era of slogans and propaganda. I am ashamed to admit that I live on the same planet as Nova, a school that hires Aussies who have working holiday visas. Many of these working holiday “teachers” are borderline retarted and only seem intertested in picking up HS girls. Surprisingly, the courts and our elected officials are way ahead of Nova in embracing this simple fact. It is quite common today to hear people express themselves as follows: "I insist that my apothegms regarding the most brown-nosing Japanese bureaucrats you'll ever see, while far from complete, will fight for what is right." If Nova's causeries get any more evil, I expect they'll grow legs and attack me in my sleep. Never trust the J staff- even if you think they are your friend or girlfriend they will sell you out for the company- that's just the way it is. Company loyalty before friendship and family.
Saruhashi's secret passion is to renege on an incredibly large number of promises and false contracts. For shame! Nova's expositions occasionally differ in terms of how grumpy can they are, but generally share one fundamental tendency: They hurt people's feelings. They continue to sell huge packages to mentally ill and disabled students Nova's theories are in every respect consistent with the school of stuck-up thought that tends to procure explosive devices, gasoline, and detonators for use in an upcoming campaign of terror. So who's crazy? I, or all the dodgy, conceited clodpolls, The NOVA Union? who feel that coercion in the name of liberty is a valid use of state power? Before you answer, let me point out that Nova's blatant indifference towards the feelings of others is due to intense misunderstanding, suspicion, and fear. That concept can be extended, mutatis mutandis, to the way that if it has spurred us to examine the social and cultural conditions that heat the cauldron of terror until it boils over into our daily lives, then Nova may have accomplished a useful thing.
Nova's overgeneralizations would be less heinous if they were less cuckoo. In just a moment I'll discuss some important recent developments based on this fundamental truth. First, however, I want to add a bit to what I wrote previously. Nova sees itself as a postmodern equivalent of Marx's proletariat, revolutionizing the eikaiwa world by wresting it from its oppressors (viz., those who snap its underlings out of their trance). I feel funny having to tell students whom I presume are adults that Nova should get a life and stay out of mine. I bring that up solely to emphasize that Nova is always trying to change the way we work. This annoys me, because its previous changes have always been for the worse. I'm positive that Nova's new changes will be even more pharisaical, because it says that it is cunctipotent. This is noxious falsehood. The truth is that it wants to inflict more death and destruction than Genghis Khan's hordes. Why it wants that, I don't know, but that's what it wants. Stand with me, be honest with me, and help me get us out of the hammerlock that Nova is holding us in, and together we'll shine a light on its efforts to stifle dissent. We'll build a world overflowing with compassion and tolerance. I'm counting on you. Gaba will be the next target of the government lynching- mark my words.Thanks for reading this.

"Nova sees itself as a postmodern equivalent of Marx's proletariat..."

Is this the drunken philosophy major, again? Good God man, nobody has a fricking clue what you're talking about. I also think you're reading, way, way too deeply into this. This is a company with bad policies and bad management, which is going under. Period.

And if you're in the business of teaching conversational English to foreigners, then perhaps you're in the wrong business, because even the native speakers don't understand what you're on about. I don't, and I'm a pretty educated guy myself, although not in philosophy, as you are. Do you know what "esoteric" means?

well, after reading many interesting thoughts and ideas, and having half a brain myself, the other half taken while working for Nova. I will be choosing the "Not going to work" option. I mean who needs all that added stress, i got plenty already.
I must also admit to some hair-brainedness, in hoping that the "stock buy-out influx" was going to work. Woes me for being the fool. And to think I used to live by the motto, "better to be thought a fool, than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt".

dammit..just die already nova.

just before birthdays and christmas..out of a job..great...i feel for those worse of than me, newbies without a full network of friends and knowledge, those with knocked up girls, those who have bastards demanding money for rent, we are all stuck in a nation of foreigners, with only ourselves to rely on for information and hope.

some here turn to verbally assaulting others, some play the I-Told-You-So game...some still have blinders me...if i can just get this one last pay..i will be ok for a few more months.

I am afraid. I dont even have enough cash to go home...I have 4 years of memories and gear to send back...with what? buttons?

TO what? parents house?...theres no work at home either.

you laugh when you dont know what to think, and you cry when you dont know what to do.

good luck to everyone in the blind, and saved those who have hope, and those who laugh at me for my 4 years here, yes even to the trolls and the usagi-lovers and the brown-nosed, and you.

or maybe some station beers outside the ns building?

I'm not sure that's happened for a while... 3 consecutive high quality, well thought-out posts, devoid of back-biting and ranting! Good work!

I particularly agree with what "we're dead" has to say. I too stopped going in (a little earlier mind) but I did it all above board, in that I spoke to the AAM and organised extended leave but I refuse to quit as, in the short term, I don't see it getting me anywhere. That's what works for me. Others have had different ways of dealing with the situation and fair play to them for keeping going, but surely now its gone too far?

As it happens I've now decided that the lack of cash and job options means I'm gonna have to ship out back to the UK. When I popped into Kusatsu Honko branch to get a resignation form I bumped into the Japanese southern area manager (sorry not exactly sure where M***** covers) who I thought I didn't just have a good relationship with, I would call a mate. The reaction I got from her was dispicable. I realise this is a different culture and I'm not so stupid as to believe that everybody should deal with this situation in the same (my) way but still. I know life has been difficult for the staff so I apologised and told her about me having to leave Japan because of this whole situation NOVA has put me/us in. What did I get? Ignored. Once I had got the form / sorted everything and was going - not even a goodbye,actually worse this stupid snort / kind of sneer. Now I wasn't expecting a huge song and dance but hey, at least try and step out of the NOVA box for a second and pretend rather than be a bitch eh? If I'd resigned 2 months ago it would have been all "we'll miss you so much" "are we having a bye-bye party?" etc etc. If you're worried, this didn't make me cry and I'm not lying awake at night thinking about it, all as I'm trying to show is just how far gone this situation is. As the BT before says - don't worry about the J-staff any more. They don't care about you. When all this is settled they'll be back home with Mum and Dad all comfortable, with food on the table not stranded job, cash and homeless in a foriegn country. A Minami-Kusatsu teacher went to work this week despite food poisoning, when she said she didn't feel well and needed to go home the manager demanded she stay as there were some KIDS classes!

I'm going to be very sad to leave Japan as a result of all this shit and I put it completely down to Sahashi but I guess I've learned a fair bit about the Japanese mentality...

Good luck everybody, I think we all need it.

(Before anybody starts ranting, a) I didn't spell check or grammar check this (this is only a forum not a Nobel Prize entry) b) I know I haven't provided names, addresses and telephone numbers these things are true c) yes I was an AT but I never had any complaints. If somebody did have a problem with the way I was doing things and didn't speak to me its a bit late now eh?)

i cant see the sense in fighting in a burning house..we all have to take care of our own end now..its sad and makes me angry whats happening..but at very least i got a roof over my head this month and next..a ton of food stocked up..and thank god for friends, and family, and the internet without which we'd deaf, dumb and blind.

i hope most people just go sorry, but i wish it...i am kinda stuck here.

(what did you learn?...always save 1/3 to 1/4 of your paycheque.)

The best analogy I can give for Sahashi's lack of public appearances recently, if there were any at all in the last three months, is that of the lovely Japanese girl/guy you exchanged numbers with, maybe had a coffee with and assumed relations were developing favorably, only to, after repeated texts and/or phone calls and/or the occasional chance meeting under the covered arcade, never hear from again.

Under Western cultural norms, there's generally an indication, one way or the other, that the person is or isn't interested. Japanese, at least from my humble experience, tend to avoid the issue entirely, either placating or offering non-answers. In a word: evasive. Which isn't to say that these types of behaviors don't exist in the repertoire of social interactions in Western countries, they just tend to do so with lesser frequency, whereas in Japan they are the rule, not the exception.

For a culture so grounded in the projection of personal character and integrity, this dimension seems an odd and unlikely one. Which, again, seems to generalize and ignore the impracticality and, even, the impossibility of a coherent psychological explanation.

And it’s obvious that I’m one of the jilted. That he’s refused to even appear publicly, either to defend, explain, justify, dissemble, when even the most venal of Western corporate officers give us this much (if only to mock and scorn an actual object, not shadowy, quasi-mystical memos) is shameful. It would be comical if it weren’t so sad.

OK... .not working will basically make the situation worse...... refusing to work will effectivily kill the company and even more decrease the chances of getting paid.... sure it is a shite situation but why make it worse, sure its gonna suck for a lot of people to not get paid, but there is money coming (shady money) and you will get paid just not on monday.. so just bite the bullet and deal with it like the Japanese staff, NOVA is not out to screw you over, they want to pay you as it means survival for the company, so just go to work and make it known to NOVA that you are upset, make it known to the students even, but don't help with the demise of the company, it will not help. sure NOVA is a crappy company and the powers above us make life at work relentlessly irritating, but for the sake of the students and yourselves sit back and accept it, money is coming, just not when we need it.... life goes that way sometimes...

This last move be President Nozomu "monkeybridge" Sahashi is the most obvious move he could make to keep the company running for as long as possible if he believes that he can't pay the instructors; regardless of wether or not there will actually be money on the 19th.
He's trying to get the most out of the starving dieing horse that is Nova by dangling a carrot in front of our noses.
Will we get paid on the 19th? Unlikely.
Will we get paid on the 19th if we all walk out on the 15th/16th? Unlikely.
Will we get paid on the 19th if there is a COMPLETE company-killing walk out? Definitely not.
Will we get paid on the 15th? Definitely not.

Personally, I'm going to call in sick for most of the week, but I'll turn up a few times to work; partly because I might be collecting a government unpaid wages paycheck down the track, partly in case we actually might get paid on the 19th and partly out of a sense of morbid curiosity.

What I think we should collectively do?
A complete walk in order to bankrupt the company before the 19th is probably not the best idea, especially for those who are seriously hoping for and particularly dependant on this months paycheck. I say a massive walkout that's big enough to send a message, as well as some sort of rally outside head offices on the 15th/16th, as planned, will send a clear enough message for now. (This is probably what will happen anyway. To think that every teacher will just stop showing up for work like you are all hoping is almost as naive as thinking that the company will be fine). This message DOES NEED TO BE SENT; and I will be at the gathering holding some sort of sign.

Come 3pm, Fri 19th, if we aren't paid, or if another fax is sent out, then I say bring NOVA down!

Basically, on the 15th/16th: Rally at head offices and call in sick for work if you want.
On the 19th (if we aren't paid): DO NOT WORK. Stop wasting time and bankrupt the company so we can collect our unemployment insurance without further delay.
If another fax begging us to be patient for a little while longer is sent out; IGNORE IT. It'll be as bogus as the last fax or the incoherent garble about parting dark clouds that he's sent out before.

There will be no money on the 15th and there probably won't be any on the 19th. But there will be money on the 25th IF Nova does not get delisted from JASDAQ.

Work until the 19th and wait and see the outcome of this. This is the most important determining factor on whether there will be pay or not.

I dislike Sahashi as much as everyone else, but by causing walkouts, strikes, and what not, I'm sure it will affect the stock price and if the two investors see the stock plunge well below 35 yen a piece, then you can kiss any chance of payment goodbye.

This is Japan. Striking and walking out will do no good. You are wasting your time striking in a foreign country. Most Japanese people in big cities won't care and ignore you despite maybe feeling just a little for you with a smirk. You can't strike over something you cannot get (if that is the case) and you shouldn't walk out because.... you got anything better to do? Wish your students a final farewell and make the best of your time WITH people. Get your private students, develop those connections, share your problems... whatever, but don't do stupid things like those. Keep your cool... By calling in sick, you will save Sahashi "money" (if there is any) and make students angry while screwing your chances of getting any money (again, if there is any). Do you really want to do that?

I am among the TI's who was paid 2 weeks late, but was patient and got the money.
Don't complain about being just a week late. In the staff's case, they can't do anything so they will stick it out until it officially goes down. I agree with them. The money will come, if the plan goes through, but we have to put all our hopes on a lot of luck on the JASDAQ thing. But don't act like there is a complete 0 percent chance of not getting the money and i mean one hundred percent. Even if you work and don't get paid, it is a better gamble than complaining and getting nothing. What will be done will be done.

We want a chance at pay. Don't waste your energy complaining. This is Japan, not a western country where people have balls and acknowledge those with balls.

Look for another job or make the arrangements necessary to prepare for the worst. I expect to have some a Nova instructor staying in a Nova accomodation to come staying at my place very, very soon... I'm going to helpful and supportive and working on opportunities for myself, not bitching and complaining. I do believe that "with every problem, there is opportunity." Make the best of it.

Since he says that Nova will get money on the 25th, he is using the 14th fax to stall. We already know his stalling style. I understand the FAX, but why did he have to lie about the date. TELL US STRAIGHT that there won't be any possibility of pay until the 25th, not the 19th!!!!

Expect another fax on the 19th saying that we will be paid on the 25th, 26th, or 27th. YOU KNOW I'LL BE RIGHT!!!!

(OK... .not working will basically make the situation worse)
what! how in any way can it get worse? nova has no money, nova is evicting teachers, nova is not paying rent, nova cant even afford its advertising even on letter headed paper, nova is not paying landlords, nova is still not paying japanese staff, novas stocks are through the ground.. etc etc. it cant get worse, you just think it can because you belive too much in hope!

(just bite the bullet and deal with it like the Japanese staff,)
NO! cos we are not japanese staff that just stick their head in the ground and hope that all things will get better!

(Will we get paid on the 19th if there is a COMPLETE company-killing walk out? Definitely not)
no but we might get unemployment insurance payments a bit faster!

(and you shouldn't walk out because.... you got anything better to do?)
Hell yeah! sit on my ass! scratch my bum! pick my nose! that is better!

(Don't complain about being just a week late. In the staff's case, they can't do anything so they will stick it out until it officially goes down. I agree with them. The money will come)
again NO!!! DO COMPLAIN FOR BEING PAID A WEEK LATE!!!!!! get some balls mate and take action, dont stick your head in the sand... or should that be shit!

This is proof that Nova only hires brain dead faggots.Totally. I'm ashamed to say I work next to some of you! Stop being wet pussy dipshits and walk out!! We get unemployment so much faster then. If no one turns up for work (call in sick everyday) they will be over by friday.

Grow some fucking balls you whining cockfags.

If you go to work on monday your basically saying. "Sir, I'm back for more ass fucking. Shall I bend over now?"

We're not getting paid on the 19th. The staff were told the 25th - they don't have any money before then tp pay them. They certainly won't have enough to pay us. Its a lie. They lied to the students and they continue to lie to us. They won't change and that is why everyone hates this company and wants it to die. How does it feel to be lied to again and again? I for one am extremely pissed off and will be doing all in my power to make sure monkeyface motherfucker feels the pain.

I'm not gonna come on here and bash you for your views on this debacle but I do think you don't properly understand "this JASDAQ thing"

I think you need to have a good read of this... and the post by Ron Vanden above. You clearly don't properly understand the implications of the warrents Sahashi has set up - they're not in NOVA's favour, they're at best the acts of vulchers trying to make a quick buck, or if you believe some views, a deeper fraud setup up by Sahashi, the guys from Ginganet and others (Let's face it financial instiutions based out of the British Virgin Islands, Caymans or others have a certain reputation don't they?) to grab some late cash for himself.

Seriously, its past the going in and hoping stage. We may or may not get paid at some point, one day, somewhere in the future but what you can defiantely be sure of is the money we get paid with will not have come from a stable income source. Would you not prefer to have it all finished behind you? Companies just don't come back from this kind of position. This whole mess has only lasted this long as people keep going in and "hoping" and so the company keeps limping on. Everybody needs some money and actually the best, most secure option seems to be unemployment benefit 7-10 days after NOVA goes... unfortunately for the masses that can't happen while people like yourself keep going in.

As I said at the start, I didn't set out to offend, I just think you really need to rethink your stance on this.

huge party at balbushkas in osaka on the 3rd of november..the last sayonora party!..great chance to laugh..and damn if we dont need a laugh right about now..

let's set it straight shall we...
Nozomu has stated he will pay staff on the 25th when he receives the full amount from shares(or wherever for that matter). He won't pay instructors until the 19th(or so the fax says).
So i'm assuming he'll come out with another fax stating that everyone will be paid on the 25th. So that's 10 days we have to wait to get paid.
So on the 25th he'll have to pay instructors, managers, and staff. Then on the 27th(which happens to be a saturday), he'll have to pay staff again cuz that's contractually when they get paid. Plus, he'll have to pay all the bonuses promised to staff(which were to be paid in july) this month as well! Not to mention that he hasn't paid publishers, advertisers, and landlords money owing to them.
I don't see how 6 billion yen would cover this staggering amount, not to mention that he'll have to do it again on the 15th of November. I don't imagine there being a rush of students signing up in November(which I believe is when Nova can resign students, but i'm prolly wrong on that point ;) for english lessons. Even if there were, there'd have to be a large, large number of them forking over a sh*tload of cash.
So tell me again...why should i go into work this week when i'm still not getting paid for work i did in September???!!!

oh amendment to my comment above
the only reason some of the staff stay is in the hopes of getting that beloved bonus money owing to them cuz frankly they spent it already and are now waiting for the money to pay off the debts on things already bought ;)

Will we get paid on the 19th? Well of course I was asking that same question to our Branch Manager today and his answer was that he very much hoped so and admitted (unsurprisingly) that it was then or never. He went on to say that he had heard Friday 19th was the earliest as NOVA was trying to get a Japanese firm to front up with money, which would be borrowed against the promise of the Virgin Island money coming through on the 25th. He suggested that trying to do the same for any date earlier would incur too larger financial cost (in terms of interest paid to the Japanese financier). That was what he said, but how much truth is in it is anybody's guess. Good luck to us all!

Thank you for not directly trying to attack me and criticizing the way I thought in a very mature way. I understand and respect your comments and have read the story entitled "checkmated." beforehand before making my first post. I totally agree with you guys about the so-called investors trying to make a buck.

My main point is to get that last paycheck, so that some guys out there can survive and buy time to find other work, go home, find another place to live, or just survive until we collect unemployment insurance. After that last paycheck, I hope everyone jumps ship, meaning NO NOVember for NOVA.

The timing of the walkout is too soon. I do believe the company is doomed. I prepared for this by taking all my paid holidays for the month of October and have no intention of going to work in November. That is my plan anyways. Spending my time looking for other work and doing research starting my own business.

I am just encouraging people to try to get one last paycheck, and then say FUCK'EM.
A walkout will bring the company down, but the fucker Sahashi will stall and not declare bankruptcy immediately. If he does, good. If he doesn't then he will find an excuse to not pay those who walked out. I will walk.... just not yet. Regardless, I am only one person. I'm sure tons will walk out anyway, perhaps, enough to make a lot of noise among the Japanese, students, the English-speaking world in Japan.

If you have paid holidays, go ahead and walkout and use your paid holidays against them if something comes up.

OK if we walkout fine, NOVA Dies. You guys talking about getting unemployment checks or whatever, whats going to happen to the people, including myself, that just got here? we are not going to get shit. The people that talk all this shit about walking out or not coming to work for a week, im assuming they been here for over 6 months. You guys basically dont give a fuck what happens to those that just started at NOVA. like true westerners we only think about the individual. like most new comers im stuck in Japan.

Ive always found it funny how people who have lived in this country for a short time, cant speak the language, and have no connection with japanese people or lifestyle outside of their job, claim to know or understand 'a fair bit about the Japanese mentality'.

Why do so many teachers fault the j-staff for working in their own country? 'When all this is settled they'll be back home with Mum and Dad all comfortable, with food on the table not stranded job, cash and homeless in a foriegn country.'

Essentially arent teachers who are flying back home going to do the same thing? Take refuge at their parents house because of lack of cash and job options.

The reason why j-staff arent caring so much about the teachers now is because they have to cop the brunt of angry customers who cant take lessons because of teachers that have topazued or taken emergency leave.

If you were being screamed at constantly by angry students, im sure you wouldnt be so receptive to someone you had worked with who was supposed to have held a little more responsibility than the average teacher.

I suppose your answer would be 'j-staff should just quit'

I guess this is where some Japanese people differ.....
many of them see quiting as a sign of weakness

Quitting because your moving on to something better is applauded and celebrated

Quitting at the first sign of trouble without fighting to improve the situation is seen as weakness or cowardness.......

So maybe you can understand the meaning of her sneer and what she thinks of you.

I seriously think people should wake up. Last month there were about 6 or 7 lies. There is no way in hell the money will suddenly appear on the 19th, the jasdaq shady money thing is only for the 24th and thats assuming that the vultures decide to pick the carcass. Lets face it, NOVA IS DEAD. Dont go to work. Saying, go and work to get your pay for work in Sept simply makes no sense, it means that you'll be working for free now. If you dont go in, at least the government can fight on your behalf. Dont work for free now to get cash. I know its a tough situation for a lot of people and bending over and taking it from Nova will NOT guarantee your next pay!

new employees...
to those new employees that have been here less than 6 months, i'm most worried about your future here in japan. i've been here for 4 years and i can get by but i feel bad about the situation more for you. It's quite a shitty thing, but what do you want us(those of us who've been here for more than a year) to do???
we're in the same situation as you, waiting to get paid!!
you can either start looking for work in various areas of japan(if you wanna stay) or treat this as a great paid vacation. But don't say that we don't care cuz we do, we're just tired of the bullsh*t we've had to endure for way too long!

I absolutely agree with you. At least hope for a paycheck so that these guys can at least survive, go home, find other work, etc. we'll all walkout in november or so. walking out accomplishes nothing. it is a very selfish thing to do. Those who walk out are only thinking about themselves and don't know the meaning of sacrifice someting as little as a little time and effort. I help my friend to move, but i don't expect a paycheck from him.

Don't forget the way unemployment is calculated as well... not only is it based on your monthly salary, but also the time you've been working here. For those of you who have only been here for a short time, you will get shit... maybe enough to survive, but you have to be careful about how you spend your money more than usual.

I'm willing to board a couple of new teachers should they get kicked out of their apartments, and i will not expect any rent from them.

I encourage all newbies to find a place to stay by all means. Cancel your Nova accomodations! Get out! post in Metropolis... whatever you can find or do! You will be doing yourself a favor as well as screwing nova out of rent money as well.

i'll go in, because as long as there's 1 person at the branch, nova will stick around. the people have already paid, so the longer it lasts and the fewer teachers there are, the more likely i'll get paid. if i don't, who gives a shit? i'm still looking for other work.

as the title says. he is obviously scrambling for money.

EVIL: either he has given in to the fact that the company is doomed and is scheming for a way to make a few bucks out of it, while fucking everyone else and eventually dissolving the company.

... or...

GOOD: he hasn't given up on his baby and is trying to find a way to make amends...though none would be more satisfying to all of us than him committing suicide.

... or even ...

INCAPABLE: he may be the sorriest business man alive trying to find a way to get money to the mafia, making promise (later a lie) after promise (another lie) until the day he gets shot/arrested/grilled/etc...

which would you assume?

hehehe..... good point.

Even though ive been her for a short time, i was lucky enough to get my own place almost a month ago. but now its not going to be easy. I have been looking for other jobs but now its coming to the point were i want to say "why bother, everyone from nova looking for a job too and has more experience." well over 500 gaijins are looking for jobs now! there is a high demand for teachers but not that high lol. plan is if i dont find a job in Nov. im going back to the states in Dec. i was in a shitty situation in the states now im in a shittier situation in Japan. THANKS NOVA! I love being debt!

grow some balls? whining cockfags? truly, a master english teacher.

honestly, what the hell are you trying to say? it's ballsier to call in sick and drink all day or to go in and try to teach some fucking english as a volunteer? i'm not sure why you came here, but i'm guessing it has to do with banging chicks or writing shit on the internet. apprently it's the latter, and honestly, the ballsy shit is to ride it out, for better or worse (likely being worse).

if you're fed up with nova, leave for fuck sake, but don't try to sound like a prescient dipshit who somehow knows nova is tanking. it's old news, and if you're still going in at this point you have you're own motivation, and if you're not who gives a fuck what you do? so let it be, son. let it be.

Yes, yes poor newbies indeed! For those of you who've been here longer than a month or so I feel sorry for you because you probably weren't warned before hand not to come because of the situation here. However, for those of you who just arrived and were warned not to come I have no sympathy for you at all! Why did you come knowing what kind of shitstorm you were coming into? You're worse than stupid if that is indeed your case. As for looking out for ourselves, I would assume that is what everyone is doing right now. Like most I'm sick of all the shit and am not hanging around one minute longer in order to be a volunteer for a company that doesn't deserve it and co-workers new or old that don't care either. Would you pay my bills mister newbie if the roles were reversed? Yeah, I don't think so either! Do yourself a favor and go home and chalk Japan up as one big learning experience. Trust me you're much better off than staying here and trying to make a go of it with no cash in your bank account.

My branch has 7 workers (a newbie joined us days ago).
Originally we were 11.
Five of them left at the beginning of the lies...
2 moved back and are waiting to get paid (if ever).
1 had mommy and daddy take him on a trip of japan and put him up in fancy hotels. I am sure there is no skin off his back since he took out of month swaps with some of us then quit after we did the swaps (a warning would have been nice so I could have toppatsu'ed and not ruin part of my weekend).
2 others got jobs (Gaba and HeadHunting...the former pays jackshit and will require around 50 hours of booked lessons a week to guarantee a pay similar to what Nova, under normal circumstances, would pay...the latter will be earning more provided Nova skills translates into headhunting skills.... I wish them both the best of luck).

We are a midsized branch with one newbie.
With the exception of the newbie and 2 other instructor who has been here 6 months, the other four of us have been here at least 3 years. Should have changed jobs. Boohoo... too late to change that.

The 7 of us will still continue working at least until the 19th.
If there is even the slimmist chance of my getting paid, then we are staying.
I don't really have another choice. Even with experience teaching at Nova for a while and some other part-time jobs earlier in the game, I have been unsuccessful as of yet to secure a full-time position that will pay a decent wage.
Mum and dad weren't too keen on my coming here in the first place so they probably aren't gonna be sending money down a funnel to get my sorry ass back home.
Residency taxes were through the roof and I thought I'd be a decent foreign resident of Japan and pay them. Plus, I send home a bulk of my money to pay debts back home (my secondary reason for being in Japan...first was a sheer desire to live abroad before entering a life-long career).
My savings, as of today, 80,000 yen. Not enough to live for two months. It will get through until the first.

I, unlike many, moved out of Nova accommadations as soon as I realized I would live here more than a year, so I am not screwed on that front... but I still have to pay my rent.

If you ask me, not that you care to know, my coworkers and I will continue to work for the time being.
The alternative is far more costly (ie...binge drinking or whatever).
I am looking for jobs as well...with the exception of this inbox is filled with 3 pages of GaijinPot sent applications, DaiJob apps, various schools (Eikaiwa and other)... only a few nibbles from some part-time gigs...better than nothing.
The market is saturated with teachers and until Nova falls entirely and students have either received refunds or have accepted their losses...there won't be that many students on the market for a few months. I don't have funds for that length of time and I doubt many other do.

It is fine and all that people want the company to fall.
The misinformation running around this site about unemployment is astounding and confusing at the same time, so I am hardly going to bank on it to be there should the company fold.
As my coworkers have all said, if there is any chance, then why not take it.
It may be fool's gamble and you have every write to believe that. However, it would appear that by keeping the company limping along (or even hoping for some damn miracle...however doubtful), I might have a greater chance of getting the money for which I worked all of September and even part of October.
People can flame me, if they choose and I doubt I will respond... because, in the end, the number of people in my camp (however unfortunate for all Nova workers) far outweigh the number of people resigning or trying to bring the company down from the bottom.
I'm not a Nova Cheerleader.
I just want my damn money and I can't rely on this site nor the government to make getting by on unemployment easy.
I can't work forever without pay and neither can the rest of us, but staying home and dwindling away our limited savings (with the exception of those who have the chance to get back home or are fortunate to find a job) is probably the least beneficial thing we can do at this point in time.

I like this site. I have followed it for a while. Novawhiz and a few others have been very helpful at keeping the rest of us informed.

NOVA should be treated like they have treated staff, instructors and students for years. They will breach our contract, and if we breached theirs, we would have to pay. To all those who are still urging people to come in, I feel you are misguided. The staff, as mentioned have been cult-like towards NOVA, bowing and scraping like the messiah is coming to wave a magic wand. Even today our staff were signing up new students, and our branch is closing in two weeks! The closest other branch is a decent drive from ours. Half of our students will not transfer because the distance is too much of an imposition (plus that branch sucks).

The teachers who are hanging are like the guys who have girlfriends who no longer care them but hang on for convenience and keep saying "if I just work harder she will change..." All the while she is laughing behind his back and is seeing a new rich guy from the Virgin Islands.

NOVA will not survive, as much as I want it to. I want my pay up until today (6 weeks), but personally, I cant take much more of this bullshit. The companys capacity to generate income has been smashed. The Virgin Islands deal is laughable, the company is in a shocking amount of debt, from which it is unrecoverable. The company is over, and those who say that it is too early to leave, have you not seen the signs? The atmosphere at work is terrible, the morale of our teachers has been shattered and I no longer have any interest in working in such an environment.

I want to hang on until the end, a week to a month at least. NOVA is torn between paying salaries or the rent on properties. They must pay both. If they miss either, it is over.

My point is, how much more crap, lies an innuendo can people take?

"I like this site. I have followed it for a while. Novawhiz and a few others have been very helpful at keeping the rest of us informed."

I've been following this site intently for a while and I must say - Novawhiz has been awesome!!!! He hasn't been drawn into useless flamewars and always posts intelligent arguments often with links. Most other regulars have lost their integrity (e.g Falcondriver has become so bitter and twisted after toppatsu-ing for too long and now posts nothing but crap and mildly amusing pictures).

You're doing the right thing, mate.

And it's the harder thing to go in to a job with no security and little chance to see what is owed to you.

The students really appreciate it, I'm sure. I'm pretty darn sure that those who stay on will be taken care of by the government. And it's really you're only option at the moment, anyway.

Stick it out. And'll definitely be a life experience being in the middle of this.

Bad information. People really need to do some research before the post shit on here. If you resign, you're making a big mistake. In order to collect any type of unemployment insurance, you need to have been paid late twice. It has to be at least 24 hours late, so at this point only some instructors and all of the Japanese staff are eligible. However, you are, since you are not truly unemployed, filing more of a grievance, so it is at the discretion of the Labor Dept. worker whether or not you receive anything, and if you do, how much.

At this point you really have two viable choices. 1) get another job and resign or 2) ride all waves Monkey Bridge is creating and hope that someone will just put a bullet in Nova's head instead of letting it die slowly, which is not likely.

i agree that people need to stop posting disinformation and rumors, but this person is just trying to enlighten people to something he/she feels is important. i received the same text from a friend, i'm sure a lot of people did, and i have no idea where it started. i do know that it also included the fact that no one is getting paid on Monday before Sahashi sent out the fax. i am definitely not substantiating this rumor, in fact people looked into it today and found no proof of this being true, but don't go around just insulting people. half the posts on here are jerks insulting instructors for no reason anyways, we don't need to attack each other.

hell... i'm gonna go to work.. why?? cuz as soon as nova goes down... all those students u once taught will have no where to go.. many still need to learn english and are more willing to do it privately.. due to the fact that they've lost trust in ANY english school. plus.. your students know u.. they trust u.. so it's EASY MONEY!!!

i hope everyone walks.. gives me a better chance to recruit as many students as i can.

but here it is everyone.. the REAL WORLD!!! u came out to japan to experience it and this is what it's like. ... can u handle it??? a real test to what you're really made of.

A lot more, apparently. Just listen to all the fools who last week said they'd wait it out until the 15th, and walk if there was no pay in their accounts. Low and behold, a fax comes in (surprise) that asks them to ganbare 'til the 19th and they eat it up with the stupidity of animals. I have no sympathy for them. Watch it all happen again in five more days. If their dream is to ride the Titanic down to the Atlantic seabed, fine. But I'll take one of the lifeboats.

I like your enthusiasm about recruiting your students but you obviously have no clue how hard it is to get private students. Sure, you may pick up a few here and there but to get enough to feed and support your ass is a whole other story. Many of these "students" that you have taught like you while your at Nova in a secure environment but probably will be very uneasy meeting you elsewhere. It usually takes years to get enough students to come up with a normal salary (around 250,000yen per month)and you better have a savings account to back you up because these students will cancel on you and screw you over quite frequently..........many "private" students like this set-up because they feel like they can cancel at the last minute, only pay you lesson by lesson, and do whatever the hell they feel like doing. Operating a business in Japan is no easy task, ESPECIALLY for a foreigner (I don't care if you speak Japanese or is NOT easy).

I'm a little (ok well maybe very) drunk having celebrated my last day at NOVA and having a new job. NOVA is not out to screw you over? Not on rent or salary? You will get paid? Just deal with it like the Japanese staff? Don't help with the demise of the company? Sit back and accept it? Money is coming?

Normally I would attempt to tear you a new arsehole but I think that anyone and everyone with the slightest bit of common sense already discredited the bullshit in your post before even glimpsing at mine. You are either one funny or misguided fool! Why don't you try holding your breath until the money arrives and save the oxygen for those ofus with working brains that actually need it!

By the way, I joined the I hate Nova group on Facebook and while I know it will not achieve anything it's a hell of a lot better than waiting silently for the money to arrive.

Maybe I will start a 'I hate Monkeybridged' group as a social science experiment to see how many people share your gullible sentiments.

The japanese staff aren't stupid enough to believe their bonus will come. My staff wrote that off a long time ago. They are just hoping for one more pay check. Besides I know a lot of people got their own troubles ranging from new teachers to have just arrived with teachers losing their apartments and so on. But the japanese staff got a lot on their plate too. They were getting paid less and putting up with more crap, especially now. Are any of the angry students blaming the teachers? Well the Japanese staff are the messagers that are getting shot not Saruhashi.

I think that all two hundred of the warrants that were issued for shares will be used on the 24th October, 2007; thus enabling staff (who will have been waiting for a month) and instructors (who will have been waiting for a fortnight) to be paid on the 25th.

Monkeybridge is relying on people striking to avoid going bankrupt. In Japanese law, if a company can afford to keep one small office they can not declare bankruptcy, which is what many of you are hoping for. Seriously closing schools down by striking is helping him. If you continue to go to work then the law says you have to get the money as you are employed, please do not let him win. Search for jobs then quit,I wish you the best really, but do not strike. He is a twat do not let him win. Get to your foreign offices, get a cheap lawyer, visit your embassy, get a new job, whatever you want but please do not breach your contract, let him breach the contracts and sue the arse of him.

Yes! Sticking with something even when it is failing miserably just for the sake of misguided security is without a doubt the best course! I am sure that everyone who has ever succeeded in business must have been risk-averse and sacrificed every possible opportunity for the sake of "Job Security". Having owned my own a small (arguably) unsuccessful business in the past I know all too well that your job is only as secure as the fool that is running it. Does that make you feel reassured in the case of Nova?

Yes, everyone should stay to the 19th and when that deadline expires please stay to the 25th. The deadline after that could be anyone's choiceb ut by all means talk tough about a future date while failing to act as each passes you by. Thank God (who is as fictitious as the mystery investors) that I have a new job but I beg you to give my friends more time to secure employment. After that it will be a mere process of natural selection ie those that got off their arses and did some work to gain more secure employment will survive. Sitting on your arse hoping for a resolution to be handed to you is surely the recipe for success!

I was fortunate enough to find a job 2 weeks ago and am now an ALT at a JHS and honestly i am not rubbing this in your faces...I too need this paycheck, i have bills to pay like the rest of you...what I am wondering is, because i did not resign( what I thought to be a strategic move) will i be eligible to receive back payment through the government? some you have made some pretty intelligent posts and any feedback would be deeply appreciated...

5.1 Protection by Civil, Commercial and Bankruptcy Laws

In cases where the employer goes into bankruptcy or insolvency, workers' claims for wages are, to a certain extent, protected by civil law regulations. Namely, a lien or general preference on the employer's assets is given to workers' wage claims for the six months preceding the bankruptcy or insolvency by Civil Code provisions (Civil Code Art. 306 and 308). When the workers are employed by a company or corporation, the Commercial Code and other provisions of corporate laws provide preferential rights to workers' wage claims over the company's assets without the six month wage limitation as prescribed in the Civil Code (Commercial code Art. 295; Limited Company Law Art. 46; Insurance Business Law Art. 59).
However, the priorities given to workers' wage claims are no more than general preferences and subordinated to special preference or security rights over specific property established by other obligees. Furthermore, a general preference cannot be exercised against moveable property that has been transferred to a purchaser.
Wage protection in bankruptcy procedures is also limited since only a portion of workers' wage claims is incorporated into preferential funds and the other portion is subordinated to creditors with higher preferences such as security rights over specific property.

5.2 Security of Wage Payment Law

The oil crisis in 1973 led to a number of corporate bankruptcies. A realization of the insufficiency of the abovementioned protections for wage claims acted as a catalyst in the enactment of the Security of Wage Payment Law of 1976.
Under this Law, the government pays the unpaid wages to the worker in place of the employer who has been adjudged bankrupt, who has been ordered to begin special liquidation or corporate consolidation, or who has received a commencement decision in a corporate reorganization, or corporate rehabilitation procedure. In the case of small and medium sized companies, this government payment will also be available when the Labor Standards Inspection Office has confirmed that the stoppage of business activities exists, that there is no possibility of resumption and that the company is unable to pay wages.
This substitution of wages is implemented by the Labor Welfare Service ("Rodo Fukushi Jigyo") under the Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance Law. Therefore, the cost, like the cost for compensation for industrial accidents, is finaced by premiums borne entirely by employers. By paying unpaid wages in place of the employer, the government acquires the right to claim on the amount to the employer.
Workers who are eligible for this governemnt substitutive payment are limited to those who retire within a two-year period beginning six months prior to the application of above-mentioned procedures, such as bankruptcy, liquidation, reorganization and rehabilitation.
The amount paid to the eligible workers by the government is, in principle, limited to 80% of unpaid regular wages and retirement allowances due from six months before retirement.

- Labor and Employment Law in Japan, (Takashi Araki), Chapter 6, "Wages," pages 80-81.

I've been in Japan for close to 10 years now and I'm a permanent resident running my own business (not English related).

I worked for NOVA the first 4 years I was here and was very disgusted by their business practices. Ofcourse in the end I quit after a bitter dispute with management. NOVA still owe me 200,000 yen in Salary... but it wasnt a lot to me at that time and I just wanted to cut all ties with them and get on with my life...

When one of my ex-NOVA friends emailed me about the fact that NOVA is bankrupt, it led to my search on the internet to find this forum...
At first, I must admit that I was over-joyed at the fact that NOVA is bankrupt but after reading the posts and realising the difficulties the teachers are in, I feel sadened.

To offer my opinion on the situation...
- NOVA are a despicable company that doesnt deserve to survive.
- In my experience, they do not care about teachers or staff or students... so dont believe their faxes. THEY WILL NOT PAY YOU... they have a massive track record on this over the years.
- NOVA have employees whose job it is to write counter arguments to the numerous postings of disgruntled employees on forums such as this. It would not surprise me that such people are on this forum now... or maybe they are just foolish.
- Walking out in mass numbers will assure the downfall of NOVA and if you feel like I do... this is a great thing.
- start making financial arrangements to go back to your own country if you cannot secure alternative employment (borrow from family or friends if you have to). Earn money back home and come back and enjoy Japan again... it will still be here. Go to your consulate if you are in a real jam and I hope they can help you... The Australian Embassy seems to be aware of the situation...
- For most teachers (unless you've been here for many years earning a good salary), unemployment benefits are too meagre to hold out for... but certainly research more information about this...

Overall, NOVA is dead and deserves to die. You will not get paid so its silly to work for nothing. Its better to walk away and move on with your lives and comeback and enjoy Japan the way you envisioned. A protest to alert the government and general public to the plight of teachers will be a good thing, maybe they can come up with some relief assitance. Best of luck to everyone...

Thanks for stating the obvious. You are clever.

I don't want to come off too strong but..............wake the fuck up! You idiots thinking that you will get unemployment make me sick. If you are a newbee I understand..............but to the rest of you you are fucking disgusting. YOU ARE IN JAPAN. This country doesn't give a fuck about will never see any type of reimbursement. To the idiots that think they will consider this.................I have been here many, many years and I have never seen a teacher paid for their back services. If they don't pay you up front or on time then they will not pay you at all.................and the Japanese government backs this practice. You idiots think the Japanese government is sad about this........they are happy as fuck! Less foreigners.........foreigners in turmoil wanting to stay in this "god foresaken shithole" and begging for our help. A million English teachers before you got fucked and never saw their paycheck and you think you are special. The Japanese government won't pay you.............they don't want to pay you. They are happy as hell you are leaving. I own and run my own business in Japan...........I am safe. But, I feel sorry for you idiots dreaming you are going to get a hand out from a country that doesn't want you here in the first place.

I agree. Japan doesn't want us here. I've had enough mates fucked to know this.........................these newbees that have been here 1-3years are complete idiots...............try to collect unemployment. You are better off waiting for God to send you Noah's Ark to send you to that shithole you call home.

good luck man, i'll be alongside in spirit over at my branch.

hope for the best, expect the worst.

I am surprised that so many people are putting up with so much in the hope of getting unemployment insurance. Nova will probably go under, but nothing is for sure. What Sa(ru)hashi lacks in genuine leadership ability, he makes up for in sneakiness. He may keep this titanic floating for some time. By waiting for bankruptsy you are letting events control you. If you quit, you surrender your right to get your unemployment money, but it's uncertain that you will see that money anyway. At least you will be in control of your life. Just quit. Don't give any notice and put this nasty experience behind you. Life goes on. As someone who has done just that, it feels good - trust me. Sincerely, all the best to all of you.

The pertinent point is that you are a month late. You should have had this attitude last month. Good luck.

Don't listen to these people out there who are advocating quitting in order to move on. While moving on is definitely the best thing for you to do at this point, quitting is not the way to go about that. Call in sick or take an emergency leave of absence and get a new job! Someone was saying in an earlier post that they got a new job and still haven't quit Nova. That's smart! For god's sake though, stop going in to work for a company that is never going to pay you for your time!!!!!!! Unless you are some kind of loser who really has nothing better to do than go into the office everyday to teach lessons to unappreciatve students. NO, the students really don't appreciate the fact that you are going in to work everyday so they can take lessons. They don't even know about the dire situation Nova is in right now. And if they do they certainly don't care anymore about you and your plight than you do for theirs. I suspect all of those people encouraging you to go into work at least until the 19th are either Nova management or are doing it for purely selfish reasons. Move on but don't quit!

wow.. ur all negative! sure ur probably giving it to me straight up, in hopes that the truth will knock some sense into me... but i know what i'm gettin myself into. perhaps u've tried this before but failed but i'm not you.

operating any business is the same anywhere in the world... when there is a demand for something... u offer it. the demand for students to learn english privately will be ALOT higher when nova goes down. no student wants to invest a lump sum of money upfront due to the fact that they're scared of losing it.... i've talked to soooo many students in the past month and all have agreed that if nova goes down.. its private lessons they'll go... pay as u go!! i've done my research.

all i need is to make about 100,000 a month and i'm good to survive.. breaking that down.. thats only 25,000 a week. breaking that down even more .. thats only 5000 for 5 days of working... or u can just say 10 lessons a week if you're charging 2500/hr

how can i survive with such little coin??? i've been here for 7.5 months.. i have 4.5 months before my visa expires.. i've saved about 600g's working as a part timer for nova.. i'm smart with my money.. i'm not stingy and i enjoy going out frequently... soooo.. i can support my "ass" quite fine.

sooooo... good luck to you tho! with whatever you decide to do.

Not to be offence but I got to know, is this based on your feelings or not. There have been posts by teachers who have claimed that they have collected their past wages, it just took them time to get it thats all. Its hard to sort the fact from the fiction. The links that some people have posted have been helpful(thank you) and it seems we are entitled. Also people have posted that they have recieved their lost wages. You think otherwise. Could some help out and let us uninformed people know which is correct.

Hey, good for you being so good with your money. It's going to pay off for you now. When I worked for Nova, all of the other instructors pissed it away (quite literally) with alcohol every night. To this day, I know people who make the same amount as me but can't save a thing, while I pay down my debts and travel with the money. I only use about 100,000 yen per month on basic survival expenses, which includes taxes, insurance, food and rent.

I "officially" worked for Nova for 3 weeks after I started a new job. When I knew it was time to go, I put in an application for my 2 weeks paid leave, and for a week of unpaid leave. I then submitted my notice about 5 days before I physically moved on, giving about 26 days notice total, once you factored in the vacation time.

If some of you were to use the same strategy, you might still be officially employed by the company at the time they go under.

The worst kind of Nova teachers are the management... the AT, AAM, RAAM wankers. These people are real losers who wanted a career at this kind of company and assisted Nova in its disgusting treatment of teachers and customers over the years. I hope they all leave Japan!!! I would also encourage employers in Japan NOT TO HIRE ANY TEACHERS FROM NOVA MANAGEMENT... certainly I wont be.

I am the one who posted about getting a new job and not quitting...correction..i havent gone in since the end of september...but i also have not put through any kind of documentation...i just stopped going in...i really dont know whether this was a good or bad move, but i REALLY need this last paycheck and people are soo opposite in their opinions about insurance.........some say quit to get unemployment, others say you cant get unemployment if you quit, who is correct????????? SO CONFUSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dead right ! Actually i was pushed into becoming a T/I soon after joining the company in 1991 just as it was getting off the ground. Way back then things were heaps better and life wasn't too bad at all but after they started creating higher positions such as AAM and worse still RAAM things started to take a turn for the worse. I couldn't stand those brown nosed c#&"ts and dreaded going to meetings to hear them spew out their fucked ideas. At the end of my time with Nova I was well disliked for my rebellious attitude among the management and the school's log book started to see all kinds of nasty stuff being written about me. I stepped down and became a regular instructor and not long after left to come back to NZ. I feel sorry for the regular teachers not getting paid and even for students who have been ripped off but I deep down enjoy the thought of all those upper managers like "man hater" Michelle Plurde having to leave their "high" positions with weeks and weeks of unpaid salary and paid holidays. Good job !!

God, some people on this site are just so god damn irritating.
Firstly, those people who think it smart to get another job while still working for nova but using emergency time off or paid holidays, don't you realise that the government can get you for this?Unless your other job is paying cash in hand then there are high chances that the government will clock on to what you're doing and when you go to claim yout UI you will not hear what you want to. If it is a cash in hand job then you cant be making that much!
I laugh at all those people who curse and swear about ATs, AAMs, RAAMs etc. Get a grip of yourself. Although there are some people out there who are crap in their position, not all of them are. I laugh so much at people moaning about their ATs etc etc but why don't they just get another job?I worked my way up in Nova. I worked hard. I like to work. It doesn't matter what company I work for, I will always give my 100 percent to it. I have gained so much experience from my positions at nova. Now when I go to interviews, I have lots of situations to talk about particularly situations when instructors who couldnt care less about anything needed pulled aside and spoken to.
I am disapointed in the amount of idiots nova have employed recently. Alot of them think they are god and that they shouldnt need to lift a finger at work. Get over it people!
I think alot of people who are writing messages on here and the other sites are forgetting that it isn't just teachers who are not getting paid. It's ALL the Japanese staff (well exc some PT staff). The government should help out. If not for the sake of the foreigners, for the sake of the thousands of japanese employees there are. WHy did the government even let Nova get this far? How did they not know what nova was doing all those years ago?

I do hope Nova can pull through this but i dont expect there to be any trust in the company. I cant see anyone wanting to work their way up in the company now if the president of the company remains where he is. He shouldnt be allowed to stay.

I agree that those who havent been paid should protest. Im one of the people who hasnt been paid but I will still go to work. I won't protest myself mainly because I dont see any good that can come from it.

Last note - You cannot claim UI if you quit!You are better protected if you stay at nova should they end up going bankrupt. If you can't afford to not be paid on time each month then you should think about getting another job. UI is not all its cracked up to be anyway!

Whatever happens, I hope good things come to all those good people out there and good luck to those who will be protesting!


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