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The Return of the Bunny

Things are apparently looking good at G.communication. Its president, Masaki Inayoshi, sat down with the Chunichi Shimbun to talk about the past year.

Inayoshi says that the past year has gone well for the new Nova. Of the approximately 670 schools left in the wake of Nova's collapse, G.communication has re-opened 126 of them. Combined with the new schools and jukus opened by G.communication, they were operating 396 schools as of the end of October. These schools apparently have a combined capacity for 300,000 students, but the current student body is only 76,000, 80% of which are from the old Nova.

As for the problem of employing some 1500 of its instructors, the issue has largely been resolved with after reaching an understanding with the labour union in June. Inayoshi says that the instructors who wanted to stay on with Nova are all employed. Nova currently has 656 instructors, of which 500 are from the old Nova. He also says that the problems over the past year have been dealt with and the company is back in the black.

When asked about old Nova's faults, Inayoshi says that there was a lot of waste. There were too many schools, and alot of them were overly large and subject to high rents. He moved about 80% of those schools to smaller and cheaper locations nearby. He is also critical of the way Nova used to charge for lessons up front and has done away with that practice opting for a monthly payment system instead. He calls the system of spending lots of money on advertising and collecting lessons fees up front a "warped business model."

Inayoshi also notes that he's been able to attract Nova refugee students to the new Nova by offering them lessons at 75% discounts. He says that even when students have used up their remaining lesson points, about 70% decide to renew their contracts. To him, this is a sign that they're satisfied with the lessons.

As for his next move, Inayoshi says that he wants to set up an ocha no ma ryuugaku center in the United States next year. While the current center is in Osaka, he says that it will be more efficient to employ instructors in the States. Also, look for new Nova TV commercials in the new year in which the Nova bunny will make its return.

Comment: So Nova is profitable again, huh? I suppose when you drastically shrink the company and cut costs, that's what happens. One thing that stands out are the numbers: 80% of its students and 76% of its instructors are refugees from the collapse. Neo-Nova is a rump of its former self. It may be profitable, but how large can it be expected it to grow with numbers like these? It doesn't sound like it's attracting a lot of people. The return of the bunny will also be interesting to watch. Apparently G.communication will try and squeeze every last yen out of its corpse despite its connection to the tragedy of last year.

Original article

「NOVAウサギ復活」 1年で黒字化達成、ジー社会長に聞く

2008年11月18日 朝刊

経営破たんした英会話学校NOVAの事業を引き継いでから11月で1年を迎えたジー・コミュニケーション(名古屋市)の稲吉正樹会長(39)は、 中日新聞のインタビューに応じ、米国に「お茶の間留学」の講師を集めるセンターを新設し、テレビCMを年明けに再開するなど、積極的な営業展開に転じる考 えを示した。主なやりとりは次の通り。 (矢野修平)


再建のペースは予想以上に速い。教室は(約670あった教室のうち)126校を引き継いだ。新規開校や学習塾への併設などを合わせると、10月末 で396校になっている。(最大30万人とされる)受講生は現在7万7600人。約8割が旧NOVAから継続して受講している。




教室は無駄が多かった。どこも必要以上に広くて家賃が高く、約8割を近隣に移転させた。また、受講前に多額の授業料を前払いさせる料金体系も改 め、月謝制を基本にした。多額の宣伝費をかけて生徒を集め、多額の前払い金を次の宣伝費に充てる。いびつなビジネスモデルだった。






I knew this was going to happen.

Yep. I, too, am one of the instructors who has remained there. I have chosen to do so because I have made a for sure plan to be out by summer, and with a guaranteed full-time salary and good schedule (until I recently got fucked over and forced to transfer) I decided to save and pay off debt and save for my summer plans. Unfortunately, with the recent transfer and schedule change, I have been thinking twice.

In short, these clowns at the top are a bunch of fuckwits that have penny, sorry yen, pinched everyday since its resurrection. They showed their true colors back in Jan when they let go 10s or 100s or people who wanted to work, by not renewing their contracts. It almost seems to be the Japanese business way at times, or often... trick or simply cheat employees and completely suck em dry. How this fuckin Inayoshi can say business is goin well and shit, well....

Ive worked at a number of the new, pink-walled schools, and all i can say is this company is FUCKIN CHEAP! Closet-sized schools, seriously.. its FUCKED! This dude is the fuckin same as Saruhashi, but just 20 years younger and an ultimate cheapskate!

From experience, I can tell this Inayoshi clown a couple of things:
1. advertising is critical
2. you need a fairly constant flow of new students.

Number two is the most important to keep in mind. You are always going to lose some students to attrition. There are a few that never seem to quit, but they are not enough to keep you going and nobody last forever. If 70% are renewing, that means you are losing 30% a year.

Looking at these numbers, I see no long-term strategy... With so many schools out there, I am surprised they even have as many students as they do. I think they they must be going mostly on what's left of the momentum of being the largest English school in Japan. Those long-term students will gradually fade away though...

They can certainly count money. That's the only real improvement I could see in my breif time with NOVA.

Just wait until they stop resigning contracts to save money...especially if they are send the Ocha schooling abroad. Just a matter of time. The new workers work less hours, get paid a lot less, and don't carry the old negativity baggage.
Though, I have heard through the grapevine that they aren't hiring any new teachers that require a visa, because they are unsure about the future. And the schools in Nagoya are quite different from the shoebox schools found in sketchy buildings throughout the rest of Japan.

Ah don;t worry about it, he is just blowing smoke out of his ass and patting himself on the back with his rubber arm. Remember this appeared in the paper so do you think he would paint a bad picture of his so called company, it would drive any of his potential maentally incompetent students away. Don't believe the numbers also.

I'm curious about setting up an ocha no ma ryuugaku center in the U.S. Why set up on the other side of the earth? Wouldn't the time zone differences interfere with providing lessons online? Why not set up in Australia or N.Z. instead? Operating costs are presumably equivalent or cheaper than the U.S. and you don't have to deal with the time zone issue.

The reason they're setting it up in the US is because grandpa Lukasik (that old fucktard) is from the States. They're setting it up in bumfuck Texas (probably in the middle of the desert). Hopefully some roughnecks will find a huge oil deposit under the school and demolish the fucker to get at the crude.

I'd think India's be the place to set up. It has the talent pool, infrastructure. Oh, sorry. Now I think about it, Indians aren't white skinned, blue eyed and blond haired enough.

Yes, and even the likely fudged numbers do not look very impressive.

Interview in paper = free advertising.

How much does an ad in the Chunichi Shimbun cost these days? Think of the $avings!

You have a chain of schools with a 300,000 students capacity, and only have 76,000, 80% of whom were inherited from the bankrupted NOVA. This means that you were only able to attract 15,200 new full fee paying students in one year. Is this a good result by any standard? I don't think so, and as someone else has already mentioned, it's not even economically feasible in the long term, you need a fairly constant stream of new students signing in in order to be profitable. Personally, I don't even believe this "about 70% decide to renew their contracts" bullshit; how does he know? has he carried out a survey among students? (unlikely, given the managerial capability of this joke-company). I was at NOVA and lost my job back in January, although I requested a new contract, so Inayoshi statement "instructors who wanted to stay on with Nova are all employed" is just one of the many lies told by this man and his company. Why should we believe the rest? Moreover, this idiot is not even that good at spin, as he's presenting appalling data as if these results were a triumph for the company. Hope they soon will be down the drain.

Looking at this story:

I think that if Congress doesn't help, maybe Inayoshi can.

Nice to know that, while Japanese businessmen are often hardfaced rip-off artists, they are novices, compared to the brazen, private jet flying U.S. business elite. It makes me proud to be American!

Break down the numbers more, and it gets more depressing.

15,200 new students / 396 schools = 38 new students per school.

38 new students / 12 months = 3 new students a month.

I know from a reliable source, that contract renewals for teams other that English are not granted, and a few people are waiting to hear their destiny. Back in January, G-shit's ideal teacher-students ratio was 1 to 40, now has reached 1 to 100. To me this means: canceled lessons if a teacher is sick or doesn't show up for some reason, difficulties in booking lessons (something already experienced by many students), and of course over-worked instructors (apparently even paid holidays are too often denied). Basically shit service. I'm really curious to see how G-shit will manage in the long term.

"He (Inayoshi) says that even when students have used up their remaining lesson points, about 70% decide to renew their contracts. To him, this is a sign that they're satisfied with the lessons"

So, TO YOU, those who renew their contracts are NOT necessarily satisfied with their lessons?

Do you know something we don't?

I thought that was a lame point too. It's not so strange that 70% (of students enthusiastic enough to return after the bankruptcy) re-signed and of course Inayoshi would have that information, but it's debatable as to whether this number is good or bad. He hasn't told us why 30% of students who finished their discounted tickets decided to quit.

"He hasn't told us why 30% of students who finished their discounted tickets decided to quit."

Simple. Some of that 30% were going to quit anyhoo, and the rest were cheesed off, because they were treated bably, while trying to use up their tickets. It was harder for them to book lessons than the new students, so they felt like second class students and quit.

Mr Inoshishi is an even bigger shit-for-brains than Saruhashi. For a start, the savvy business guys like the AEON boss wouldn't touch NOVA with a ten foot pole, after they went belly up. But Mister Inoshishi thinks that's of no consequence, AND thinks he can deliver overcrowded, and hard to book lessons, in shitty schools, and treat students like shit, and it will work.

In predicting Nova's demise last time, a long time in advance, I was five days out. Here's my prediction for GCom Nova: They might limp on for several years, but they will NEVER prosper.

Everyone seems to be talking about this 70% who "decide" to renew their contracts. I'd like to bring your attention to the fact that Inayoshi said that 70% of current students "decide" to renew their contracts. The use of the present tense means (at least to me) that they haven't "decided" yet. So, I'm not saying that it might not be true, but Mr. Inayoshi is not presenting any evidence for what he's claiming. Knowing this shit company and its practices, I obviously have some doubt about everything they say. I cannot believe that even the most mentally capable g-shit student would accept forever the treatment G-shit is reserving for them. Saying that, I'm fortunately out of there, and they can all go to hell any time they want.

Our branch was told tonight that salaries for new contracts will be 20% less than for current contracts. Also position allowances (ATs, etc) will cease to exist and not be paid.

Looks like Inayoshi decided on the cuts just after telling the media everything was okay. Hopefully the media finds out about this.

What a surprise.. Business, oops.. i mean deceit and lying, as usual. That guy already revealed his true self back earlier this year with the let-gos and contract non-renewals. If you gotta cut or lay people off, fine.. but dont fuckin lie about it to save face or deny it - because theres certainly no honour in fuckin denying and lying, at least in my opinion...

Why are you still there? Why are you still putting up with this shit? On this blog, we've been reading about G-scum lies and business practices since January. We all knew then, and we all know now who they are and what to expect from them. So, I can't believe that there are still people willing to put up with all this. Japan is full of teaching jobs, maybe not your dream job, but certainly better than what G-shit is offering. Leave and get a better life, and if you really hate this bunch of crooks GET OUT NOW!!!!!!! This shit is still going on only because there are still people willing to give their time to this company. No more teachers=no more G-shit, no matter how many students want to continue to waste their time with it.

Fully agreed. I am still there, but plan to leave the country in 2009, and am not tied down so thats the main reason. Nonetheless, I have been applying for jobs regardless of the time left I have in Japan - GCrooks have pushed my buttons enough and ive been lookin for alternatives...

How about a walk out guys? Say, the next day after pay-day, mobilize all the G-Scum slaves and refuse to work? Or maybe "work to rule", just turn up but don't teach? Even a mini rally organized outside some of the branches, holding some placards in Japanese listing the unfair conditions and showing GCon to be the fly-by-night scam that it is? Might really piss off your "superior officers", but hey, what have you to lose, and those guys are all c@nts of the first order anyway, who long ago lost any small "authority" they used to have at Nova.

Or, just friggin quit.

I can't believe Westerners still work for this company. I have to check this forum every once in a while and man it's hoot!

How about a walk out guys? Say, the next day after pay-day, mobilize all the G-Scum slaves and refuse to work? Or maybe "work to rule", just turn up but don't teach? Even a mini rally organized outside some of the branches, holding some placards in Japanese listing the unfair conditions and showing GCon to be the fly-by-night scam that it is? Might really piss off your "superior officers", but hey, what have you to lose, and those guys are all c@nts of the first order anyway, who long ago lost any small "authority" they used to have at Nova.

Or, just friggin quit.

youre the worst kind of gaijin.

Eeven if you walk out or everyone quits, G-CUM will just hire non-Native English speakers to teach the lessons and cover the classes that have no teachers. They might use the jokers at the Main Office (Chinese)who from a personal source have worse speaking abilities than those students being taught. Or they will hire or Nationalities like the Malays or Filipinos to teach like some other companies (GABA, Interact, Nichibei and alot more are doing. Have met a few of them and man I don't know how they can hire these people when they have absolutely atrocious English abilities. Oh well guess students don't know what is correct English and what is not.

It looks to me as though a lot fewer westerners are working for eikaiwa than a year ago. Can anyone get the numbers on this?

"In predicting Nova's demise last time, a long time in advance, I was five days out. Here's my prediction for GCom Nova: They might limp on for several years, but they will NEVER prosper."

Thankyou oh great wise one! Out of curiosity, you weren't one of the numerous bright sparks here who also predicted NOVA's demise to occur in the summer of this year? C'mon, be honest now...

Is anyone here willing to own up to that one?

Hello Guys,

Let me to tell you a good story.
I was one of these "alternative language teacher" who has established my own private school after Nova collapsed with another associate near Shinjuku. We started on january 2008. We quickly reached to get enough students (Nova former students at 90%) and have reach around 70 Bodies this month. But the best is not here...
About 6 month ago, my ex Manager who had kept in touch with an english department AAM -an AAM (RAAM may be?)of Shibuya Honko (I keep his name in secret for the moment)- call me ON BEHALF OF HIM to ask me if I would accept to take him in my school to let him teach to HIS PRIVATE STUDENTS...yes...why not..."but that guy is still working for Gcom"... !
I decided not to give effect to it.
On the beginning of this month, I decided to go to stand in front of G comm building (I can't say which school but one of the biggest in Tokyo).
I was standing on the walk side waiting for some old good student(and ...give them a panphlet or two if possible)...
A few minutes later, the guy (the ONE! the Ex AAM of Shibuya Honko, the ONE who asked me to give him a place in my school to TEACH to HIS OWN PRIVATES OUT OF NOVA G COMM! asked me -with courtesy at first- to "MOVE ON"...
"Hahaha, are you police agent?"" Move on or...G comm Nova is ready to call a LAWYER...move on or...or your company will know serious problems!
I couldn't believe it...I stayed, with a strange feeling.., that guy is joking?? I was thinking...
And, surprise! Another one , a big pig former english teacher and another one I had never seen, a clown with a very grave face (but not enough to impress me -and who was probably making shit in his pant...

Nice story!I am hesitating now to send a mail to Hinayoshi to inform him about what his "managers" -as small as they are- are ready to do to survive!!!
See you folks!!

Of course he came out and asked you to move on. What are you , fucking stupid?
It's still his job to keep loser foreigners like you from making a scene outside. Don't blame him, P.N. or whoever it was has to get paid.

Geez!, How could an idiot like you actually start a business?

What is the big deal? People hand out fliers all the time in Japan! You cannot call that making a scene you twit! What right do they have to tell him he cannot hand out fliers in public space? Were you one of the unsuccessful goons who tried to tell him to move on?

Sorry loser, Gspot will not make it. It is only a matter of time...

Listen so called "Former HT" it is a free bloody country, that is what free entreprise is, or haven't you had any type of business lessons. Doubt it! He was on the sidewalk handing out flyers, just like thousands of people do everyday here in Japan or have you been too drunk to notice? He has the legal right to do it anywhere in the public areas, even in the building if it is not owned by the fuck wits G-Com. You blabbing off like that only makes people wonder if you are not really a former HT. Idiot!!

Good on you to stand in front of the school and hand out advertisements. You should have told the guys to piss off. They think that they still have some control of people even after they have left the company.

No offence, but your English is terrible. How did you manage to get a job? There are more language mistakes in that story than an entrance level EIKEN essay.

About two thousand three hundred less, in English teaching, in Japan as a whole, compared to last year. It's worse in the rural areas. Tokyo, Osaka etc tend to have more teaching opps so the numbers haven't drpopped so drastically there.

But GABA for example, have offset this, by hiring teachers from nations with generally higher levels of English fluency: Scandinavia, Ireland, India, Philippines, etc, and even some Japanese nationals, with high level fluency.

So, according to former HT, someone who starts his own school and do it pretty successfully is a "loser". And again according to him, handing out flyers outside a school, although on public space and legally, is a good enough reason for someone to told the guy to move on. Former HT, I don't know what you're doing and where, but I think you should get a perspective. You defend your job by improving and doing things better, not by trying to scare off competitors with a bully attitude. To conclude, I do think the real losers are the one still working at this company (G-shit), for whatever reason they do it.

I guess that is good news for those crawling the bars looking to pick up an "English bitch" or any other Japanese girl interested in exploring the other side (less competition). Makes me wish I hadn't got married...

I don't think he taught English, it was probably one other the other languages.

I wouldn't regard anything that clown who calls himself "Former HT" says with any credibility...I once looked at his stupid blog (which was linked to his post), and the amount of bile and hatred he spewed - on innocent people, including random photos of some of them - was seriously disturbing...Im talking racist, offensive shit...not to mention the talk of abnormal stuff he gets up to in his personal life. Fair enough "Former HT" if you don't like women or heterosexuals, but keep it to yourself, ya hear? "Former HT" is going straight to hell, no doubt about that.

I will do my best to make my arguments against Shitty Shinjuku English School clear and articulate. I plan to utilize numerous examples and maybe even some occasional humor so as not to strain your patience as I delve into immense detail about how the world would be a much better place to live if Shitty Shinjuku English School just stopped trying to create catchy, new terms for boring, old issues and ways to teach English to the masses. Unless you share my view that certain individuals in intelligence and law enforcement agencies may have overlooked some of its more irrational suggestions, there's no need for you to hear me further. The main dissensus between me and Shitty Shinjuku English School is that I assert that that Shitty Shinjuku English School combines greed and blood lust into a single persona. It, on the other hand, contends that the long dead, Nova Union is expendable.

No matter what the Shitty Shinjuku English School owner thinks, it uses allotheism to feed information from sources inside the Japanese government to organizations with particularly impulsive agendas. That's the large elephant in the room that nobody ever talks about. Nevertheless, I truly profess that people really ought to start talking about it because then they'd realize that Shitty Shinjuku English School has delivered exactly the opposite of what it had previously promised us. Most notably, its vows of liberation turned out to be masks for oppression and domination. And, almost as troubling, Shitty Shinjuku English School's vows of equality did little more than convince people that if Shitty Shinjuku English School gets its way, none of us will be able to question authority. Therefore, we must not let Shitty Shinjuku English School steal students from Gcomm, cause this country to flounder on the shoals of self-interest, corruption, and chaos. I hope I haven't bored you by writing an entire letter about Shitty Shinjuku English School owner and his bizzare and illegal way of getting customers. Still, this letter was the best way to explain to you that Shitty Shinjuku English School's beliefs (as I would certainly not call them logically reasoned arguments) are bottomlessly bad.

Nevertheless, trying to get new customers by handing out flyers on public soil is a perfectly legal activity and should not be questioned. If there are other issues with what you call Shitty Shinjuku School (which honestly I didn't get at all as you didn't say anything), well ... that's another matter.

I agree. "Trying to get new customers by handing out flyers on public soil is a perfectly legal activity" however, one should consider the location. You don't see Geos staff handing out flyers in front of Berlitz, Gaba, ECC, or Aeon, do you?

Still perfectly legal if they did. They might not do it because of a kind of agreement or maybe because it's not considered appropriate, but still ... Anyway, G-shit students will judge by themselves whether or not G-scum's lessons are worth the money. We'll see.

"Trying to get new customers by handing out flyers on public soil is a perfectly legal activity" however, one should consider the location. You don't see Geos staff handing out flyers in front of Berlitz, Gaba, ECC, or Aeon, do you?"

Actually, you do, it is commonplace for the big eikaiwa chains to try and poach students from the others. I used to work at the old Nova, it was in a building right next to an Aeon, and guess what? Both schools would regularly hand out tissue flyers on the street outside the buildings. This is commonplace in Japan, so if Nova and GCon. can do it, so can XYZ English school.

As for reborn's funny post:

"I was standing on the walk side waiting for some old good student(and ...give them a panphlet or two if possible)...
A few minutes later, the guy (the ONE! the Ex AAM of Shibuya Honko, the ONE who asked me to give him a place in my school to TEACH to HIS OWN PRIVATES OUT OF NOVA G COMM! asked me -with courtesy at first- to "MOVE ON"...
"Hahaha, are you police agent?"" Move on or...G comm Nova is ready to call a LAWYER...move on or...or your company will know serious problems!"

I would give anything to have witnessed that, but it seems scarcely credible, since in my experience most of the "bigwigs" or wanna be "bigwigs" in Nova/GCon. were, ahem...vertically challenged. That's right, 5 foot 4, weedy guys with Napoleon syndrome! Sorry about that if any of you height-impaired dudes are reading this.

Great story though.

If you find yourself in Japan, on the sidewalk and handing out damn flyers for some shitty scam ridden eikaiwa, then you really do need to assess where the hell your life is going / has gone, unless of course you are happy to be like Whacko Macko (legendary NTU nutcase).

Seriously, eikaiwa can’t be considered a real job, and was a notoriously dubious way to make one’s living, even before Nova skidded off the rails and hit the wall.

It’s a giant time waste, and unless you are killing 3 to 6 months, simply because you want to “exist” in Japan, because you have just finished college, and want to do something meaningless, breezy, and care free for a while, then, you have rocks in your head, to even consider it.

I must admit, I had a chuckle, when I read about spat out and washed up AAM’s and RAAM’s, squabbling over turf on the footpath to hand out pamphlets. Jerks!

You see such kinds of territorial disputes between hot-dog vendors here, on occasion. Ha Ha !

Bottom line, eikaiwa is for losers, end of.

END OF guy, welcome back. It's been a while, I thought you must have left Japan and the noble profession of English-teaching behind. Good to have you back on the blog.

Leave Whacko Macko out of it, he "lost" his "virginity many moons ago", so he does have a few credibility point up his sleeve. Some respect, please.

Listen, Im sick of telling you all. Eikaiwa = Loser. END OF.
When are you english "teaching" losers going to realize? Stop the crappy blogging and admit that you guys are all pathetic, wasting your lives away in a dead end job.
Teachers of English in Japan are all LOSERS. END OF.

Does anyone ever wonder what it is with this constant thing we seem to have about calling each other losers? BTW, if you are unhappy with Nova, the worst thing you can do to Nova is quit. That will hurt them more than anything else.

Just work 20% less hard.

I agree totally. Don’t sign up to begin with. If you are an idiot and do, then enjoy a few months in Japan, while turning a blind eye to the insane reality of your “job”, then QUIT.

Why? Because Eikaiwa is for LOSERS – END OF.

Rumour has it, that salaries are being cut, to reflect the stronger yen.

IE "No need to pay these chimps the same amount, since they come here to save, and taking into account the stronger yen, then their take out of Japan number remains the same, if we pay them 20% less, which means, they will still keep lining up, like lambs to the slaughter, anyway - so BUGGER the damn booth monkies"

Difference today compared with 3 years ago is 21% - G Cum have done themselves out of 1% !

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
100 Japanese Yen = 1.05715 US Dollar

Sunday, December 2, 2007
100 Japanese Yen = 0.89896 US Dollar

Saturday, December 2, 2006
100 Japanese Yen = 0.86393 US Dollar

Friday, December 2, 2005
100 Japanese Yen = 0.83638 US Dollar

Since the G Cumm secures its payments in yen, decreasing salaries by 20%, because the yen has increased in strength by 20% against the dollar, is reprehensible, unmitigated, vile, despicable and exploitative greed, worthy of complete and utter contempt.

It is quite sick, and disgusting. These guys are real gutter snipes.

The G Cumm strategy is clear:

They know 3 years ago, people were signing up for eikaiwa had done their currency conversions. They view the number of booth jocks to be processed as being unlimited.

They thus think, the endless line of would be eikaiwa entertainers/clowns will continue, because the USD figure remains the same.

Frankly, this G Cumm apparition makes me feel like sticking my fingers down my throat.

I think it best that people avoid G Cumm like they would avoid the pox.

So when do the paycuts begin for you guys ? from this month?

BTW is it true Nova/G Com are still using that Diplomat series of textbooks they developed years ago?

Your salary is written into your contract right? Is this story for real?

OK they can offer you a lower salary when your contract is up, but they can't lower it mid-contract. Any bozo knows that.

So, simple question. Are GCom breaching their contract, in which case instructors have them, bang to rights, OR was this story started by a troll?

Simple question. A TRUTHFUL answer would be nice. I know it's alot to ask.

The cuts come in to play when the instructor's current contract expires.
Those with a high enough salary will find the salary in their new contract to be up to 20% less.
So anyone with a contract that expires in January or February will get hit first, whereas those with a current contract that runs until the end of next year will keep their current salary until that time.

I understand it is only for new employees, and not existing. G Cumm is apparently reflecting the 20% appreciation in the value of the yen against the USD, over the last three years, as a 20% deduction in what it costs to hire a new recruit. I understand bonuses and pay rises are totally out, for the same reason, but people on existing contracts, won't get a pay "cut" - new recruits, however, will face a 20% reduction in opening salary, in line with the 20% increase in the value of the yen.

G Cumm feels, since any new recruit is only using Japan to save money, then, any new recruit is attracted to the USD value of their salary, not the JPY value.

I heard they have been patting themselves on the back, and have been cracking jokes "Ahhh, this wa true globalization, he he he, so desu neh".

They are a filthy breed at G Cumm, have no doubt about it.

Cheers for the info.

That GCom are offering the lowest possible legal salary, is that:

a) that's all most teachers are worth, in business and practical terms

b) they can. Almost nobody will fight it. Nova teachers as a bloc (I know there are individual, or small groups, who made an exception) are not going to make a stand, because they never did before. 5,000 graduates at a time, who let some third rate, piddling, chiselling crook take the absolute piss out of them, for 20 years... and let him.

Rant over. I know I'll get flamed. Pity you impotent losers can't direct your ire at Inayoshi, where it might actually do some good.

It will also hit current teachers.
The cut will be up to about 20%, depending on their current salary. People who have a salary that is now just over their initial base salary won't have much of, if any, a cut.

^ Heh. Nice one. And with the whisperings of a 5% - 20% pay cut across the board of all instructors and the elimination of all increments based on position, I'd say they are completely fucked now.

What are the instructors gonna do? Work hard so they get *less* of a pay cut on their next contract? lol. Fuckers need a 101 in staff motivation. And not that retard Yamaya.

"CM before the end of the year..." according the last interview of G com's President Hinayoshi...
Nothing about it??

In his self-imposed solipsistic hades. Obviously, he is a loser, as his displays prove, but he hasn't joined the dots yet, even after ALL this time. What a sad man.

Yeah, I know, poor Whacko Macko, but he will wake up one day......I suppose he is doing it tough, with XMAS coming up and all.

Hey, I haven't read much of your crap, but I heard about your blog, and found it. I noticed you have to log in to comment, guess you were getting a lot of criticism about your blogs. You are just a gaijin dick. YOu have no respect for the culture you live in, and anything you see you bash. Why don't you just leave? I can assume you were a loser in your home country? America I am assuming. And then you went to Japan with dreams of finally touching a girl's tit, and when that didn't happen you become even more disillusioned and irate? Yeah. Thought so. You need some therapy. Your rants are dry and just mean, with no original thought and poor writing skills. You have a terrible ability of linking ideas and your thoughts. I am sure you write a lot about on your blog after a night out drinking alone taking pictures for your site, and after you jerked off (once again), you write your ideas down in a terrible incoherent way. You hate Japan, leave Japan.

I really REALLY agree with the previous comment...lovely.
And this: "And then you went to Japan with dreams of finally touching a girl's tit, and when that didn't happen you become even more disillusioned and irate?"...
Nice comment, thanks !!

You don't consider Ireland to be a native English speaking country? I'm wondering, because you classed it with Scandinavia, the Phillipines, etc., for English fluency purposes.

There has recently been a "50% off everything" campaign at G.ed Nova: 50% off lesson fees, texts, whatever. I think it's a ploy to keep the "old" Nova students who apparently comprise 99.99% of the total student body. If they leave, the whole house of cards collapses, so, desperate to keep them, G.ed does this 50% discount thing and defrays the loss by cutting teachers' salaries. Inayoshi's claim that all is well with Nova is, I would say, sheer bullshit. Or else he's telling the truth and simply doesn't give a shit about fairness or employee morale.

"Things are great with Nova. Thanks for all the hard work, everyone. To show my appreciation for your helping to revitalize Nova, I'm giving you all a pay cut! No, no, don't thank me..."

It's time to jump ship.

Those of you in the "Eikaiwa is for losers" camp:
Hmmm...Being employed in eikaiwa per se doesn't say anything about one's quality as a teacher. I've met people with Education degrees who (in my own humble opinion) were narrow-minded idiots, and I've also met excellent teachers with no formal teaching qualifications. Not to mention the dubious implication that most of the students are somehow just too stupid to understand that the people teaching them are actually crap excuses for teachers. And more to the point: having a deep-seated need to put down people en masse just on the basis of their occupation is the real mark of the loser, sorry to say. But maybe you can avoid having to face that reality if you just keep posting lots of "Eikaiwa is for losers! End of!" messages.

I could not agree more. Those kinds of people who complain about not having a decent seat to sit, on, for the world record volume of sit down lessons they have to endure, are, sorry to say, absolute losers. LOSERS. END OF.

The same goes of companies world wide, which, for occupational health and safety issues, waste million of dollars on ergonomic chairs (the bloody fools).

That’s probably the reason behind the global economic downturn – dollars wasted on decent seats.

Saruhashi was a genius, however – he saw straight through the decent chair bullshit game, and so has his predecessor.

Successor, not predecessor – sorry, but have a terrible backache, thanks to those chairs, and am not thinking straight.

What qualifications do you have, that enables you to say who is a good teacher and who is not?

An education degree, unless specific to teaching English as a second or foreign language, means nothing.

I would not mind betting, you would not have any idea what makes a good teacher or a bad teacher, just like your employer did not, and just like your immediate “manager” did not.

Making a stupid women wet or giggle does not make a person a good teacher, but then again, Eikaiwa has never really been about teaching to begin with (judging by the posts in here), hence people like you, and opinions like yours.

Eikaiwa is for losers. END OF.

If Nova were an honest company, Saruhashi would have made his instructors wear a T shirt with the logo “SEX INSTRUCTOR, FIRST LESSON FREE” plastered all over it.

Nova was and is always about one thing and one thing only, and that was selling, cash up front mind you, the possibility and novelty of having sexual intercourse with a white male to Japanese women, of all shapes, and sizes, under the thinly disguised shroud of “language lessons”.

No more than the qualifications that you apparently think you have to determine that anyone who teaches eikaiwa must be a loser (and in the process revealing yourself to the world as a loser). Apparently your concern about lack of such "qualifications" suddenly wanes when it comes to yourself. In any case, since it wasn't obvious to you, I was (like yourself and virtually anybody else who posts here) expressing my opinion.

Using your logic, any time a student decides they have a good teacher, their viewpoint is null and void because they don't have "qualifications" to determine such a thing.

People who post messages like yours are LOSERS. Absolutely, positively, end of.

No more than the qualifications that you apparently think you have to determine that anyone who teaches eikaiwa must be a loser. Apparently your concern about lack of such "qualifications" suddenly wanes when it comes to yourself. In any case, since it wasn't obvious to you, I was (like yourself and virtually anybody else who posts here) expressing my opinion.

Using your logic, any time a student decides they have a good teacher, their viewpoint is null and void because they don't have the "qualifications" to determine such a thing.

What "qualifications" or knowledge do you have to determine that my job has, or has ever had, anything to do with "making stupid women wet or giggle"?

Calling people names simply on the basis of their occupation doesn't take much mental effort, an ironic thing in light of your insistence that I have to be "qualified" in order to have an informed view of teaching skills. So you tell me: what do you consider the most important qualities of an effective teacher?

Here is what I think makes a good eikaiwa “teacher”.

Since Eikaiwa is not really about Language Instruction at all (it is a giant grab money up front scam, where the money is laundered off, pretty much selling the possibility of sex or a relationship with a white male to Japanese women, or simply supervised “fun time” with a foreigner for others), the only qualification necessary to be an Eikaiwa “teacher” is an ability to flirt with “students”, and to make them laugh /entertain them.

That’s pretty much it.

You don’t need any language teaching qualification at all. Important things to consider and to work on are your “smile”, and if you are able to crack a few puerile jokes, that can be understood beyond cultural boundaries and linguistic constraints, that helps too. Smile a lot. It is very important.

Japanese do not like to be too blatant. Thus, it is important, to throw in a few of the “steps” you are taught in your hasty “throw you in at the deep end” 2 or 3 days of training (compared with the years of training a real language teacher must have), so that the façade of “lesson” time can be maintained.

Despite the fact that both you and the student know full well, the experience is not really about language lessons, the maintenance of the surface spray of “formal lessons”, offering some form of disguise, is compulsory. Remember, this is Japan. Keeping up a front is of vital importance.

That’s it really. Dress fashionably and neatly as well, and follow the basic steps outlined above, bleach your teeth, and you stand a chance of being an excellent and highly regarded “eikaiwa” teacher.


You aren’t wrong there! You don’t need nuffink, to be an A Grade eikaiwa entertainer, or need to be Albert Einstein to know what is required, to be an A class eikaiwa loser, oops, I mean, long term eikaiwa professional.

I used to love it, when the little neo-nazi managers, who thought they knew it all, and who would grill the shit out of you for not following “lesson” steps, would be upstaged by some fresh puppy faced new arrival, who did nothing but smile and laugh, who did not follow ANY directions (training being too short), and yet would have the students lined up to book his lessons, taking over pole position as number one teacher, in one or two days flat.

Eikaiwa addicts (the customers), in the most part, don’t really give a shit if you can teach language or not.

What they want, is someone with ample “genki juice”, who is fresh off the boat, and can make them laugh.

Eikaiwa is an entertainment business, no experience or qualifications necessary, and the less experienced at the performance you are, the better, since the upfront fee paying audience is attracted to that kind of raw naivety and energy the most.

It’s really good fun, initially, but since it really is just impromptu sit down and have a chat entertainment (very low skills sort of stuff), most people pack it in after a short while, and move on.

It is the nature of the job that is the reason why pay and work conditions have not moved forward at all, since Eikaiwa has been around (in fact, wages have stayed static, but hours have dramatically increased, over the decades, which means, wages have in fact gone backwards, on an hour to hour basis).

It’s just for kids who want a working holiday in Japan to get their food and accommodation money, and that’s what the customer wants (new and fresh arrivals), and thus, of course, work conditions in Eikaiwa (while various images are maintained), are based around that.

They don’t really want or need much, that’s the truth, and as long as there is an adequate supply of unqualified adventure bound kids out there, nothing much is going to change.

That’s the Eikaiwa business.

You factually don’t need any qualifications. You just have to be funny, and have a warm and kind hearted spirit, and that’s easy, if you are doing a brief stint in Japan, cause Japan is interesting, particularly, if you don’t know much about it.

It is quite bizarre and intriguing, in fact, when you first arrive (kind of like being on another planet, until the novelty wares off, and you realise, they poop too, and their poops stink as well).

Doing it in the long term, well, that’s just prostituting your life away, grinning like a Cheshire Cat for a living.

It’s a loser’s game, beyond half a year or so, that’s for sure.

However, let people pretend it is all a real, wonderful, polished professional thing, with real long term prospects, if that’s what the want.

It is sad, when you meet demented and washed out long terms eikaiwa drones (who are actually very few in number), and really listen to what they have to say, but people are entitled to do as they please, for a living.

That is a fair point, for sure.

If you want to be a loser, it is your choice entirely, and good luck to you, if that is what you elect to be.

Saruhashi apparently got ergonomics experts to determine the suitability of his chairs for eight sit down lessons per day, and they apparently said, only an unqualified pussy would complain about those cheap, black, fold up chairs.

Apparently, he used the same experts to create and publish diplocrap.

He loved expertise.

When one male teacher complained about back ache, it is reported that he said "What the hell? Does your pussy hurt?"

Ergonomics is the scientific discipline concerned with designing according to human needs, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data and methods to design in order to optimize human well-being and overall system performance. [2] The field is also called human engineering, and human factors.

Ergonomic research is performed by those who study human capabilities in relationship to their work demands. Information derived from these studies contributes to the design and evaluation of tasks, jobs, products, environments and systems in order to make them compatible with the needs, abilities and limitations of people.[3]


1 Overview
1.1 Five aspects of ergonomics
1.2 Domains
2 History
3 Applications
3.1 Design of ergonomics experiments
3.2 Ergonomics in the workplace
4 Fields of ergonomics
4.1 Engineering psychology
4.2 Macroergonomics
4.3 Seating Ergonomics
5 Organizations
6 See also
7 References
8 Further reading
9 External links


Ergonomics is a science concerned with the ‘fit’ between people and their work. It takes account of the worker's capabilities and limitations in seeking to ensure that tasks, equipment, information and the environment suit each worker.

To assess the fit between a person and their work, ergonomists consider the job being done and the demands on the worker; the equipment used (its size, shape, and how appropriate it is for the task), and the information used (how it is presented, accessed, and changed). Ergonomics draws on many disciplines in its study of humans and their environments, including anthropometry, biomechanics, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, industrial design, kinesiology, physiology and psychology.

Typically, an ergonomist will have a BA or BS in Psychology, Industrial/Mechanical Engineering or Health Sciences, and usually an MA, MS or PhD in a related discipline. Many universities offer Master of Science degrees in Ergonomics, while some offer Master of Ergonomics or Master of Human Factors degrees. In the 2000s, occupational therapists have been moving into the field of ergonomics and the field has been heralded as one of the top ten emerging practice areas.[4]

Five aspects of ergonomics

There are five aspects of ergonomics: safety, comfort, ease of use, productivity/performance, and aesthetics. Based on these aspects of ergonomics, examples are given of how products or systems could benefit from redesign based on ergonomic principles.

Safety - Medicine bottles: The print on them could be larger so that a sick person who may have impaired vision (due to sinuses, etc.) can more easily see the dosages and label. Ergonomics could design the print style, color and size for optimal viewing.
Comfort - Alarm clock display: Some displays are harshly bright, drawing one’s eye to the light when surroundings are dark. Ergonomic principles could redesign this based on contrast principles.

Ease of use - Street Signs: In a strange area, many times it is difficult to spot street signs. This could be addressed with the principles of visual detection in ergonomics.
Productivity/performance - HD TV: The sound on HD TV is much lower than regular TV. So when you switch from HD to regular, the volume increases dramatically. Ergonomics recognizes that this difference in decibel level creates a difference in loudness and hurts human ears and this could be solved by evening out the decibel levels.
Aesthetics - Signs in the workplace: Signage should be made consistent throughout the workplace to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also so that information is easily accessible.


The International Ergonomics Association (IEA) divides ergonomics broadly into three domains:

Physical ergonomics: is concerned with human anatomical, anthropometric, physiological and biomechanical characteristics as they relate to physical activity. (Relevant topics include working postures, materials handling, repetitive movements, work related musculoskeletal disorders, workplace layout, safety and health.)

Cognitive ergonomics: is concerned with mental processes, such as perception, memory, reasoning, and motor response, as they affect interactions among humans and other elements of a system. (Relevant topics include mental workload, decision-making, skilled performance, human-computer interaction, human reliability, work stress and training as these may relate to human-system design.)

Organizational ergonomics: is concerned with the optimization of sociotechnical systems, including their organizational structures, policies, and processes.(Relevant topics include communication, crew resource management, work design, design of working times, teamwork, participatory design, community ergonomics, cooperative work, new work paradigms, virtual organizations, telework, and quality management.)


The foundations of the science of ergonomics appear to have been laid within the context of the culture of Ancient Greece. A good deal of evidence indicates that Hellenic civilization in the 5th century BCE used ergonomic principles in the design of their tools, jobs, and workplaces. One outstanding example of this can be found in the description Hippocrates gave of how a surgeon's workplace should be designed (see Marmaras, Poulakakis and Papakostopoulos, 1999) [5].

The term ergonomics is derived from the Greek words ergon [work] and nomos [natural laws] and first entered the modern lexicon when Wojciech Jastrzębowski used the word in his 1857 article Rys ergonomji czyli nauki o pracy, opartej na prawdach poczerpniętych z Nauki Przyrody (The Outline of Ergonomics, i.e. Science of Work, Based on the Truths Taken from the Natural Science).

Later in the 19th century Frederick Winslow Taylor pioneered the "Scientific Management" method, which proposed a way to find the optimum method for carrying out a given task. Taylor found that he could, for example, triple the amount of coal that workers were shoveling by incrementally reducing the size and weight of coal shovels until the fastest shoveling rate was reached. Frank and Lillian Gilbreth expanded Taylor's methods in the early 1900s to develop "Time and Motion Studies". They aimed to improve efficiency by eliminating unnecessary steps and actions. By applying this approach, the Gilbreths reduced the number of motions in bricklaying from 18 to 4.5, allowing bricklayers to increase their productivity from 120 to 350 bricks per hour.

World War II marked the development of new and complex machines and weaponry, and these made new demands on operators' cognition. The decision-making, attention, situational awareness and hand-eye coordination of the machine's operator became key in the success or failure of a task. It was observed that fully functional aircraft, flown by the best-trained pilots, still crashed. In 1943, Alphonse Chapanis, a lieutenant in the U.S. Army, showed that this so-called "pilot error" could be greatly reduced when more logical and differentiable controls replaced confusing designs in airplane cockpits.

In the decades since the war, ergonomics has continued to flourish and diversify. The Space Age created new human factors issues such as weightlessness and extreme g-forces. How far could environments in space be tolerated, and what effects would they have on the mind and body? The dawn of the Information Age has resulted in the new ergonomics field of human-computer interaction (HCI). Likewise, the growing demand for and competition among consumer goods and electronics has resulted in more companies including human factors in product design.

At home, work, or play new problems and questions must be resolved constantly. People come in all different shapes and sizes, and with different capabilities and limitations in strength, speed, judgment, and skills. All of these factors need to be considered in the design function. To solve design problems, physiology and psychology must be included with a engineering approach.


Ergonomic Tips for Computer Users. Employees who use a desktop computer, whether at work or home, can improve their own personal ergonomics — and avoid injury — by incorporating a few basic principles.[6].More than twenty technical subgroups within the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society [7] (HFES) indicate the range of applications for ergonomics. Human factors engineering continues to be successfully applied in the fields of aerospace, aging, health care, IT, product design, transportation, training, nuclear and virtual environments, among others. Kim Vicente, a University of Toronto Professor of Ergonomics, argues that the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl is attributable to plant designers not paying enough attention to human factors. "The operators were trained but the complexity of the reactor and the control panels nevertheless outstripped their ability to grasp what they were seeing [during the prelude to the disaster]."

Physical ergonomics is important in the medical field, particularly to those diagnosed with physiological ailments or disorders such as arthritis (both chronic and temporary) or carpal tunnel syndrome. Pressure that is insignificant or imperceptible to those unaffected by these disorders may be very painful, or render a device unusable, for those who are. Many ergonomically designed products are also used or recommended to treat or prevent such disorders, and to treat pressure-related chronic pain.

Human factors issues arise in simple systems and consumer products as well. Some examples include cellular telephones and other handheld devices that continue to shrink yet grow more complex (a phenomenon referred to as "creeping featurism"), millions of VCRs blinking "12:00" across the world because very few people can figure out how to program them, or alarm clocks that allow sleepy users to inadvertently turn off the alarm when they mean to hit 'snooze'. A user-centered design (UCD), also known as a systems approach or the usability engineering lifecycle aims to improve the user-system.

Design of ergonomics experiments

There is a specific series of steps that should be used in order to properly design an ergonomics experiment. First, one should select a problem that has practical impact. The problem should support or test a current theory. The user should select one or a few dependent variable(s) which usually measures safety, health, and/or physiological performance. Independent variable(s) should also be chosen at different levels. Normally, this involves paid participants, the existing environment, equipment, and/or software. When testing the users, one should give careful instructions describing the method or task and then get voluntary consent. The user should recognize all the possible combinations and interactions to notice the many differences that could occur. Multiple observations and trials should be conducted and compared to maximize the best results. Once completed, redesigning within and between subjects should be done to vary the data. It is often that permission is needed from the Institutional Review Board before an experiment can be done. A mathematical model should be used so that the data will be clear once the experiment is completed.

The experiment starts with a pilot test. Make sure in advance that the subjects understand the test, the equipment works, and that the test is able to be finished within the given time. When the experiment actually begins, the subjects should be paid for their work. All times and other measurements should be carefully measured and recorded. Once all the data is compiled, it should be analyzed, reduced, and formatted in the right way. A report explaining the experiment should be written. It should often display statistics including an ANOVA table, plots, and means of central tendency. A final paper should be written and edited after numerous drafts to ensure an adequate report is the final product.

Ergonomics in the workplace

Fundamentals for the Flexible Workplace Variability and compatibility with desk components, that flex from individual work activities to team settings. Workstations provide supportive ergonomics for task-intensive environments.[8]Outside of the discipline itself, the term 'ergonomics' is generally used to refer to physical ergonomics as it relates to the workplace (as in for example ergonomic chairs and keyboards). Ergonomics in the workplace has to do largely with the safety of employees, both long and short-term. Ergonomics can help reduce costs by improving safety. This would decrease the money paid out in workers’ compensation. For example, over five million workers sustain overextension injuries per year. Through ergonomics, workplaces can be designed so that workers do not have to overextend themselves and the manufacturing industry could save billions in workers’ compensation.

Workplaces may either take the reactive or proactive approach when applying ergonomics practices. Reactive ergonomics is when something needs to be fixed, and corrective action is taken. Proactive ergonomics is the process of seeking areas that could be improved and fixing the issues before they become a large problem. Problems may be fixed through equipment design or task design. Equipment design changes the actual, physical devices used by people. Task design changes what people do with the equipment. Environmental design changes the environment in which people work, but not the physical equipment they use.

Fields of ergonomics

Engineering psychology
Engineering psychology is an interdisciplinary part of Ergonomics and studies the relationships of people to machines, with the intent of improving such relationships. This may involve redesigning equipment, changing the way people use machines, or changing the location in which the work takes place. Often, the work of an engineering psychologist is described as making the relationship more "user-friendly."

Engineering Psychology is an applied field of psychology concerned with psychological factors in the design and use of equipment. Human factors is broader than engineering psychology, which is focused specifically on designing systems that accommodate the information-processing capabilities of the brain.[9]


Macroergonomics is an approach to ergonomics that emphasizes a broad system view of design, examining organizational environments, culture, history, and work goals. It deals with the physical design of tools and the environment. It is the study of the society/technology interface and their consequences for relationships, processes, and institutions. It also deals with the optimization of the designs of organizational and work systems through the consideration of personnel, technological, and environmental variables and their interactions. The goal of macroergonomics is a completely efficient work system at both the macro- and micro-ergonomic level which results in improved productivity, and employee satisfaction, health, safety, and commitment. It analyzes the whole system, finds how each element should be placed in the system, and considers all aspects for a fully efficient system. A misplaced element in the system can lead to total failure.


Macroergonomics, also known as organizational design and management factors, deals with the overall design of work systems. This domain did not begin to receive recognition as a sub-discipline of ergonomics until the beginning of the 1980s. The idea and current perspective of the discipline was the work of the U.S. Human Factors Society Select Committee on the Future of Human Factors, 1980-2000. This committee was formed to analyze trends in all aspects of life and to look at how they would impact ergonomics over the following 20 years. The developments they found include:

Breakthroughs in technology that would change the nature of work, such as the desktop computer,
The need for organizations to adapt to the expectations and needs of this more mature workforce,
Differences between the post-World War II generation and the older generation regarding their expectations the nature of the new workplace,
The inability of solely microergonomics to achieve reductions in lost-time accidents and injuries and increases in productivity,
Increasing workplace liability litigation based on safety design deficiencies.
These predictions have become and continue to become reality. The macroergonomic intervention in the workplace has been particularly effective in establishing a work culture that promotes and sustains performance and safety improvements.

Methods [10]

Cognitive Walk-through Method: This method is a usability inspection method in which the evaluators can apply user perspective to task scenarios to identify design problems. As applied to macroergonomics, evaluators are able to analyze the usability of work system designs to identify how well a work system is organized and how well the workflow is integrated.

Kansei Method: This is a method that transforms consumer’s responses to new products into design specifications. As applied to macroergonomics, this method can translate employee’s responses to changes to a work system into design specifications.
High Integration of Technology, Organization, and People (HITOP): This is a manual procedure done step-by-step to apply technological change to the workplace. It allows managers to be more aware of the human and organizational aspects of their technology plans, allowing them to efficiently integrate technology in these contexts.

Top Modeler: This model helps manufacturing companies identify the organizational changes needed when new technologies are being considered for their process.
Computer-integrated Manufacturing, Organization, and People System Design (CIMOP): This model allows for evaluating computer-integrated manufacturing, organization, and people system design based on knowledge of the system.

Anthropotechnology: This method considers analysis and design modification of systems for the efficient transfer of technology from one culture to another.
Systems Analysis Tool (SAT): This is a method to conduct systematic trade-off evaluations of work-system intervention alternatives.

Macroergonomic Analysis of Structure (MAS): This method analyzes the structure of work systems according to their compatibility with unique sociotechnical aspects.

Macroergonomic Analysis and Design (MEAD): This method assesses work-system processes by using a ten-step process.

Seating Ergonomics

The best way to reduce pressure in the back is to be in a standing position. However, there are times when you need to sit. When sitting, the main part of the body weight is transferred to the seat. Some weight is also transferred to the floor, back rest, and armrests. Where the weight is transferred is the key to a good seat design. When the proper areas are not supported, sitting in a seat all day can put unwanted pressure on the back causing pain.

The lumbar (bottom five vertebrate in the spine) needs to be supported to decrease disc pressure. Providing both a seat back that inclines backwards and has a lumbar support is critical to prevent excessive low back pressures. The combination which minimizes pressure on the lower back is having a backrest inclination of 120 degrees and a lumbar support of 5 cm. The 120 degrees inclination means the angle between the seat and the backrest should be 120 degrees. The lumbar support of 5 cm means the chair backrest supports the lumbar by sticking out 5 cm in the lower back area.

Another key to reducing lumbar disc pressure is the use of armrests. They help by putting the force of your body not entirely on the seat and back rest, but putting some of this pressure on the armrests. Armrest needs to be adjustable in height to assure shoulders are not overstressed.


The International Ergonomics Association [1] (IEA) is a federation of ergonomics and human factors societies from around the world. The mission of the IEA is to elaborate and advance ergonomics science and practice, and to improve the quality of life by expanding its scope of application and contribution to society. As of September 2008, the International Ergonomics Association has 46 federated societies and 2 affiliated societies.

The International Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) is a professional organization for mobility engineering professionals in the aerospace, automotive, and commercial vehicle industries. The Society is a standards development organization for the engineering of powered vehicles of all kinds, including cars, trucks, boats, aircraft, and others. The Society of Automotive Engineers has established a number of standards used in the automotive industry and elsewhere. It encourages the design of vehicles in accordance with established Human Factors principles. It is one the most influential organizations with respect to Ergonomics work in Automotive Design. This society regularly holds conferences which address topics spanning all aspects of Human Factors/Ergonomics.[citation needed]

In the UK the professional body for ergonomists is the Ergonomics Society and in the USA it is the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society [2]. In Europe professional certification is managed by the Centre for Registration of European Ergonomists [3] (CREE). In the USA the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics [4] performs this function.

Hey man, if I was harsh with you, I am sorry. But you need to stop bashing the culture you live in. You either need to accept it and hold your grievances to yourself, or get out. Nothing personal, but try to be nicer.

...vocabulary usage; some odd idiom they picked up somewhere; why we say "the United Kingdom" but don't say "the Australia"; the difference between the several conditional forms; the different meanings that intonation can imply in a sentence...

All the teacher needs to do then is smile idiotically and say "I have no idea. Who cares? Let's go back to my place and have sex."

I guess he'd have to do that, if you assume that the ONLY way to either gain such knowledge or to know how to convey it properly to the student would be to spend three years in a classroom learning how to teach. Not a single person who just starts trying to teach something he knows, presumably with whatever false starts or difficulties there may be at first, could apparently figure out how to actually do it. And they'd never research teaching methods on their own, of course. Since they work for eikaiwa they are all identically programmed robots who want nothing but sex from students. Anyone who ever tried to teach anything (foreign languages included) was completely incompetent before the arrival of official training programs. That charlatan Socrates. He never went through an official three-year training program. That's why they made him drink hemlock. Official training equals competence. No official training equals incompetence. Period. 100% of the time, in every single case. If you dare to question this or dispute it based on first-hand observation or experience, you are a loser.

And don't bother asking the students what they think about the quality of teaching, either, because they're all either too stupid to understand whether they're being taught properly or are all just trying to have a sexual experience. Not a single one of them could possibly be interested in actually learning. And if you've seen them learn, you must have been just imagining things.

That post must have taken you ages. It's as boring as shit, too, so you wasted your time, as well. Have a word with yourself.

If it makes you feel better about being an eikaiwa booth monkey, to make it clear in an internet forum, that you care about your students, and make an effort to help them learn, then more power to you.

However, you are just another eigo-bot to eikaiwa, despite whatever you do and think to psychologically pump yourself up, so as not to let what you do for a living get you down, and, to most of the students, you are just another gaigin, dishing it up. FACT.

Sexual innuendo is indeed a big sales pitch for eikaiwa, and to a large extent, although not in totality, eikaiwa is consequently very much a meat market. FACT.

There are talented and caring eikaiwa instructors, there are untalented and caring eikaiwa instructors, and there are rooting, tooting, talented eikaiwa instructors, and there are rooting tooting, untalented eikaiwa instructors.

Students can rarely pick the difference, and by in large, despite the bullshit and hype, the eikaiwa company does not care, and the largest percentage of the students is attracted to the latter. FACT.

That’s why most people have very little respect for the eikaiwa path, quickly give up, and just use it as a means to an ends (sexual in nature or not). FACT.

So you love your little eikaiwa “career” and are giving it your best shot.

You are such a darling.

You win the first 2009 "Let’s Japan Philanthropic Heart Felt Medal of Honour".


God Bless you, and God Speed as you advance your Eikaiwa Career, and get closer to entering the Eikaiwa Hall of Fame.


At our Nova branch, we used to have an AT, who would stand by the exit door at the end of the day, and in all sincerity, say to us, as we were leaving, with a cheesy corporate grin on his face "Another Great Nova Day!".

I really miss Nova, NOT.

I really miss my AT, NOT.

These days, well, I am kind of over Nova, but I do check up every now and then, wondering if Saruhashi has killed himself or not yet.

He should. What a con-man. What a charlatan. What a thief.

The joke of the matter is, we should all be ashamed. It was so obviously a scam, yet into the stupid cubicles we all went. It gives me a shudder, even thinking about it.

I had a different experience. My AT was fantastic.

Her name was Julia, and she was a pleasure to answer to, and work for.

I really looked up to her, as my boss, as my guardian, as my advisor, as my professional and personal counsellor, and as my friend.

I did a lot of self-development work while I was at Nova, and consider Julia to have been quite the life coach, never to be forgotten.

The only thing I did not like about Nova, was the fact that they over-looked her for an Area Manager Position.

She really did have all the qualities and leadership skills to fill such a senior role with the company, but they did not engage her in that capacity, I think because some of the men in the Nova hierarchy were threatened by her omnipresent girl power, and also intimidated by the strength of her religious convictions.

I really miss Nagano too (I worked at the Nagano Branch). It was such a beautiful area to work in.

If Nova had given people like Julia a chance, it would still be alive today. I am sure of it.

Thanks Julia. Thanks for all the Nova memories.

I had many great Nova days, thanks to you.

If you are out there, you know who I am.

Thanks again.


I remember Julia ! She was dating that guy Bob Tench from the Union for a couple of years. I heard they recently got married. You might be able to track Julia down via the Union. Last I heard they were trying their hardest to make a baby (according to one of the Japanese staff we used to work with in Nagano), but I don't know if they have had any luck. If you track them down, please give them big hugs from me all round.


Yes, yes, same, same. He mixed up big with the Union in Japan, as well as doing gigs up and down the full length of Japan. Really cool guy. I don’t know what he saw he fat ass Julia though. Man, she was a man eating monster, and stunk like a bag of overdone compost (pooh-wee, the stench – she never did quite understand what deodorant was meant for – talk about body odour). Anyway, each unto their own I guess, but who would have thought? Anyway, when cupid’s arrow strikes, it often pops up a few surprises.

I worked with Julia, and I hated her guts. She was a manipulative kiss the company’s ass, back stabbing, dumb ass bitch, and I am both thankful and happy, both her and Nova are gone.

I find the thought of her and Bob getting on disgusting, by the way. Not just disgusting, but darn right revolting.

Johnnie “The FIST” MacEvoy


Hey B, I knew the bitch, so you are full of shit. Shut your cake hole.

Johnnie “The FIST” MacEvoy



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