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Postby Melodious_Thunk » Fri Jun 11, 2004 7:22 am

indoctrin8 wrote:interesting thread. ouch, MT, 2) makes you sound a bit victorian dad. not up to your usual standard.

I hope you're not misinterpreting what I said. I'm not saying that it's necessarily a woman's responsibility to cook and clean. If the woman has a full-time career, (2) does not apply. I'm referring to women who do not have a career and want to get married specifically so they don't have to work but don't actually want to do the things that being a houswife involves. If one partner is working full-time and the other part-time or not at all, the latter is the one who needs to be doing the cooking and cleaning IMO, not just going out and spending the former's money. I think this would apply equally to house husbands and same-sex couples. Do you disagree?
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Postby indoctrin8 » Fri Jun 11, 2004 10:45 am

on re-reading the article when sober, my earlier euphoria at j-sisters doin it for themselves has evaporated somewhat. while its still laudable that marriage is now not so important to them, what a selfish and childish reason-to stay with mummy and daddy and buy handbags.ugh.
and MT, of course i agree. it was just your wording that was a bit off. that in itself was so unusual as to merit comment.
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Postby Ozintokyo » Fri Jun 11, 2004 11:51 am

I sure do hope that this article is a bit of sensationalist journalism actually. I do truly worry about the future if this trend continues. I wonder how much longer we will survive as a race.

My guess will be that the government will make some half assed attempt at tackling it should it get too alarming, and maybe I should just say "Fuck it" as I don't see us in danger of becoming extinct in my lifetime, but, fucked if I know what the answer is.

Kids are NOT a logical decision - if you base the decision as to whether or not to have kids on a purely logical and economical basis, you would never have them. As society gets increasingly greedy, this will get worse.

Fuck - think I need to get drunk - god damn it why can't I get pissed at work?????????
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