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Japan Doesn't Need You

Over the past 10 years, LJ has gone from being a website that tried to warn others about the pitfalls of working for GEOS, to documenting the criminal activities that are a part of eikaiwa, large and small schools alike.

There was the spectacular collapse of Nova that exposed it as a criminal enterprise. Then there was the sudden collapse of GEOS Australia in which GEOS Japan reassured everyone that everything was fine...only for the company to go bankrupt itself.

If you think these are pretty tame examples, how about Berlitz suing its instructors for trying to exercise their right to strike? If this kind of assholerly isn't enough, surely no one could top Fortress Japan's flat out extortion when it came to signing up robbing new students.

You know what would be worse than these examples of abuse and thievery? Using the Tohoku Kanto earthquake to make it look like teaching English is a heroic effort. Oh, wait...that's been done:

Yes, GaijinPot thinks the aftermath of a tsunami and an unfolding nuclear crisis is a great time to come and work in Japan. Teaching English=rebuilding Japan!

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Japan doesn't need you. It needs electricity. It needs to get the Fukushima reactors under control. Survivors need hot food and a warm roof over their heads.

Shame on these schools for using a disaster to promote their businesses. This ad campaign is not about what you can do for Japan--it's about the schools desperately trying to find teachers. I have a feeling that nobody wants to work anywhere near Fukushima.

By all means come to Japan to teach, but don't think that working in Hiroshima or Shizuoka is helping to rebuild Japan. If you want to help rebuild, donate to the Red Cross.


Now this is what I was talking about. If you've got any sense, you will not reply to that. In fact the webmaster should be erasing such inflammatory accusations.

The guy's a mental muddle. Best left alone.

The Manager did a good job of not hiring you, tool.

Nothing is right in Japan. This country has made itself into a rip-off country in which the government is ripping us off in high taxes and at the saem time Japan cannot control its mounting debt twice the size of the economy. This is no wonder why China has risen up to have the biggest economy in Asia, and Japan is at number 3. The worst part of it is that Japanese refuse to accept third place. That is because Japanese are too arogant and too complacent to see their faults in the mirror.
Because of the fact that Japanese have proven themselves to be this arrogant, it seems to me as if Japan really does not need English teachers. Japanese are the most lousiest learners of English in Asia. The Chinese, Koreans, and Thais can kick Japnese asses with basic English skills to a point that they can even emmigrate to the USA or Canada. Japanese Can`t do that. And as long as the Japanese economy is failing, if Japanese continue to be lousy at English (though not all will be able to learn it), Japanese will soon find themselves in a situation that most of them will remain underemployed in their own country in the future because they don`t have second language skills, and Japan`s economy has failed. The Japanese economy will fail as long as Japanese remain being the way they are.


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